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Plusminus is a versatile lighting system that takes the concept of the light rail to a new level.

The conductive textile ribbon at its core allows for the free positioning of luminaires and the intuitive creation of unique light solutions on the spot.


The Fluidity of Light

Equal parts easy and avant-garde, Plusminus harnesses the design of a belt in a groundbreaking lighting concept that merges materiality and light. It is an audacious alternative to traditional lighting systems that allows light to flow through space.

Featuring a textural, fabric belt that conducts electricity and fastens like a belt, this pioneering technology harnesses both functionality and beauty in a single groundbreaking concept.

Plusminus is a hybrid: merging materiality and light, it acts as both a striking aesthetic feature and a cutting-edge creative toolkit.

Exuding a timeless elegance, the ribbon both dilineates and enhances space, forming an abstract linear architecture that hosts an array of tailored lighting configurations.

Shaping Atmospheres

Endlessly versatile, Plusminus offers the freedom to combine different levels of diffuse and focused illumination as never before to create a unique atmosphere in any interior.

Design a space by drawing with the belt, conducting light to the right place while evoking an emotional response and sense of wellbeing.

Plusminus promises to provide a creative toolkit with which professionals can rethink the spatial dynamic of an interior, discover new lighting effects, both subtle and daring, and curate unique atmospheres that result in positive human experiences.


Lighting effects


Visual Hierarchy

Plusminus’s revolutionary belt design provides a powerful toolkit for reimagining spaces.

Combining multiple lighting effects and placing light precisely where needed, it creates visual hierarchies in any space.

Place multiple lights in different positions throughout a space with just a single electrical connection.

An invitation to position light without limits, Plusminus accommodates any kind of architecture—no matter how unique.

The fabric belt offers endless flexibility of use, conducting light across a range of ceiling shapes and angles.


Raining Light

From a single spotlight positioned close at hand to a cascading installation of luminaires overhead, Plusminus’s ceiling-to-floor possibilities create a stunning display of light in varying intensity and effect.

Plusminus’s powerful design capabilities include constructing columns of light up to 30 meters high.


Climbing the Walls

An innovative take on the wall lamp, Plusminus’s fabric belt forms a linear architecture that hosts an array of lighting options—from a long row of accent lamps illuminating a hallway to sleek luminaires straddling opposite walls.


Reimagining Spaces

Merging light and materiality, Plusminus introduces masterful new ways to delineate space. Tracing a slender outline, the fabric belt creates a contained area within an open layout, serving as an illuminated perimeter with minimal presence.

Reimagining Social Spaces

Plusminus designs facilitate use of communal spaces, encouraging effortless interaction and movement.

Rethinking Workplaces

Innovative configurations create space for collaboration, interaction, and exploration, both delineating and enhancing workspaces.

Framing Space

Plusminus’s lean lines define an interior with precise transverse trajectories. Stretching from wall to wall, the belt evokes the effect of a false ceiling, reducing a room’s volume and bringing light closer.

With kinetic crisscrossed and zigzagged configurations or soothing straight lines, the luminaires appear integrated into the architecture.

Plusminus’ inherent adaptability provides the perfect solution for spaces that feature special architecture, scale, materials, or artwork.

Plusminus’s nearly invisible tensor wire introduces an element of intrigue to lighting. Lifting or lowering the belt, the cable creates varying degrees of tension that enables infinite configurations.


Defying Gravity

Plusminus’s nearly invisible tensor wire introduces an element of intrigue to lighting. The wire extends from the belt to the wall or the ceiling, quietly completing the luminaire’s design while lending it the magical look of floating in midair in defiance of gravity.

Wall-to-wall installations hang in a delicate balance with Plusminus’s invisible ceiling tensor. Lifting or lowering the belt, the cable creates varying degrees of tension that enables infinite configurations.

With the end cap belt’s finish, the luminaire appears suspended in a seemingly impossible position mid-air, forming an eye-catching focal point.


Flowing Pendants

Defined by their flowing, continuous forms, Plusminus pendants provide endless possibilities for illuminating a space. Suspended overhead in silhouettes, soft and draped or taut and precise, their graphic presence creates distinctive ambiances.


Creative Canopy Connection

Plusminus reimagines the use of the canopy. The belt flows in and out of the canopy, establishing conductivity and electrical connection where needed, with creative configurations becoming an essential element of the design.

A surface canopy presents yet another opportunity to play with Plusminus, securing the belt in one spot while allowing it to flow freely across a space in countless configurations.


Suspended Animation

Ceiling design no longer limits lighting options thanks to Plusminus. A bar suspended from the ceiling serves as both a sleek architectural feature and an opportunity for creative exploration.



With its simple plug-in technology, Plusminus takes lighting installation to the next level. Various lights can be placed in different positions throughout a space with just a single point of electrical connection.

Design professionals can define the space by drawing the belt in any direction, conducting electricity to the desired position and securing multiple luminaires with its instinctive click-and-connect system. The strap, which can be cut to size, offers adjustments in tension and seamlessly snaps into a buckle attached to the back of each fixture. It’s that simple.

Plusminus also comes complete with a personalised accessories toolbox, carefully curated down to the smallest detail.

• Belt finish: Black, Terra Red, Green, Blue. Maximum 30 metres per electrical connection, belt length personalised for each composition.
• Luminaires finish: 11 Black, 13 White Grey L1, 37 Terra Red, 42 Blue M1, 53 Green M1
• LED temperature colour: 2700 K / 3000 K / 3500 K
• Dimming control: ON/OFF, DALI, 1-10V, PUSH, Casambi, Casambi (P2P)
• Electrical Connection options: Surface Canopy, Built-in Canopy, Remote Built-in Canopy, Remote Surface Canopy and Plug-in Floor Switch.


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