Motive Pendant Light
Motive Pendant Light
Justin Champaign
Landscape Forms

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Motive is a sophisticated family of lights that blurs the line between indoor and outdoor lighting to create out-of-the-ordinary settings. Designed by Justin Champaign, Motive celebrates the beauty of illumination and its interaction with architecture, objects, and space. The luminaires’ neutral sculptural form addresses an array of applications for buildings and grounds, pathways, social spaces, and high-profile areas such as art installations and entrances.

The dimmable pendant light has a clear lens with a 10.45” diameter fixture, and lambertian distribution. It adjusts vertically with a cord that can be cut to length in field or the pendant light can be specified with a rigid stem. It is offered in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K temperatures, has full cut-off, and is UL listed. The cast aluminum light is available in a full color palette and finished with Landscape Forms’ proprietary Pangard II® HAPS, VOC, and lead-free polyester powdercoat. This product is Buy America Compliant and is International Dark-Sky Approved.


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