Institute For Specialized Medicine
Claude-Simon Langlois

Wall PaintSherwin-Williams
Demountable Office Fronts & ChairsTeknion
Cabinet HardwareDoug Mockett & Company, Inc.
Lounge Chair & StoolKeilhauer
Doko, Verge
Chair & Ottomanstudio TK
Vinyl FlooringTarkett
Melodia 3.0 QUARTZ, Aria 3.0 GYPSY MOTH, SCS Color Chips - 22 Pearl, SCS Color Chips - 31 Zephyr, SCS Color Chips - 92 Blue Lagoon, Subfloor Leveler - LS 40

Lounge Chair & Stool
Keilhauer さんの Doko, Verge
Chair & Ottoman
Vinyl Flooring
Tarkett さんの Melodia 3.0 QUARTZ, Aria 3.0 GYPSY MOTH, SCS Color Chips - 22 Pearl, SCS Color Chips - 31 Zephyr, SCS Color Chips - 92 Blue Lagoon, Subfloor Leveler - LS 40

Institute For Specialized Medicine & Intervention

HOK Interiors & Experience Design として

The Institute for Specialized Medicine and Intervention (ISMI) provides underserved people in the medical community—women, trans and pediatric patients—with compassionate, state-of-the-art treatment. HOK designed the interiors and branding of its new radiology clinic focused on women’s health and wellness.

ISMI’s pillars of care, dignity and hope inspired the design. Based on the invasive and emotional nature of some procedures taking place in the clinic, our design creates a calming environment. Soft, neutral colors and a minimalist design evoke a spa-like environment that puts patients at ease. Biophilic elements such as living plant walls promote healing.

photo_credit Claude-Simon Langlois
Claude-Simon Langlois

The clinic features advanced technology that provides earlier and more accurate diagnostics for patients.

HOK’s experience design team branded ISMI’s clinic and materials to support the patient experience, making it feel more like a trip to the spa than an oncology clinic. The branding and graphics are maternal, confident, intimate and warm.

The ISMI logo’s organic lines create a hand-drawn feel. The silhouette portrays a confident, positive body position, while the stem of sage leaves symbolizes healing and hope. The logo and ISMI letterform seamlessly incorporate two languages, French and English, for its different patients.

photo_credit Claude-Simon Langlois
Claude-Simon Langlois

Speaking to the intimate nature of treatment offered at the clinic, the natural linework in the logo extends to the rest of ISMI’s branding and space. The illustrated hands depicted on the walls reference ISMI’s sensitivity to human emotions that can be overlooked, including anxiety, tenderness and strength.

Combined with ISMI’s holistic healing approach, the entire space provides a soothing experience that sets the Institute apart from other clinics.

photo_credit Claude-Simon Langlois
Claude-Simon Langlois


Interiors and Experience Design: HOK

Contractor: Broccolini

Photographer: Claude-Simon Langlois

photo_credit Claude-Simon Langlois
Claude-Simon Langlois

Materials Used:

Flooring: Tarkett

Furniture: The Collective

Wilsonart: Laminate, Ashbee Oak, Aligned Textured & Shadow, Matte, Horizontal Grade; Linen (White), Horizontal Grade

Doug Mockett: Cabinet Hardware, Continous Drawer Pull DP224
Satin Nickel; Cabinet Hardware, Slim Cylindrical Door Handle, Matte Black, Antimicrobial Coating, 16" DH4

Richelieu: Cabinet Hardware, Soft-Closing Euro-Cargo Recycling Center - 76L, Grey

Willis - Corian: Solid Surface, Rice Paper & Savannah

Casson Hardware: Norm Oval Wall Mirror, Matte Black

Bobrick: LED Sidelit Mirror B-169

3M: Glazing Film, Fasara Glass Finishes, Gradation, Gloud, White

Rockfon: Acoustic Ceiling Tile, Rockfon Medical Plus.90 NRC, Square Lay-in

Johnsonite / Tarkett: Vinyl Flooring, Vinyl Homogenous Sheet; Melodia 3.0, Quartz; Aria, Gypsy Moth CB; iQ Granite, Sawyer; iQ Granite SD, Raw Ivory

Vinyl Floor Base, Integrated Cove Base - 4" High

Vinyl Cove Cap for Integrated Cove Base, Cove Cap, 22 Pearl; 31 Zephyr; 92 Blue Lagoon

Vinyl Transition Strip, Transition Strip LS-40-X

Sherwin Williams: Wall Paint, SW 7008 Alabaster; SW 6223 Still Water; SW 9165 Gossamer Veil; SW 7025 Backdrop; SW 0022 Patchwork Plum

Architex: High-Performance Fused Textile, Tekloom Collection, Affinity, Slate & Pebble

CF Stinson: Non-PVC Upholstery Fabric, Staple, Butterscotch & Academy

Maharam: Privacy Curtain, Carry 2, Distant #005

Lacasse: Exam Room Casework

Teknion: Demountable Office Fronts, FocusSystem, Ebony Frame, Solid Pivot Doors; Savera High-Back Chair; Around Guest Chair; Expansion (height-adjustable) Workstation

Allermuir: Sunda 2, Set of Tables

Allseating: Oran 250, 2-seater Wide Sofa & Exchange Linear, 3-seater Sofa

Bludot: Circula Large Coffe Table, Grey Green 

DWR: Bowler Side Table & Jey Table, Black

HAG: Capisco Chairs

Keilhauer: Verge Mid-Back Lounge Chair & Doko Stool (small)

Suite 22: Easy Chair, Bianco Crema

TK Studio: Kalm Chair & Ottoman

Rich Brilliant Willing: Lighting - Wall Sconce, Crisp Sconce

Cerno: Lighting - Pendant, Penna Suspension

Studio D'Armes: Lighting - Pendant, Hartau Simple Suspension

photo_credit Claude-Simon Langlois
Claude-Simon Langlois