Ramsey Residence
Chase Daniel

Ramsey Residence

Clark Richardson Architects 建築家 として

The Ramsey Residence was conceived as the diagrammatic intersection of dialectical program elements in both the interior and exterior. The spaces are split between a public area, closer to the street, and a private area, towards the rear of the lot. They are connected by a circulation spine: a tall southern lit clerestory gallery. The gallery is flanked by oppositional outdoor spaces, one characterized by a constructed ground plane intended for cooking, herb gardening and socializing; the other is characterized by landscape and permeable surfaces punctuated by a central water feature. A sectional diagram manipulated across the length of the house defines varied spaces for inhabitation, alternating between double height, clerestory lit spaces and modest transitional zones where lower ceilings allow for the routing of building services. Natural daylighting, material cues and art elements provide a second layer of hierarchy to the procession through interior spaces.


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