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製品情報 • にAbodoVulcan Joinery

Vulcan Joinery

Timber joinery has made a comeback in modern homes, due to its wellness and sustainability benefits as well as its naturally warm look and feel.   Abodo's Vulcan Joinery is avaible in two finishes: Vulcan Joinery - Vertical Grain and Vulcan Joinery - Flatsawn, and is an excellent choice for windows, doors and interior joinery in both paint and stain finish.   Customisable and available in a variety of sizes, we supply various lengths of joinery timber from 2.1m to 4.8m, ready for joinery craftsmen to work with.   Vulcan Timber is created from thermally modified New Zealand plantation timber. The thermal modification process means Vulcan has enhanced stability, reduced resin content, is a beautiful homogenous brown colou... もっと見る

製品情報 • にM&TNOMAD door handle

NOMAD door handle

The NOMAD handle is the simplest yet smallest handle we've ever made.We have achieved slim and elegant versions, which we can use in addition to the minimalist one appearance also guarantee long-term durability and extraordinary structural strength. This handle is provided by the base material, which combines solid brass and special high strength stainless steel.4 components that can be combined in different colors in 11 M&T surface finishes or handles in the TOUCH variant - serrated. M&T design by Eva Le Peutrec M&T design by Eva Le Peutrec M&T design by Eva Le Peutrec M&T design by Eva Le Peutrec M&T design by Eva Le Peutrec もっと見る

ニュース仕様 • 22 Mar 2023

10 residential door handles

A door handle is often the first architectural element we encounter by touch when entering a residence. Opening a door is an instinctive gesture, and the feel of the handle can make all the difference towards one’s first impression of a space. Whether discreet and elegant, present and bulky, classic, modern or industrial, a door handle can introduce the design style of a residence.   Residential door handle types on the market today typically consist of lever handles, doorknobs and sliding door pulls. A handle’s mechanics correspond to its functionality. In form, each of these types might feature sharp or curved corners and finishes in gold, silver, and a range of other metals as well as various colors. There are also pro... もっと見る

製品情報 • にARTISAN Luxury Furniture Hardware高級家具の取っ手と金具

Luxury Marble & Steel Handles

スチール、ブロンズ、大理石を使用した高級ハンドメイド家具の取っ手 もっと見る

製品情報 • にM&TYES! pull handle

YES! pull handle

PULL HANDLE YES!  Elegant timeless pull handle available in different lengths from 110 to 910 mm. It is prepared also with integrated WC/bathroom lock system. This pull handle is produced either in a minimalist full version or with a 2-finger grip hole or for whole hand. This pull handle is produced from massive brass, for maximal selection is available in 12 surface finishes and 5 different lengths. もっと見る
pull handle YES!

プロジェクト • にM&Tホテル


KEBIN is a mobile container measuring 2.6×7 m with a height of 2.78 m and works on the OFFGRID principle. It is therefore self-sustaining and without the need for connection to utilities. The authors of the project, architect Jan Bek and builder Stanislav Líkař designed the container to be as comfortable as possible, to have a practical use and to blend in with its surroundings.   Further specifics of the container are given in the instruction manual. Opening the windows, flipping up the small terrace, opening the roof or closing the door to the bathroom and toilet timelessly - the resident has to learn how to operate the container in order to use it to its full potential, thus creating living through play.   The... もっと見る

製品情報 • にM&TMinimal 2.0

Minimal 2.0

MINIMAL 2.0 WC Integrated▪️minimalist maximalism▪️integrated system for seamless (un)locking▪️hidden keyhole in case of an emergency Minimal 2.0 WC Integrated The comfort WC locking system and the hidden emergency opening at the same time are integrated in an impressive package with clockwork precision and style. The handle is designed and constructed with an invisible flush rosette, interchangeable operating/locking segment, manufactured in massive brass, with a choice of 10 finishes & colours, guaranteed for 3-15 years depending on the type of design and finish chosen, with quality M 2011 mechanics, for use on interior and exterior doors. Minimal 2.0 softly follows M&T's most popular hardware collection - the Minimal/Maximal s... もっと見る

製品情報 • にM&TJameson


DOOR HANDLE JAMESONNRz stainless steel - brushed  Stainless steel handle with a choice of 3 surfaces, with a guarantee of 3-15 years depending on the design, with a quality and modern mechanics M 2018 used for interiors and exteriors. Thickness just 5 mm predisposes magnetic rosettes to combine with various design collections of M&T door handles. Magnetic rosettes construction allows mounting of door handles in flat or fully recessed variants. もっと見る

製品情報 • にM&TMinimal


DOOR HANDLE MINIMAL Reddot winner 2013! The fitting Minimal is designed and constructed with an invisible flowing rosette, made of massive brass, with a choice of 9 colours & surfaces, with a wide range of complementary products at the same design and colours used for all types of doors and windows, guaranteed by 3-15 years depending on the type design, with a quality mechanics M 2011 used for the interior and exterior doors, with a wide range of inserted fillings made of metal, effect "glass", leather and wood.News - natural brass with a lifetime guarantee. もっと見る



TiN-K titanium black mattDesign: Roman UlichA stainless steel handle with a choise of 5 surface finishes & colours, with a guarantee from 8 till 15 years, by type of surface. With a magnetic rosettes system, the quality mechanics M 2018, using for interior and exterior doors. もっと見る

製品情報 • にM&TRocksor


Design: Stanislav FialaA massive brass handle with a choise of 5 surface finishes, with 15 years guarantee for titanium surface finishes, with a life time guarantee for brass surface finishes, with magnetic rosettes system, quality mechanics M 2018, with using for interior and exterior doors.   もっと見る

製品情報 • にM&TPull handle MIMOLIMIT

Pull handle MIMOLIMIT

TiN-K titanium black matt + teak woodDesign: Barbora ŠkorpilováWooden long pull handle with pleasant grip ergonomics with metal inner construction of the modular system for delivery in various lengths up to 2400 mm.The metal part is produced from massive brass, for maximal selection is available in 7 surface finishes. The wooden part is available in 5 different woods. もっと見る

製品情報 • にBellevue ArchitecturalSpace Door Handle

Space Door Handle

The Time and Space handles follow the strict geometry of a parallelepiped. Composed of metal bars with a square or rectangular section, their parts are assembled according to elementary schemes of juxtaposition. The resulting aesthetics are simple and Euclidean, almost like a construction set. もっと見る

製品情報 • にBellevue ArchitecturalSky Door Handle

Sky Door Handle

This model originates in the idea to take apart the volume of the handle into flat elements that are then intersected in an intriguing way according to a geometrically complex and aesthetically interesting image.  もっと見る

製品情報 • にHamilton SinklerP&I Series

P&I Series

 A series of modern hardware that is substantial and makes a statement on tall doors, this collection was designed in collaboration with renowned firm Pembrooke & Ives. It includes a cabinet pull, lever designs, and flush pulls that represent the peak of modern luxury in custom hardware. This series can be made in any finish desired. もっと見る