CHE Apartment

Concepto Taller de Arquitectura 建築家 として

The project is located in Bosques de las Lomas, when the client purchases the department, the entire distribution is modified, a proposal is registered where most of the spaces are searched. As well as take advantage of the view.

The department is configured for the following spaces: living room, dining room, study, cellar, guest bathroom, three bedrooms each with bathroom dressing room, family room, kitchen and service area.

The department's proposal is open in the common area, but delimited by drawers of light and light furniture, which allows the visual connection within all the spaces, where a concrete wall appears, from the living room to the bedroom and which contrasts with a wooden frame that envelops the entire department.

The materials used seek to create a clean and contrasting space; The combination between the dark floor, apparent beams and white soffits; they result in an elegant space in their nature.

The selected furniture allows an integration with the finishes, those that are in the same range of colors, the games with the materials, the colors and the textures.