Espoo masterplan

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ニュースニュース • 8 Aug 2023

Espoo House municipal building design features a distinctive form and ambitious use of wood

To be constructed in the Finnish city of Espoo, Espoo House is an ambitious 24,000 m2 municipal building project designed to serve decision-makers, city employees, and residents. The scheme, which results from a competition-winning entry from Danish architecture studio Cobe and Finnish Lundén Architecture Company, forms part of a larger masterplan as one of five major urban centres proposed for Espoo and stands out for its distinctive form and ambitious use of wood.  Cobe and Lunden Architecture Company Extending from north to south across train tracks, the project offers a foundation for unifying strongly divided sides of the city. Taking into account its surroundings, the form of the building is made up of a series o... もっと見る