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Mercer Island Cabinetry

This exquisite full-house remodel merges a feature-heavy addition with a reimagined floor plan to create an expansive main home and a stunning accessory dwelling unit (ADU). Focused on functionality, designers at Model Remodel added hundreds of square feet of new living space, a full-remodeled ADU, a new kitchen, an attached garage, two new bedrooms, and so much more. Just minutes from Seattle, this sustainable Mercer Island remodel is a dream home made real. The fully remodeled kitchen stands out as the centerpiece of the main living area, while the dining room exudes sophistication with its built-in cabinets and wrap-around countertop that seamlessly connect the spaces. The beautiful new walnut cabinets are adorned with the Banker Wire S... もっと見る

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Ilona Rose House

Ilona Rose House is a dynamic mixed-use development crafted by Soho Estates, offering a blend of office spaces, retail outlets along Charing Cross Road, and an inviting public courtyard adorned with restaurant and bar amenities. Banker Wire With a vision to imbue every corner of the building with warmth, vibrancy, and a reflection of the tenants' brand essence, meticulous attention was paid to renovating spaces that would welcome visitors and showcase the quality and dynamics of the offerings. At the heart of this endeavor lies the reception area – a pivotal space that sets the tone for the entire building, serving as a stage where impressions are formed and experiences begin. Banker Wire Intended to make a striking first... もっと見る

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Saudi Arabia Residential Basement

When it comes to home design, basements often present unique challenges. They can be dark, cramped, and sometimes overlooked. However, basements can transform into functional and inviting spaces with creativity and the right materials. The family in this residence expressed a safety concern for their children and needed a solution for their staircase. The goal for this Saudi Arabian home was to create a solution that addressed safety concerns and added a touch of modernity to the basement. The inspiration for using the Banker Wire S-40 woven wire mesh lies in its versatility and visual appeal. Here’s how it aligns with the theme of the area: Modern Design: Wire mesh is inherently contemporary. Its clean lines and geometric patterns... もっと見る

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Playpod Sanctuary / The Bloomsway

“Our muse came in the form of art, specifically, the celebrated post-impressionistic works of French artist, Paul Cézanne. His paintings of Provence formed the basis of our narrative, reflecting the calming greenery and tranquil mountainous landscapes of his homeland.” — Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, co-founder of Bean Buro Steven Ko “Through Cézanne’s art, we envisioned a design language that embodied elegance and playfulness—combining natural timber, green hues, curvaceous forms, and vertical elements inspired by trees.” — Lorène Faure, co-founder of Bean Buro Steven Ko The Brief: A Beacon of Wellbeing in Residential Design We were tasked with designing a h... もっと見る
Casa Mesura  by Buhoblanco Arquitectos with the Stromboli Light of Cerámica Mayor for the terrace and swimming pool
Casa Mesura  by Buhoblanco Arquitectos with the Stromboli Light of Cerámica Mayor for the terrace and swimming pool
Casa Mesura  by Buhoblanco Arquitectos with the Stromboli Light of Cerámica Mayor for the terrace and swimming pool
Casa Mesura  by Buhoblanco Arquitectos with the Stromboli Light of Cerámica Mayor for the terrace and swimming pool
Casa Mesura  by Buhoblanco Arquitectos with the Stromboli Light of Cerámica Mayor for the terrace and swimming pool

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Casa Mesura

Temperance and minimum expression to achieve a house with maximum functionality and efficiency. Casa Mesura is a single-family house on the ground floor, seeking maximum comfort and energy efficiency, in short, a comfortable house to enjoy. Caption Caption The neutral and silent façade, without wanting to be the protagonist of the neighbourhood, maintains the premise of the architectural studio Buhoblanco Arquitectos of maintaining a quiet, harmonious architecture that makes a town or city. An architecture that makes a city with the sum of many over individualities and outlandish designs. Caption Caption In the courtyard, a white gravel walkway together with the same paving tiles give personality to the entrance... もっと見る

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The Victoria Towers / Home Influencer

"Light-filled, minimalistic surfaces and subtle textures form the white-ish backdrop of an Instagram-able space for this dynamic family residence."  – Lorène Faure, co-founder of Bean Buro Bean Buro Home Influencer: A lifestyle-driven design for a fashionable family We designed an elegant residence for a dynamic family with young children in Hong Kong. We desired to create a minimal and natural 'Instagram-able' home that reflects the parents' fashion blogging, trendy and healthy lifestyles.  Bean Buro The materials palette is natural and simple, with tasteful luxurious accents of leather and metal details in the bespoke joinery. Light-filled, minimalistic surfaces and subtle textures form the white-is... もっと見る

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The Forest / OMA OMA

“Inspired by the story of a majestic tree in the heart of the residential development, we invented a forest of timber columns to organise the functional spaces of the sales gallery, and to create a meandering experience for the visitors’s journey.” - Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, co-founder of Bean Buro  Bean Buro “It makes us so happy to hear the positive feedback from the client team; that our design was so well received in terms of customer experience, colour scheme, efficiency and effectiveness of the design!” - Lorène Faure, co-founder of Bean Buro Bean Buro Bean Buro The Brief: A space to inspire Bean Buro was tasked with designing a 10,226sqft (950sqm) sales gallery, taking over a wh... もっと見る

