West Jet Lounge Calgary International Airport

West Jet Lounge Calgary International Airport

Calgary International Airport (YYC), Airport, Calgary, AB, Canada | 地図を見ます
Govan Brown

West Jet Lounge Calgary International Airport

CF + D | custom fireplace design メーカー として

When contacted by Govan Brown & Associates to create a custom curved fire feature designed by Gensler California Office, we were ready for the challenge. This unique design is now featured in the West Jet Lounge of the Calgary International Airport.

Our craftsmen worked to delicately curve the metal used to meet the design criteria our Clients expect from a custom fireplace company, like CF + D.

The see-thru curved glass feature allows visitors to the lounge perfect viewing, from either side of the area, creating a cozy by the fire experience while waiting for their flights.

This unique fire feature incorporates our Vapor-Fire burner technology system using water as a fuel source. A safe solution fireplace that creates a real fire experience, with no concerns for safety when featured in a public space that a gas fire flame could present.

The CF + D team collaborates closely with every client to ensure all project requirements are met and often exceeded. We welcome the challenges that keep our creative minds and craftsman working to develop unique fireplaces and broaden our scope of work.

It was a pleasure working with Gensler and Govan Brown & Associates on this project.

Thank you for choosing CF + D | custom fireplace design.