S71 House
Anan Naruphantawat

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S71 House

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Initially, this house is about 30 years old, the owner of the house will be retired and want to improve the house to give as a gift to the daughter and refresh. The environment of the house is quite old. To meet the changing era To come back to life For all 3 family members consisting of father, mother, and daughter.


Currently, the environment of the residence in Bangkok, We can observe that each house has adjacent land on both the left side, right side, and backside, but the lifestyle in the urban context has changed, We need more privacy, The problem of renovating this house, Architects see the abstraction of the basic concepts from the context of the building. Utility space and lifestyle of the residents is important, This point will be reflected in the architecture.


From the original style of this house is the Swiss chalet style and the original structure of the building is still good, An architect started the design by determining design zoning of the planning to use a new building under the limitations of the original structure, The concept that we have used to determine the area of the house is to determine the position of the walls of this house, There are 3 main types of walls which are open wall, solid wall, and semi-open wall, These 3 types of walls will be interpreted and used in different ways in different parts of this house, And will be the cause of the architecture.


Ground floor plan from the front of the building on the street in the alley, We designed the fence to be a solid fence to obscured visibility and get the space inside the house with privacy, By changing the style of the gate to be able to open wider to be able to turn the car into the house more easily The original 4-meter wide gate has been extended to a width of 6-meters and designed to be an automatic sliding rail to move into the curvature of the fence, Expand the parking space from 2 parking spaces to 4 cars


In the part of the landscape area originally the owner planted trees in many places, Which are quite messy, Therefore want to adjust to looking neat and want to be easier to take care of, We then changed it to a hardscape area for easier care. In which the architect think that trees and green spaces are necessary for life and Architecture, Therefore creating a Pocket Garden area in the north side of the garage to plant trees by sprinkling the gravel around the garden instead of planting grass to be easier to care for then add a green view by planting fence trees like a green wall around the house to create life and a shady view


When walking up the stairs before entering the building, We have added a function as a shoe cabinet hidden behind a wall for use, An architect designed the front panel into a vertical wooden lath to give it a look, Look lost in the wall continuously, when entering into the house, Will encounter a living room Which originally was a one-story gable roof, An architect opened the ceiling to the second floor to create a high ceiling area, By closing the wall of the ground floor room in front of the house into a stone wall create personal space and penetrating the top fixed lighting to receive the light during the day makes the living room area more private, but more transparent and bright than before Resulting in impressive results


Continuing from the living room from the ground level field structure When walking continuously into the middle of the house, there will be a dining table, Which can also sit and work, we want this area to be a multi-function area for use, We have a sliding door on the side of the house which is near the dining area, connected to a wooden balcony for the building users to sit back and relax, which draws the green view of the trees and the light makes the house is fresh, Next to the dining area is a bar counter, western kitchen, and Thai outdoor kitchen. In the area of the back of this house, An architect makes zoning into service areas, Comprised of Thai kitchens, Laundry area, Which is connected to the maid's room on the 1st floor, next to the stairs Architect has arranged a vacant room for the future when the owner of the house is old, May move the bedroom to this room


Layout planning on the 2nd floor, Transition space to the stairs, An architects have created bookshelves, which are passages that are usually not used to be able to store books while set vertical window to allow light to enter the stair hall, From the stairway to the 2nd floor to the stair hall, an architect chose to divide the house into 2 main areas: the north side is the daughter's bedroom. And the south side is the father-mother bedroom, All the way from the front of the house to the back of the house, One thing that is the problem of this house is that the second floor has only one bathroom, An architect then added a bathroom to the 2 main bedrooms for proportion and response to the modern living, The daughter's bedroom consists of a bed, working desk, walk-in closet, and bathroom, And also on the south side, which is the father and mother's bedroom It consists of beds, walk-in closet, bathroom and a part of the Pray room which is hidden on the west side in front of the house, This Pray room has windows that can look down to the living room below


The concept of building form comes from the context of the location of the building and the way of life of homeowners who love privacy and mothers who are somewhat allergic to sunlight, The architectural style arose from the space usage of the 2-story house and then pulled the line directly from the floor plan, Enveloped the original building with wooden battens and natural stone walls, Creating privacy space in an urban context paired with white metal materials to create contrast between interesting materials can be observed from the facade, the white light that wants to play with the corner of the sunlight into the building during the day, Geometric shape Straightforward architectural design language Assembled together to form the final architectural form.


Material Used:
Facade cladding: Composite Wood, Biowood Aluminium Composite, Siambond
Flooring: Veneer wood, DE ENGEL FLOORING(DEG)
Doors: Aluminium, TOSTEM
Windows: Aluminium, TOSTEM
Roofing: Metal Sheet, RS Shutter
Interior lighting: Aluminium, Metal, Light up Design
Interior furniture: Fabric, Leather, Boonthavorn Lifestyle


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