Children's Center of Caulnes
Joan Casanelles

Double flow ventilationATIB
Airtightness membranePro Clima
PanelsUNILIN Panels
Paint Algo mat (seaweed paint)algo
Heaters: Radiapanel HL42/21-1900FINIMETAL

Double flow ventilation
ATIB さんの GOLD 07
Airtightness membrane
Pro Clima さんの INTELLO
UNILIN Panels さんの
Paint Algo mat (seaweed paint)
algo さんの
Heaters: Radiapanel HL42/21-1900

Children's Center of Caulnes

Quinze Architecture 建築家 として

In the extension of the existing Nursery School, the project owner entrusted the study and the realization of its project of Passivhaus and bio-based children's center to the agency Quinze Architecture. The children's center interacts with all the other educational buildings of the school complex that surround it, extending their activities.

photo_credit Joan Casanelles
Joan Casanelles

Under a sloping and large roof, the entire interior and exterior program is housed. Partially perforated, it assumes several functions: sheltering the activity rooms or the outdoor courtyard, lighting, framing views and linking the different buildings of the school complex.

photo_credit Joan Casanelles
Joan Casanelles

Beyond a PASSIVHAUS realization, the children's center of Caulnes also responds to a very particular attention to a healthy and ecological building. For the construction, ecological and local materials were used in preference: - Wooden frame and framework, Douglas wood cladding - Insulation in blown cellulose wadding, exterior insulation in wood fiber panels, interior partitions insulated in metisse - False ceilings in wood fiber, interior floor coverings in natural Marmoleum, bio-based paint type Algo.

photo_credit Joan Casanelles
Joan Casanelles

To meet the technical, ecological and thermal expectations it was implemented: - double flow ventilation with very high efficiency (Atib Gold) - Joineries Passivhaus aluminum (profile Hueck) - Addition of heating by transmitter in ceiling slabs (natural gas boiler condensation) - airtightness achieved by the interior bracing (spano Durelis).

photo_credit Joan Casanelles
Joan Casanelles
photo_credit Joan Casanelles
Joan Casanelles
photo_credit Joan Casanelles
Joan Casanelles

Material Used :
1. GRAPHISOFT: Archicad
2. PROCLIMA: Intello + airtightness membrane
3. UNILIN PANELS: Durelis vapourblock spano panels
4. STEICO: Wood wool, dense wood fibre
5. ISOCELL: Cellulose wadding
6. SIGA: Airtightness scotch
7. METISSE: Recycled insulation from clothes
8. ALGO: Paint Algo mat (seaweed paint)
9. FINIMETAL: Heaters : Radiapanel HL42/21-1900
10. ATIB: Double flow ventilation, GOLD 07