Bar-Restaurant LEVEL
Hannes Henz, architecture photographer

Restaurant-bar LEVEL in Luino

Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architects 建築家 として

The protected baroque building with a historical hall with vaulted ceilings and paintings is located in the old town centre of Luino, in the immediate vicinity of the port. The task was to insert the new functional elements necessary for a modern restaurant and bar into the historical and protected context. It had to respect it, but it should also be given a new identity for the restaurant and bar.


The existing room structure was used to createazone for the restaurant and one for the bar: the larger and lighter zone for the restaurant, the smaller darker for the bar. The few new elements were treated as a second modern layer, which was introduced into the historical space. Invisible integrated LED lighting, which colours can be changed according to the event and thus generate a respectively different atmosphere. A light gap between the new furniture and the existing let them float. All the new elements like tables, shelves and bar counter, are in the same antrazith-black raw iron.

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