With Uto, Foscarini introduces a luminaire that meets the changing needs of the company It can be used as an indoor or outdoor light, as a standing, wall or floor light Hanging light can be used to the user in different rooms, indoors or Outdoors, and is impact resistant and indestructible. Flexible and soft to touch, Uto, despite its innovative character, offers a familiar, Soothing model, which can be used wherever a luminous Artist with a playful nature. Uto is made from silicone rubber. The front screen, which is the only fixed part of the whole Luminaire and which comprises the illuminant and the technique and thus a direct light , As well as the rear cone, which conceals the plug, guarantee the degree of insulation, Which is required for use as an exterior light. For use as a wall lamp, a hook is supplied, so that the luminaire can be used as desired Can be suspended.


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