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製品情報 • にBendheimTurnKey™ Interior Glass Cladding System

TurnKey™ Interior Glass Cladding System

Bendheim’s TurnKey™ interior glass cladding system is designed for speedy installations. It allows for greater build tolerances and adjusts easily on-site. The system is ideal for back-lit walls, columns, and ceilings. Mechanical, reversible attachment system eliminates the use of adhesives and glass drilling. Glass panels can be replaced in as little as 1 minute to easily access lighting and mechanical systems behind the cladding. もっと見る

製品情報 • にBendheimVentilated Glass Facade Systems

Ventilated Glass Facade Systems

Bendheim's Ventilated Glass Facade Systems protect structures and/or occupants from wind-driven rain, snow, and ice, while maintaining natural ventilation and daylight advantages, where applicable. Ideal for non-conditioned spaces, including stadiums, transit stations, building crowns, exterior stairwells & elevator towers, pedestrian bridges, aboveground parking facilities, and more. A thoughtfully designed ventilated / secondary glass facade can also become a budget-smart way to create an extremely complex exterior geometry, achieving slopes, dramatic angles, and curves not easily constructible with your primary walls. もっと見る

製品情報 • にBendheimGlass Parking Facades

Glass Parking Facades

Bendheim's Ventilated Glass Parking Facades comprise a range of fully customizable systems that can be specified with decorative flat glass or 3D / U-shaped channel glass. The functional, jewel-like glass facades instantly elevate the design of above-ground parking structures. By eliminating the need for mechanical ventilation and preserving daylighting, they also lower operational energy usage. From energy savings, to the ability to eliminate carbon-heavy steel sub-structures, to bird-friendly glass options, these parking facades are a sustainable choice. もっと見る

製品情報 • にBendheimProjectable Glass Rainscreens

Projectable Glass Rainscreens

Bendheim's projectable glass rainscreen system doubles as a virtually shadow-free, building-scale projection screen, while also meeting budgetary and installation targets. The system consists of pattern-imprinted Lumi Frit glass panels, clipped into adjustable metal fittings, which are embedded directly into the building’s structural walls, columns, or floors. It is fully adjustable in multiple directions, speeding installation and allowing contractors to order the glass from the approved drawings, rather than precise field measurements. On projects, this built-in flexibility can expedite the construction schedule by months. もっと見る

プロジェクト • にCuningham Group Architecture病院

Providence Breeze Advanced Care Center

Constructed on the site of an old newspaper facility, the Providence Breeze Advanced Care Center in Torrance, California challenges thenorms of patient-centric care with a design that finds inspiration in the intimate.   Designed by Cuningham Group Architecture and CallisonRTKL, the 106,000-square-foot space houses a women’s center, imaging center, outpatient ambulatory surgery center, clinics, medical and surgical oncology, infusion center and two linear accelerators. To accommodate for these numerous technical elements, as well as to meet the many, complicated design codes required of medical facilities, the design team had to think outside the box as they attempted to elevate the standard patient experience. The result: a me... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にRenaissance 3 Architects (R3A Architecture)事務所

Summa Technologies Headquarters

After operating in two separate locations for several years, Summa Technologies, one of Pittsburgh’s leading IT consulting and custom software development solutions companies, made the decision to consolidate their operations into one central headquarters. Bringing together their management offices (originally located downtown) and their “design studio” (originally located in East Liberty) required a total square footage of 25,000 square feet. After evaluating several possible locations, Summa resolved to settle into the 11th and 12th floors of the Regional Enterprise Tower, formally the Alcoa Building. Built in 1953, the central business district high-rise became an icon for the city. By virtue of its location and use of... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にGoldray Glassお店

Burberry Chicago

An iconic British luxury brand, Burberry has been a leader in the fashion industry for decades. Consumers are drawn to the brand's simple sophistication as well as the distinctive check pattern the company has become known for. To maintain it's position as a prominent international brand, Burberry underwent a global transition in the early 2000's led by Burberry's Chief Creative Officer, Christopher Bailey. One of the initiative's core strategies was to expand Burberry's global reach and presence using it's flagship properties.For Burberry's Chicago flagship location, located on busy Michigan Avenue, the building design matched Burberry's new brand strategy: modern-meets-heritage. Christopher Bailey played a key role in designing the struct... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にGoldray Glass事務所

Amazon Vulcan Block 44

Part of a large redevelopment project, Vulcan Block 44 is the latest expansion of Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle’s booming South Lake Union neighborhood. Taking up the majority of a city block, the project adds 400,000 square feet to Amazon’s current Seattle campus - with two office buildings, restaurants, retail space and public outdoor space. ZGF Architects designed the project, working closely with Vulcan, the developer, and Amazon. The goal was to create a modern, flexible workplace, that would positively impact tenants and the surrounding neighborhood.The selected design compliments the modern aesthetic of the South Lake Union area, utilizing steel, wood and glass to create a welcoming, light-filled space. At the bu... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にGoldray Glass事務所

