Carpentier Hardwood Solutions supplies high-quality, eco-friendly timber cladding in oak, thermal wood varieties, Accoya and reclaimed barnwood. By working closely with product developers, they are able to offer innovative, stylish profiles that are even more user-friendly and easy to install. There is a very good reason that they call it ‘Smart wood for nice places’.


Quick, invisible installation

Used in combination with Accoya and thermally modified wood (HOTwood) varieties, the invisible Grad® mounting system makes installation easier than ever and saves you a significant amount of installation time. With pre-mounted clips already attached to aluminium joists, boards simply click in place. Installation takes place with no need for nails or screws. Their QuickClip® profiles ensure easy installation and a perfect finish, with results that will make every builder proud. Furthermore, they supply everything you need to install and finish timber cladding: waterproof membranes, aluminium joists, battens, clip grips etc. Have a look at their installation accessories!



Our QuickClip® products are perfect for circular use. Simply clip the wooden profiles away using the set of dismantling keys - there is no risk of damage.

If desired, cladding can be fully dismantled and reassembled elsewhere.

Make sure you never use glue, so as to ensure the circular nature of our QuickClip® products. The clip grip is a handy tool that protects circularity.

photo_credit Andreas Vanhauwaert Fotografie
Andreas Vanhauwaert Fotografie


Our durable timber cladding profiles are available in a range of sustainable wood varietiesthermo ashthermo pinethermo clear pinethermo bambooAccoyaoak and barnwood. Various finishes can be applied depending on the wood, including preweatheringcharringbrushing and oiling. We are happy to help you choose the perfect finish for the wood used in each project, which means that your only job as a woodworking professional is to install the cladding itself. Most profiles are suitable for both horizontal and vertical alignment.



In some cases, fire-retardant treatment is required for outdoor cladding. As a leading and innovative producer of outdoor cladding, Carpentier has invested time and expertise in testing a range of mounting systems. We are currently able to apply fire-retardant treatment to our full range of HOTwood cladding, bringing it into compliance with B-s2,d0 norms. Naturally, we can also perform professional testing on other wood varieties, such as oak. 


To achieve the maximum degree of fire resistance, we impregnate our environmentally-friendly wood with a fire-retardant substance under vacuum conditions. The technique is 100% natural and has no effect on the colour or structure of the wood. Once treated, wood is fire-retardant and ready for use.



For mounting fire-retardant outdoor cladding, we advise customers to choose durable Flame Delay® WP-A2 construction panels. These panels are 4.5mm thick and suitable for both open and closed cladding profiles. Installation is simple and straightforward. The cement-bonded panels have a smooth, anthracite-coloured surface and can be mounted directly on our aluminium joists, eliminating the need for pre-drilling. We can even supply Flame Delay® WP-A2 panels pre-cut to your specifications. Feel free to ask us for any advice you may require.



We can also seamlessly integrate a door or garage door into an exterior wall by using the same cladding profile as the rest of the wall. Elements blend harmoniously into the wooden cladding, giving the structure a luxurious, uncluttered appearance.


Wooden shutters are a nice touch to complete the look. For ideas, see our exterior window shutters or horizontal slat awning page. Outdoor sun shades are available for windows of every size and with a range of stylish options.