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Hong Kong Garden / Theatre House

Mid-Levels, Hong Kong “Theatre House”   “This is a Live/Work/Play apartment for a family with children in the hilly Mid-Levels of Hong Kong. We created an elegant architectural setting which provides the flexibility that a contemporary family requires.” – Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, co-founder of Bean Buro   “Inspired by the idea of a ‘theatre set’, we created a continuous timber wall across the entire apartment with metal portals that opens up into the different internal worlds of each room. It also creates a prominent backdrop for the lounge and dining spaces.”   – Lorène Faure, co-founder of Bean Buro   The Brief: Live/Work/Play for a family in the c... もっと見る

製品情報 • にWall-Smart Ltd.Lutron Wall-Smart Flush mounts

Lutron Wall-Smart Flush mounts

The New Construction mounts are completely flush with the wall, paintable, serviceable and provide an absolute flush look that truly makes the device an integrated part of the wall.  The Retrofit mounts are for when you need a quick and easy solution for most surfaces. They come with a bezel that sticks out a few centimeters from the wall. The bezel comes in a black, white and unpainted version. Our Solid Surface mounts can be installed in wood, stone, and other solid materials. The installation requires a cnc router and access to the back of the board. All our solutions are made from moisture resistant MDF. もっと見る

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small living room design

Classy villa design that  opens up to a gorgeous inlay natural stone flooring, paving its  way to the home interior of French neoclassic style.  In this concept, our master interior designer opted for natural palette such as off white and subtle brown framework and complements it with bluish accent to empower a refreshing and cozy atmosphere in the hall and living room design.   Artistic mirror installation in the interior decoration added glamour to the room interior design and provide an optical illusion of space extension, making the room look bigger than it seems while at the same time breathes a sense of modernity in the home architecture.    Residential Interior Design by IONS DESIGN www.ionsdesign.... もっと見る
Our "traccia" marble divider from the "Muri di Pietra" collection in the ""PH-MC, private penthouse" residence by Grupoarquitectura.
Our "traccia" marble divider from the "Muri di Pietra" collection in the ""PH-MC, private penthouse" residence by Grupoarquitectura.
Our "traccia" marble divider from the "Muri di Pietra" collection in the ""PH-MC, private penthouse" residence by Grupoarquitectura.
Our "traccia" marble divider from the "Muri di Pietra" collection in the ""PH-MC, private penthouse" residence by Grupoarquitectura.
Our "palladio rv2" marble wall covering from the "Le Pietre Incise" collection in a private residence by FTF Interior

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Residential projects with our marble products

Residential designs where our natural stone wall coverings, floorings or dividers were specified.In these projects, our marble and stone coverings and dividers were used to finish spaces with nature and innovation. Indee, our models are the result of a balanced mix of natural stone, a cutting-edge technology and refined textures that fit in in different décor styles. We selected a range of residential projects to show how our models may be easily applied to different spaces and design concepts, adding that final wow factor. もっと見る

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7:37' House & Studio

Project Name:   7:37' House & Studio Category:   Interior Design Completion Date:   June 02, 2015 Project Area:   122 m2    Country :   Iran Company Name: AshariArchitects Design : AmirHossein Ashari Design co - worker : Zahra Jafari - Mostafa Yektarzade Construction: Saeed Jamali - Nima Asadi - Aida Bazoobandi 3D modeling : Mostafa Yektarzade - saleh banisefat Photography: Aida Bazoobandi - Zahra Jafari Accessory : Sahar Gharaei   A different house for a different family The approach for this project was initially started from the time when a family from the U.A.E was willing to spend their holiday by purchasing a property in Shi... もっと見る

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Pô kitchen by JOA

A kitchen by JOA is something never seen. While most part of the today's kitchen design are based on standard dimensions modules, we, at JOA, created a style without restrictions, making it easier to take opportunity of the entire space to create the kitchen of your dreams. The Pô style consists of wooden blocks covered by a skin made of steel or wood. in this skin, we cut all the storage space, alcoves, doors etc...On top of that, we propose large curved doors, playing with the perspectives and hiding really large storage space where everything is available easily. Contact us and discover th epossibilities offered by your space. もっと見る

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45m2 Home

The goal of this project was to transform an existing storage on the roof of a residential apartment to a livable place. Considering the fact that existing space was very limited, design team initial concept was to incorporate all the residential required spaces in such a small space. Unlike the typical process of dividing the space into various spaces, and each space for one specific activity, 45 sqm. home offers one single space which changes constantly based on different functions and activities. The initial area of the project was 30 sqm in order to increase the space, we expanded the space toward the south edge of the building to achieve a 45 sqm. space and also a better exterior view. At the additional space, the roof was moved one me... もっと見る

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Minimalistic Home Interior Designers Kochi, Kerala

This home design at Kochi, Kerala is a perfect example of a minimalist interior decor by Monnaie Architects and Interiors. The simple and bold furniture against the off-white background creates a cozy and inviting interior spaces. もっと見る