273 Dohnenstieg
Denis Esakov

273 Dohnenstieg

Gnädinger Architects 建築家 として

Berlin classic

A circumspect conversion and ingenious extension transform a traditional dwelling into a modern capital city residence. Exquisite furnishings and sustainable comfort unite to form a sophisticated structure.

Reconstruction and extension of a 1930s villa

Preserving the character of the existing building in Berlin-Dahlem was not only a requirement of the local authority; it was also a concern of the design-oriented property developer. Complete renovation to a high standard with an extension has transformed the residence – built in the 1930s by Architect Fritz August Breuhaus – into a sophisticated structure for contemporary living and sustainable comfort. On the street side, the house has retained its original design, with a generously-dimensioned entry zone and windows corresponding to the originals. The ground floor features an open space continuum extending into the imposing corner-glazed extension. On the first floor the private bedrooms have elegantly appointed bathrooms that were inserted as wood-panelled cubes into the new layout. A large glazed dormer window ensures that guests in the roof extension have sufficient daylight. The clad façade of the extension, extensive glazing with aluminium sliding elements and pool in the garden are a modern complement to the classic cubic volume with a hip roof and original window subdivision with wooden shutters. In the interior only the staircase and light switches of a Bauhaus series are reminiscent of the earlier building style.