Haus im Haus – Hamburg Chamber of Commerce
Hans Jürgen Landes

メーカーNimbus Group
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CapenterFranz Harms GmbH
Partition Wallsmeta Trennwandanlagen GmbH

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Haus im Haus – Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

Behnisch Architekten 建築家 として

Hamburg’s Chamber of Commerce required a more intensive use of their existing neo-classical building in the city centre. The brief for the 2003 design competition anticipated the introduction of additional floor levels within the existing Börsenhalle and a structure which respects the fabric of the historic building.


In consideration of both the structural condition of the listed ‘Börsenhalle’ and the mandatory preservation of its historical features, a new 5-storey structure was inserted into it: a ‘house within a house’ that comprises circa 1,000sq.m for new usages and also reflects in contemporary style the building’s long history as a focal meeting point of Hamburg’s business communities.


The new structure occupies a relatively small proportion of the hall in order to preserve its generous spatial character. A business start-up center, consultation, exhibition, club and meeting room facilities are arranged in a sculptural manner. The uppermost level affords access to generous roof terraces.


The structure is composed of layers and planes, where lightness, immateriality and reflection contrast the solid, elaborate walls of the existing building. It unfolds as seemingly free-floating levels and planes that consciously contrast the historic hall’s ponderous stone bulk: here, the soft lines of vaulted constructions, there, the clear lines of the new structure: a bright apparition constructed of luminous, transparent and reflective materials, reminiscent of a glittering, multi-faceted jewel that absorbs and refracts light.


The light, free-floating character of the new extension is complemented and accentuated by a specifically developed LED lighting system.

Material Used :

1. Nimbus – Lamps – Modul Q Familie
2. Rosso – Acoustic Panels – Rossoacoustic
3. Rosso – Room Devider System – Rosso-BehängeProfil 22
4. Lutz-Aufzüge – Elevator
5. August Sander GmbH - Roofing
6. Mortensen - Tiles
7. Franz Harms GmbH - Capenter
8. Böhm GmbH - Showcases
9. meta Trennwandanlagen GmbH – Partition Walls
10. Zhadi Metallbau – Glazing ambulatories