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製品情報 • にHeka HoodsHeka Hoods

Heka Hoods

Create beautiful lines simply with Heka Hoods bracket-less awning systems.  Pioneering the first one-piece awning system available in Australia and internationally, Heka Hoods is an awning system without brackets, providing minimalist styling with functional protection from the elements.   The awning hoods can be used as a single piece over a window or door or wrap around a building's façade.   Suitable for residential, industrial, and commercial buildings and specified by architects, building designers, developers, builders and renovators. もっと見る

製品情報 • にAmoretti BrothersHammered Copper Range Hood with Dark Patina

Hammered Copper Range Hood with Dark Patina

Amoretti Brothers hand-hammered copper range hood with dark patina FARMHOUSE. An hammered copper range hood by Amoretti Brothers is a stunning and unique addition to any kitchen. Known for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, Amoretti Brothers have created a range hood that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The hammered copper finish of the range hood provides a warm and inviting feel to the kitchen, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. It also has the added benefit of being durable and easy to clean, ensuring that the range hood will last for years to come. The Amoretti Brothers hammered copper range hood is designed with high-end features and technology. It comes with powerful motors and multiple f... もっと見る

製品情報 • にAmoretti BrothersBrushed Stainless Steel Range Hood

Brushed Stainless Steel Range Hood

Sleek yet subtle, the Eugene Range Hood is the custom vent hood your kitchen is missing. Handmade by our expert copper smiths, the Eugene Range Hood features custom riveted straps that give it a distinctive look. More than just decorative, these details go the extra mile by reinforcing the structure of the range hood. Capable of working at 1200 CFM, this custom vent hood will keep even the busiest of kitchens smoke-free. With 4 available speeds to choose from, you can adjust the levels exactly to your needs. LED lighting is included to give you a well-lit cooking area while still saving on electrical costs. Amoretti Brothers range hoods are all made to order. Browse through our available finishing, metals, and sizes for a custom kitchen... もっと見る
Amoretti Brothers Brass Range Hood
Amoretti Brothers brass kitchen range hood
Amoretti Brothers Brass Range Hood

プロジェクト • にAmoretti Brothers民家

Jyl Hoffend - Private Residence

Amoretti Brothers manufactured a fabulous brass range hood for a private residence, project designer Jyl Hoffend もっと見る

製品情報 • にAmoretti BrothersAmoretti Brothers Brass Range Hood "Francesca"

Amoretti Brothers Brass Range Hood "Francesca"

Sleek and modern, the Francesca Series range hood will complete your kitchen update. In this version in polished copper, a classical and perfect effect for your kitchen. We can customize it to your kitchen size. It can be manufactured also as island hood. Different finishing and colors available.  もっと見る