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The INVERNESS project, located at 3475 Prud'homme Avenue in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Côte-des-Neiges Borough of Montréal, is a multi-family residential project with 10 high-end housing units, developed in collaboration with the real estate developer KnightsBridge. These homes have been designed to offer quality living spaces, through and bright, in line with current social and environmental values.

The objective of the project was to give a new lease of life to this lot with a resolutely contemporary project reflecting the values and the urban and historical landscape of this sector. The project wanted to ensure a happy connection with its neighbourhood, both in terms of the built environment and human resources. The three-storey building thus offers a gentle urban densification while maintaining a human scale that is consistent with the neighbourhood. A fine masonry work echoes and reinterprets the architectural language of the area. There are one- to three-bedroom units, which ensures a mix within the building, but also the retention of families in the city, as an urban housing issue.

In addition to a desire to integrate respectfully into the neighbourhood's built environment, many of the regulatory constraints inherent in the project's location have shaped the project. Thus, the stakes of the project are multiple: the proposal of a soft densification that fits into the existing urban landscape without denaturing it, the retention of families in the city as well as the creation of a quality living environment based on a green strategy.

The INVERNESS project is the right link between a sober masonry envelope, ensuring the integration of the project into its context, and an expressive metallic volume, aimed at maximizing the supply of light and a better quality of life in the homes.

Material Used:

1. Meridian - Brick - Adelaide Smooth Ironspot + Adelaide Smooth

2. Meridian - Brick - Sierra Sandstone Smooth

3. Meridian - Brick - Cobalt Smooth

4. Mac Metal - Metal Cladding - Metallic Grey

5. Mac Metal - Metal Folding Laminate On Plywood - Metallic Grey

Gilles Hanicot & Hervé Haffreingue

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Metal Cladding - Metallic Grey,Metal Folding Laminate On Plywood Mac métal architectural
Adelaide Smooth Ironspot + Adelaide Smooth,Sierra Sandstone Smooth,Cobalt SmoothMeridian Brick
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Metal Cladding - Metallic Grey,Metal Folding Laminate On Plywood
Adelaide Smooth Ironspot + Adelaide Smooth,Sierra Sandstone Smooth,Cobalt Smooth
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