Desert home
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Desert home

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How do you create a pleasant and warm family environment in a desired minimalistic and clean interior? The loving recipe ahead

Not many are certain of their distinct taste, especially in this era of luxury and abundance. This couple, in its 40's, and their three kids knew their dream house would be designed in a minimalist manner while maintain its soul.

The couple wished to create a home with not one single unnecessary item, that would convey a warm and inviting feel.

The house, located in the south of Israel, blends well with its natural environment thanks to its clean and rather calm façade which is bronze shaded, to compliment the natural palette of the earth and desert. The outcome is subtle and elegant, matching its lovely interior. The material used to cover the exterior of the house is Corten-like granite porcelain, which seems almost rusty, and gives the house a unique look, without overbearing its surroundings.

The house has three floors: the ground floor, with a living area and the master bedroom; the first floor, with three en-suite bedrooms, one for each of the kids; and a basement floor with a cinema room, play area and a kitchenette.

An ornamental fish pool is situated in the entrance, covered in mosaic tiles. The fish characteristics are associated with Good fortune and Prosperity. A sitting area designed for a variety of occasions has been designed next to a jacuzzi pool, and on the other side are individual sun loungers. An outdoor living area made of braided Ratan is positioned on the other end, overlooking the pool, and featuring a wide dining area for entertaining. A large Projector has been installed for watching movies in the garden and the pool area.

The entrance door and the external wall blend together, giving it a more natural and organic feel, as part of the house.

Entering the house, a large mirror is positioned on the right side, concealing a coat closet and electrical cabinet. The space is wide and 6 meters in height, with vast windows that blur the boundaries between the interior and the exterior, and reveal the pool and the landscape design – from inside the house – in all their glory.

The main living area includes the kitchen and the dining room, as one spacious area, ending with the master bedroom. The materials used to characterize the family home are nature-based such as grey stone, steel and granite porcelain flooring with a bronze finish. An impressive staircase made of walnut wood framed with steel, seems to be floating in the air and gives the space an elegant and minimalist feel, whilst providing a decorative statement.

The steel was also used to frame the massive windows, corresponding well with the staircase and serving as a recurring motif in the designed space.

The open kitchen overlooks the pool and has two islands covered with white Corian, as a solid, neat surface. One of them is used as a working area and the other serves as a dining table. High kitchen cupboards covered in walnut contain the various appliances and other houseware and kitchenware. The wooden elements become a focal point in the kitchen, making it look cozy and homey.

The living room perfectly caters for the family’s love of entertaining yet also reflects the fact that teenagers live there too. Sofas covered in easy-to-wash leaderette and grey couches with backrests in similar material gives the room a casual feel. Two tables in different heights made from marble and concrete and framed with black steel stand one next to the other in the center of the living room.

The dining area is considered a focal point, by "breaking" the monochromatic palette and adding some color with the orange-yellow shade of the dining chairs and a walnut table.

The lighting complements the clean line of design, which is integrated into the ceiling and the walls making it functional rather than fashionable.

The master bedroom "pops out" and sort of emerges from the main floor as a cubical element, above it is the kids' balcony on the top floor. The room stretches over 30 sqm and exits directly to the pool. Fishbone style walnut flooring gives the room a relaxed and elegant feel, and continues through to the bathroom that sits behind two glass-made sliding doors. Using the wooden floor in the wet room ties the room together, as one whole unit. The bathroom itself is designed as an indulgent spa, with a standalone bathtub in the center, and a side fully equipped shower stall.

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