Mix and Match

Mix and Match

Mix and match: Combine Gira products to suit your home

Mix and match is at the heart of the Gira design philosophy. The colours and designs of our switches, socket outlets, Smart Home devices and even our door intercoms are carefully selected so that you can co-ordinate to your heart’s content. With Gira, everything matches. 

Mix: Gira switches – exactly how you want them.

With their co-ordinating designs, switches and socket outlets can be used to create eye-catching focal points in your interior – or you can opt for designs that harmonise with your decor if you like things a little more understated. 

To perfectly match your personal style, Gira System 55 inserts can be combined with frames from the various Gira design lines, including:

  • Gira E2. The design original with a streamlined square surface and a palette of classic colours, including black matt, pure white glossy, grey and stainless steel.

  • Gira Esprit, available in an exceptionally wide range of materials including glass, metal and linoleum-plywood and colours such as bronze (PVD), stainless steel and glass umber to create eye-catching accents on your walls.

  • Gira Event with a unique rounded frame available in a range of colours, including red, green and orange.

Match: Combine Gira frames with any technology or switch.


Our functional inserts, including our blind controller and the Gira Radio, are designed to perfectly match the Gira design lines: So if you want to combine your Gira switches and socket outlets with a frame from the Gira E3 design line, you can use the same frame for your Gira System 3000 blind controller. This enables you to create a consistent aesthetic on your walls – no matter what the insert is used for.

Our other inserts can also be combined with the Gira frame. These include:

Mix and match inside your Gira Smart Home and at the door.

In your Gira Smart Home, you can mix and match to your heart’s content – for example by combining the Gira G1 central operating unit with our switches. The neutral black and white design is perfect for combining with your favourite design line. If you want to reflect the straight-lined aesthetic of the Gira G1 in your switches, the Gira E2 design line in black, white and grey is the perfect choice. Or if you want to make a statement, the Gira Esprit in black glass, black aluminium or bronze (PVD) will create complementary contrast.

With the Gira System 106 door intercom, you can take the elegance of the Gira Esprit design line all the way to your front door. The outdoor system also features a sophisticated, minimalist design that perfectly complements the Gira Esprit style. Available in the same white, aluminium, black and bronze (PVD) colours as the Gira Esprit design line, you can create a harmonious aesthetic both inside and out.

With Gira, you can be sure of a perfect match. 

Whether you’re installing traditional light switches or smart technology, all Gira products are based on a single, consistent designed to give you complete creative freedom.

The frame variants in the Gira System 55 design line create a consistent aesthetic for all of our switches, socket outlets and electronic operating units. Our co-ordinated colour options enable you to create a harmonious look that matches your Gira Smart Home technology and extends all the way to your front door with the System 106.

Why not take our switch challenge for even more Gira switch combination ideas? Take a look and get inspired.

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