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The former V&D building in Eindhoven has been completely transformed: from old department store to modern, sustainable multi-tenant office and retail building. The history of the building can be seen because the architect had it completely encased in glass. In addition, the new functions made the necessary demands on all glazing. Guifi B.V. The first version of the V&D was erected as early as 1907. A major renovation and extension was completed in 1930. That became the building that gained iconic status in the city of lights. The current design by architect Kentie & Partners required some 2400m² of insulating glass. All this glass had to provide high performance solar shading because of the intended multifunctionality... もっと見る

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De Noordkade

Imagine an architectural masterpiece, with its futuristic design and striking glass facades. But what if those glass facades were not flat, but elegantly curved? This was exactly the challenge we faced in the construction of the iconic Noordkade in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. Lucas van der Wee Lucas van der Wee Lucas van der Wee Lucas van der Wee The curved panes at the corners of this building have a very short radius, which requires powerful bending. Here came the dilemma: The standard coating for flat windows was not suitable for these special requirements. But with close cooperation with the architect, we found the perfect solution. Lucas van der Wee Lucas van der Wee Lucas van der Wee Lucas van der Wee もっと見る

プロジェクト • にLIKO-S事務所

Sazka Offices

Sazka's offices are part of the Bořislavka multifunctional center on Evropská Street in Prague. The building is LEED Gold certified for its innovative technological solutions. The airy interiors offer a unique working environment that honors the principles of sustainability. Tomáš Loutocký Tomáš Loutocký The design was developed by the Prague architectural firm Aulík Fišer architekti. The larger meeting rooms are created with MICRA II double-glazed partitions with excellent acoustic properties and are equipped with digital blinds that can be controlled via tablets. The smaller offices, which are used for quick business meetings and phone calls, are separated by simple... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にVita Architecture民家

Swissland Hills

In 2018 we were commissioned to deliver a bespoke home gym for a family in Tandridge, Surrey. The existing home was located in a greenbelt so we designed a transparent structure that both minimised its impact on the greenbelt whilst maximising the stunning views. Ben Tynegate The gym is a simple design with 4 main components, the steel structure, a curved glazing system, an acoustic lined timber soffit and the main roof structure. All 4 elements were designed to be millimetre perfect with the majority built offsite to ensure a seamless connection between the gym and the existing home. Ben Tynegate The result is a stunningly open and peaceful home gym which the family now enjoys with wide reaching views across their garden and su... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にArchitecture Counsel中学校

Kingsway College School Senior School

When Kingsway College School (KCS) decided to expand its curriculum to include grades 9-12, Architecture Counsel (ACi) was engaged to create an ambitious, phased master plan that would reflect the school’s unique vision and ambition. The first phase (which accommodates grades 9 and 10) was completed in September 2022 with the second phase now underway. The new senior school creates a new paradigm for high school students, using the City of Toronto as its laboratory and campus. With an emphasis on fostering community and strong civic values through experiential learning, a student-centric approach, and sustainability, the school is the only independent high school in Toronto to occupy an existing high-rise residential tower.  ... もっと見る

製品情報 • にvandaglasCurvePerform DGU/TGU

CurvePerform DGU/TGU

Curved double or triple pane insulating glass. From simple cylindrical curved glass to complex polyaxial forms, from the curved shop counter to the curved glass façade, from float glass to super-efficient triple pane insulating glass, with over 90 years of experience, vandaglas is the bending specialist for curved glass in the (interior) architectural field. The vandaglas Döring-brand stands for a wide range of curved glass products and options. Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption もっと見る

製品情報 • にvandaglasCurvePerform Mono curved monolite decorative glass

CurvePerform Mono curved monolite decorative glass

Vandaglas is a specialized company with over 90 years of experience in creating curved glass for building interiors. The company offers a wide range of options, from simple cylindrical curved glass to complex polyaxial forms, which can be made from float glass to super-efficient triple-pane insulating glass. Its Döring-brand is well-known for its curved glass products. Designers can also use tinted foils in laminated glass, printing, back-lighting, and other options to create exclusive interiors that fit their visions. With CurvePerform Mono, architects have the flexibility and creativity to design truly unique spaces that stand out. Caption   Features Curved glass is becoming increasingly popular in interior design. Vand... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にStudio Gangアパート

Q Residences

  Studio Gang’s first completed building in Europe, Q Residences addresses Amsterdam’s urgent need for housing, creating a mixed-use community at a key intersection in Amsterdam-Zuid. Located in the heart of Buitenveldert—one of the last garden cities in the capital—the project draws on the neighborhood’s relaxed, verdant atmosphere to establish a dense yet comfortable living environment. Introducing two new distinct building volumes—Qube, a mid-rise, and Quartz, a high-rise—that add 248 residences to the growing city, the project’s design brings a more organic, sculptural feel to the rational rectilinearity of the surrounding 1950s developments. Caption   Angled balconies o... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にDe Zwarte Hondスーパー

