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Carrefour Express

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Grupo Carrefour Brasil announces launch of Carrefour Express Franchise
Grupo Carrefour Brasil, the largest retailer and private employer in the country, has just launched the Carrefour Express franchise, accelerating its expansion and strengthening its ecosystem of stores and customer services. The proximity format of Carrefour Express, consolidated in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, is ideal to meet the day-to day needs of consumers, who can do their shopping wherever it is most convenient in an easy and practical way.

And to meet this demand, a new conceptual architecture and visual communication project was developed by Aquadrado Arquitetura in conjunction with the Grupo Carrefour Brasil, which worked with Grupo Bittencourt in structuring the business. The goal of the project was to create a store that would establish a better connection with customers, from a more welcoming environment and integrated into the daily life of the neighborhood in which it is located. 

The model store was carefully designed based on three conceptual pillars: modularity, scalability and communication. One of the main challenges was to idealize a project that would offer solutions adhering to different types of investments - enabling the implementation with the expected return for the franchise - and store models - ranging from 15 to 200 m² of sales area and in three formats: street and shopping centers; in company; autonomous in residential condominiums.  


"This partnership with Aquadrado Arquitetura enabled the creation of a business model that can be adapted to different deployment possibilities and that aims to expand Carrefour Express in different locations. The Aquadrado team was able to apply everything we thought for the evolution of our current store model, more modern and prepared to make the customer shopping experience more fluid", says João Gravata, Executive Director of Convenience at Grupo Carrefour Brasil.  

The equipment and materials were planned in a flexible way, ensuring standardization and low complexity of execution. The store's communication was designed to provide a pleasant browsing experience that inspires and brings relevant information to customers.  

Four versions of facades were created to ensure the adaptability of the project in different regions. For example, there is a version where the façade features a new recycled wood slatted element, combined with a soft orange tone, conveying a welcoming feeling. A strategically placed screen displays Carrefour institutional information and special store promotions. 

In another version, it was decided to use a perforated sheet or stickers to replace the wooden slatted element and the screen is replaced by printed promotional materials.  

Regardless of the version chosen, the facades always have the same identity and pictograms communicating to customers the services offered by the store. The affectionate name of the street or neighborhood used by residents stands out, establishing a specific identification with the region, as well as the opening hours.  

Another relevant aspect that is already present in Express stores and that was maintained in the project is the valorization of local art. When the store closes, the façade is filled with a piece of art made by a local graffiti artist. This initiative seeks to appropriate the specific location of each unit and create a connection with the neighborhood, getting closer to the community and bringing a touch of personality to the project. 

The finishing materials chosen are neutral, easy to apply, giving prominence to visual communication, which has as its main element a clothesline, in which plates are fitted and can be easily changed and removed if necessary for campaigns or promotional actions, offering flexibility to the operation.  

For the re-reading of Carrefour Express, a new color palette was proposed, keeping the institutional ones, but adding complementary colors that make up the space and communicate in a more democratic and youthful way. Orange remains the color associated with Carrefour Express, and the other colors bring more life to visual communication, indicating the different sections of the store, such as fruits, vegetables and frozen products.  


The tagline "Entered Express mode, enter here" was developed, conveying the idea of a fast-paced, everyday life, in which practicality and agility are fundamental. To reinforce the message, a new symbol was created, based on a deconstruction of the Carrefour logo, used to convey the feeling of movement and agility, in addition to contextualizing that the new store is younger, has a welcoming tone of voice and connects with the place where it is inserted.  

Some store designs also offer a coffee area with a microwave, where customers can purchase a coffee to drink on-site or take with them and heat up a frozen meal purchased in-store; and a community panel, which can feature store staff, information about neighbors, and promote events in the neighborhood.  

The entrance to the store is marked by a welcome communication, which speaks to the Group's purpose, observed throughout the customer journey in the store. 

Architecture: Aquadrado Arquitetura 
Lead Designer/Architect: Renato Fregnani and Isabela Junqueira  
Concept and Communication: Amanda Palmeiras, Beatriz Marcolin, Charles Cruz, Lucas Santos, Rodrigo Pascoto, Felipe Padilha, Marco Pedroso and Humberto Nunes 
Architectural Executive: Edney Silveira, Priscila Feltrin, Carolina Ibrahin e Queren Coschitz 
Lumino technical Project: Foco Luz e Desenho 

Lumino technical Project
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