CASCADIA – BCDA Iconic Tower

Collaborative Architecture 建築家 として

The BCDA Iconic Tower Competition was initiated by Govt. of Philippines and Bonifacio City Development Authority, to create a national landmark in the new city of Bonifacio, which is thriving new CBD- a space previously occupied by the US military as their base in the peninsula.

The brief was to create an iconic landmark, but, the project shall be realized through private partnership and equity. The very business and operational model, made the design strategies to prioritise, cost optimization, efficiency, leasable floor plate configurations etc. compared to a national funded and operated project.


Cascadia introduces a new urban environment that is dedicated to culture, community, resilience and sustainability. It also represents Philippine‘s growing cultural and economic independence and its visible role as a major participant in global affairs and Asia Pacific, in particular.

Cascadia Tower is a three-dimensional structure with various programmatic intersections. The stacks of volumes refer to ancient landmarks of stone piles for orientation and place making. The volumes of Cascadia can be seen as pebbles or rocks that create a vertical park – a park for plants, a park for working, a park for free time and relaxation, a park for retail and for culture. Another reference point was the national flag- a symbol of unity and peace.


The Urban Park set the project apart as a unique public space and experience. The park intends to accommodate one of the most important collections of public art by known artists from Philippines and abroad, making it a cultural destination of national impotence.  The park also complements the urban design vision of the linear park along the east west axis in the new city.


Architects: Collaborative Architecture with J. MAYER H. und Partner 
Design Team: Jürgen Mayer, Lalita Tharani, Mujib Ahmed, Hans Schneider, Naufan Naseer      
Landscape Architecture : Element Design Studio Pte Ltd, Singapore
Architectural Structures: Web Structures, Singapore 
Architectural Façade: Building Façade Group, Singapore 
Architectural Lighting: Bo Steiber Lighting Design, Singapore
Sustainability: Environmental Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, India 
Building Services : Meinhardt, Manila, Philippines 
Cost Engineering / Quantity Survey: Rider Levett Bucknall, Philippines Inc.
Client: Govt. of Philippines  & Bonifacio Development Authority

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