1775 Tysons Boulevard

There has been a shift in recent years from the austere, impersonal corporate atmosphere, to one that encourages collaboration and creativity. Developers, architects and designers are using color and non-traditional building materials to create spaces that foster teamwork and ingenuity.Aptly named for it’s physical address, 1775 Tysons Boulevard is the newest addition to the extensive Tysons Corner development, just North of Washington D.C. A mixed-use property that boasts 15 stories of office space, above a two-storey, glass-enclosed lobby and retail center. A stunning art installation, wrapping the top tier of windows can be seen from inside the foyer area, and the courtyard outside.A pattern of brilliant blue, purple and yellow dec... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にGoldray Glassホテル

Radisson Blu in Mall of America

Envisioned by ESG architects and conveniently connected to the Mall of America, the Radisson Blu hotel is surrounded by an impressive network of amenities. Hotel visitors can easily access the largest indoor entertainment and shopping mall in the United States, while the Metro Transit Light Rail offers quick transport to downtown Minneapolis.The 500 indulgent rooms and suites were constructed above the stunning lobby, which is situated on the second floor to allow for two levels of structured parking beneath. The skywalk corridor is also located at this elevation and provides direct access from the Radisson Blu to the Mall of America.Inspired by the chic European style of all Radisson Blu hotels, from the monochromatic color scheme to the u... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にGoldray Glass銀行

Northern Trust Bank Lobby

In an effort to attract younger clientele into this historic financial institution, the Northern Trust Bank in Chicago commissioned Harley Ellis Devereaux to create a new and sophisticated look for their Monroe Avenue location. A staple in Chicago’s financial sector since its inception in 1889, Northern Trust Bank has always maintained positive relations with both staff and clients. This is relfected in their long‐standing logo which includes an anchor, the nautical symbol of strength and stability.The design for the lobby's architectural glass canopy was in keeping with the understated grace and poise of the company. The ceramic frit pattern is soft, yet structured and most importantly uniform throughout the installation. This is evi... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にGoldray Glass空港

Chicago O'Hare Airport: Terminal 5

The Chicago O'Hare Airport International Terminal was commissioned by The Westfield Group and designed by Epstein Global, in conjunction with the conceptual designers at Thirst Design Communication. John Kolb - Epstein Global's associate Vice President and Lead Architect on this project describes the design intent, "Chicago Airport Terminal 5 was designed 21 years ago by Perkins+Will. It's modern, clean design is recognized and appreciated. We did not want this to feel like a renovation that didn't consider the existing architecture. Instead we wanted to adhere to it, but make it better". When designing the two-story interior curtain wall, Kolb's team was faced with the challenge of integrating both design and functionality. As the glass p... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にGoldray Glass事務所

Cheniere Energy

A leader in natural gas exports, Cheniere Energy in Houston, Texas has seen a rapid increase in productivity and revenue over the past few years. As such, they were in need of a larger space to accommodate the influx of employees required to sustain their growth pattern. They chose not to renovate their existing offices where they leased four and a half floors, but rather to relocate to the award-winning skyscraper, Pennzoil Place, in downtown Houston. The new space spans eight floors, covering more than 167,000 square feet.Working closely with the designers at PDR Corp. Cheniere Energy was able to convey their vision of a minimalistic neighborhood of spaces that promotes connectivity and collaboration. To support the minimalistic design, w... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にBendheim事務所

100 Fifth Avenue Lobby

100 Fifth Avenue is one of the top commercial properties in Midtown Manhattan, recently obtained and renovated by Clarion Partners. A variety of brilliant white and low-iron (ultra-clear) Bendheim decorative glass varieties greet visitors from the glowing reception desk and the glass-clad lobby walls and elevator interiors, creating durable, maintenance-friendly surfaces. もっと見る

プロジェクト • にGoldray Glass事務所

Cannon Design Lobby

May 2012 was a time of instrumental change for Cannon Design Chicago, as they relocated their office to Michigan Plaza‐ two adjacent mixed‐use office towers in Chicago's Central Business District. The vision for the project was to develop a high‐performance office space that reinforced Cannon's design culture and enabled employee collaboration. As part of this large-scale project, Goldray Glass worked alongside Cannon Design to develop a custom decorative glass elevator lobby and projectable glass wall to complete the office entryway. The updates to the Cannon Design Chicago office, which also incorporated a dynamic workplace strategy, served as a prototype for their multiple other locations around the world. The solution incorporated an o... もっと見る