Willow Creek Residence

Willow Creek Residence

Banker Wire Wire Mesh Cabinets and Screens として

The 5,600 square foot Willow Creek ranch home blends industrial and organic design elements for a modern but classic design scheme. For an aesthetic that is simultaneously traditional and contemporary, By Design Interiors utilized Banker Wire’s fine woven wire mesh pattern S-12 in two separate areas of the home—the French Country inspired kitchen,  and the game room bar—to provide unexpected touch points while creating a cohesive design experience.

The modern French Country inspired kitchen was designed from the ground up. As a central point in the open concept home, the theme of organic-meets-industrial originates here. Specified in an antique brass finish, Banker Wire’s S-12—a fine woven wire mesh pattern—was fabricated into the front of the kitchen cabinets. The robust woven wire mesh provides a warm aesthetic touch to the surrounding neutral color palette while also giving a near opaque cover to the storage space. The highly faceted surface of S-12 both absorbs and reflects the colors of its surroundings, adding texture and depth to the striking design.

“Banker Wire’s S-12 provides the integral industrial element in the kitchen area, helping to create the high/low aesthetic of the space—accentuating the organic materials, such as the leathered quartzite countertop island and single-sided waterfall edge, and the custom zinc vent range hood,” says Ayca Stiffel, Senior Interior Designer, By Design Interiors. “The nearby dining room chandelier, grey-white walls, and natural light add a softness to the space, when contrasted with the industrial look and feel of the mesh.”

Departing from the traditional French touchpoints found in the kitchen, By Design Interiors leaned more heavily on industrial accents to realize the custom game room bar. The homeowner’s requested a fun “industrial” space different from any home bar they had seen before. Using Banker Wire’s fine woven wire mesh pattern S-12, multiple sliding screen doors were crafted to create customizable storage space for the bar. The antique brass finish of the mesh reflects the warm light, adding a lighter tone that contrasts the chocolate browns and matte black finishes of the surrounding space. Leather chairs and metal work on the foot bars, bar front and frame compliment the woven wire mesh, creating a cohesive environment that is both unique and welcoming.

Edgy, sophisticated, and familiar, the Willow Creek Texas Ranch Home exemplifies the role that unique materiality—such as Banker Wire’s architectural woven wire mesh—can play in a contemporary residential design scheme.

Wire Mesh Cabinets and Screens

Wire Mesh Cabinets and ScreensBanker Wire
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