SuperHub Meerstad

De Zwarte Hond is proud to announce completion of the SuperHub in MeerstadInspired by the mission to better connect the burgeoning Groningen district, and to transform it into an interactive social space, De Zwarte Hond was commissioned by real estate developer MWPO to design a multifunctional and adaptive centralbuilding for the neighbourhood. The innovative community hub was inaugurated on November 2nd. Ronald Tilleman Centre in a Green Heart Meerstad is an up-and-coming district of Groningen. The area is popular for its open space, greenery, and the Woldmeer recreational lake, around which a neighbourhood with 5,000 new homes will be built in the coming decades. Eventually, the area will grow into a vivid city district. With this... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にvandaglas事務所

Grand Central Frankfurt

A highly innovative building complex – GRAND CENTRAL Frankfurt – is being built on a 30,000 m² site next to Frankfurt Central Station.  vandaglas supplied both straight and curved solar heat-resistant facade glazing IsoPerform Curved SolarControl. ©LarsGruber ©LarsGruber ©LarsGruber ©LarsGruber ©LarsGruber もっと見る

プロジェクト • にArchitects of Inventionアパート


The proposed site is located within the newly designed masterplan of Rublyevo-Archangelskoe, a territory which occupies 461ha to the west of Moscow. It is a large-scale LEED ND certified project, with aspirations becoming a sustainable, high-tech and harmonious live-work city for business and families. Located on the greenbelt, adjacent to the Moskva river, it is an attractive location less than hour away from the city of Moscow.    The 640 residential unit building complex is comprised of a singular universal block, interconnected on two levels. It thereby suggests a permeable, notional, perimeter block. Each block is connected to the other as a bridge, which also produces a roof terrace on the free, upper surface of the block... もっと見る

ニュースニュース • 7 Jul 2021

SANAA revitalizes 19th century Parisian Art Nouveau department store with wavy glass facade and new interior street

Fashion house LVMH tasked SANAA with the revitalization of formerly the largest department store in Paris, La Samaritaine. The building on the rue de Rivoli has been destroyed and SANAA placed a new structure with an interior street that runs the entire building alongside social and commercial program. The passageway connects one existing and two new glass covered courtyards.  © Jared Chulski SANAA sees the connection as both a physical and symbolic link between the historic facade facing the Seine and the new wavy curtain wall along the new Rue de Rivoli building. The courtyards bring in natural light and lightness into the interiors. © Jared Chulski The soft irregular waves resonate with the rhythm and scale of... もっと見る

製品情報 • にSaflexSaflex Solar PVB interlayer

Saflex Solar PVB interlayer

最適性能を得るために、Saflex® Solarとソーラーコントロールコーティングを組み合わせる Saflex® Solar PVB中間膜は、単板透明ガラスや従来のポリビニルブチラール (PVB) 中間膜で作られた合わせガラスに比べ、合わせガラスの日射熱取得性能の向上を目的として設計された、高い可視光透過率を備えた赤外線吸収中間膜です。Saflex® Solar PVB中間膜は、適切に選択され、合わせ加工を施され、設置された場合は、合わせ安全ガラスの多くの規定を満たす、または規定以上の性能を提供することができます。 理想的なソーラー製品は、可能な限り高い可視光透過率を実現しながら、UVおよびNIRエネルギーを遮断します。下記のチャートに示されているように、Saflex Solarは、非常に効果的で、高い可視光透過率を持つソーラー製品の透過率を備えています。さらに、Saflex Solarは、自然風化にさらされた場合に非常に優れた耐性を提供できるよう特に考案されています。 Saflex Solarは、強化ガラスに追加負荷またはストレスに対する耐性が求められる用途 (例、点支持システムなど) において、最適なPVB配合です。Saflex Solarには、Saflex Solar SGおよびSaflex Solar SHという2つのオプションがあります。Saflex Solar SGは当社最高性能のSolar PVB中間膜であり、Saflex Solar SHはより無彩色な外観で、用途によっては焼きなましガラスで合わせ加工を施すこともできます。 Saflex Solarは、Saflex ClearやSaflex StructuralなどのSaflex... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にHeyligers Design + Project事務所

Berghaus Plaza Amsterdam

Just outside the A10 ring road, the area around the Koningin Wilhelminaplein, known as Ring Zone West, is currently being transformed into a vibrant live-and-work neighborhood with ever closer connections to the historic centre of Amsterdam. Caption Caption The master plan, by KCAP Architects & Planners, combines office space, new homes and all kinds of public facilities that will add fresh energy to the neighborhood. New building will increase the usable volume above ground level from 33,000 to 90,000 m2. Meanwhile parking will be confined to underground garages, creating space for a public square and abundant greenery, with everything linked by bridges and walkways. Caption Caption Together, MVSA Architects and H... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にASWA (Architectural Studio of Work - Aholic)レストラン


An exterior cracked wall turns out a sleek interior curved glass for a cafe in Bangkok by ASWA (Architectural Studio of Work - Aholic) ©ASWA ASWA schemes aim to play with contrasting materials between the exterior and interior of the SNOG XX cafe. A rustic cracked concrete-like wall on two sides of the exterior tends to work contrastingly with a curved glass entrance and the polished stainless counter. Because the cafe is located on the second floor of the building and can easily notice on the street, then the priority is to make the cafe stands out from its surroundings by using a cracked concrete-like opening for the outer skin. ©ASWA Behind the cracked wall, the curved entrance with the stainless steel bench penetra... もっと見る