Longchamp | Outdoor Living
Paul Finkel

Longchamp | Outdoor Living

Clark Richardson Architects 建築家 として

The Longchamp Outdoor Living project developed from a desire for an elegant outdoor living space that complemented the existing home and maximized the opportunities allowed by the pavilion typology. Formally, the structure is a steel canopy floating amongst the trees that shelters an arrangement of refined masonry volumes.

Its projecting horizontality echoes the low hills that it frames to the East. To the West, the canopy cantilevers just over the edge of the pool, spatially linking these two visual planes. Below the stone massing is used to create visual boundaries and a sense of enclosure, organizing the space into sitting, cooking and dining.

A strictly curated materiality was implemented to coalesce the geometric elements harmoniously. Taking advantage of its site and exploring the nuances of the pavilion typology this project provides a serene space for gathering, framing the beauty of the Austin hillside.


Material Used:
Facade cladding: Texas Lueder’s Limestone, (Floors as well)
Add more if available Darkened Steel


Facade claddingLueders Limestone
Facade cladding
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