D’Youville College Health Professions Hub
Laura Peters

Interior LightingQuality Lighting Systems
Exterior CladdingElval Colour
Elval-ENF/Architectural Bldg Products
Kawneer 1600 system
Rooftop UnitsAAON
AAON Package RTU
Modular Indoor AHUIngénia
Ingenia Modular Central Station AHU

Interior Lighting
Quality Lighting Systems さんの Cooper, NeoRay, Lumenpulse
Exterior Cladding
Elval Colour さんの Elval-ENF/Architectural Bldg Products
Kawneer さんの Kawneer 1600 system
Rooftop Units
AAON さんの AAON Package RTU
Modular Indoor AHU
Ingénia さんの Ingenia Modular Central Station AHU
Otis さんの Gen2®

D’Youville College Health Professions Hub

CannonDesign 建築家 として

D’Youville College’s Health Professions Hub confronts two critical challenges in the Buffalo region. First, the city’s West Side community, rich with immigrants and refugees, is woefully underserved and faces complex challenges around limited access to care and prevalent poverty and food insecurity. Concurrently, the region anticipates a critical shortage of healthcare professionals in excess of 10,000 by 2024.

photo_credit Laura Peters
Laura Peters

The Health Profession Hub converts both of these challenges into opportunity as a “first-of-its-kind” health center featuring innovative learning spaces, a workforce center, extensive virtual training resources, and a clinic offering primary care, rehabilitation medicine, nutrition, nursing, pharmacy, and more. All at once, the building improves community access to healthcare services, introduces educational opportunities focused on breaking the cycle of chronic illness, prepares a new workforce to seize in-demand healthcare jobs, and supports a living-wage ecosystem for Buffalo’s West Side residents.

photo_credit Laura Peters
Laura Peters

“The Hub is a world-class structure, a testament for the future of healthcare and a beacon for preparing providers to deliver superior quality care to those in need, starting here on the West Side of Buffalo,” explains Dr. Lorrie Clemo, president of D’Youville College. “It not only has visual impact in beautifying our neighborhood, but much more importantly, it has far-reaching social impact on our multicultural, underserved community.”

photo_credit Laura Peters
Laura Peters

To ensure the building offers educational experiences deeply relevant to future job opportunities, our team worked with D’Youville and its partner Catholic Health to shape the building’s spaces and pedagogy. Breakthrough virtual and simulation tools are infused throughout the project to enhance student understanding and outcomes.

photo_credit Laura Peters
Laura Peters

Design Principal: Michael Tunkey
Design: Luke Johnson
Project Management: Frank Sica
Strategic Planning: Swapna Sathyan
Design: Mark Nowaczyk
Engineering (Telecommunications): Sal Bonetto
Engineering (Structural): Ron Curtis
Engineering (Plumbing/Fire Protection): Don Keith 
Engineering  (Electrical): Rob Radley
Engineering (HVAC): Scott Pegler

Collaborating Companies Credits
Civil / Landscape: Watts Architecture and Engineering
Public Art: Maya Hayuk

photo_credit Laura Peters
Laura Peters
photo_credit Laura Peters
Laura Peters
photo_credit Laura Peters
Laura Peters

Material Used :
1. Exterior Cladding: Cembrit Patina Original
2. Exterior Cladding: Elval-ENF/Architectural Bldg Products
3. Curtainwall: Kawneer 1600
4. Interior Walls/Glazing: C.R. Laurence
5. Interior Doors: VT Industries Wood Doors
6. Elevators: Otis Gen 2 Elevator
7. Rooftop Units: AAON Package RTU
8. Modular Indoor AHU: Ingenia Modular Central Station AHU
9. Makeup Air Units: CaptiveAire
10. Interior Lighting: Quality Lighting Systems / Cooper / NeoRay
11. Exterior Lighting: Quality Lighting Systems / Lumenpulse / Cooper

Metal: Aluminum
Glass: Curtain Wall
Metal: Corten Steel


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