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Cultural Area "Hahnekiez"

DIA has renovated and converted the former Auerhahn brewery in Schlitz near Fulda (Hessen), giving it a new lease of life. The listed overall site with a floor space of 800 square metres is a testimony to past industrial architecture and had not been in use since 1998. The cultural centre that has been created offers a flexibly usable events hall on the ground floor, an exhibition space in the vaulted cellar and room for a tourism office and municipal marketing. Martin Baitinger Martin Baitinger The Auerhahn brewery has experienced an impressive transformation during the revitalisation phase of around two years. Apart from extensive renovation and refurbishment in accordance with heritage protection and fire safety regulations, D... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にMRD Arquitectos民家


With a site of moderately marked topography, this house adapts and permeates very well with its context. It was conceptualized under the premise of seeking a single level in the majority of the house, making it a discreet and private project. It moves in a square shape in such a way that we prioritize the view and green areas for social areas and we propose a body for the bedrooms that generates privacy and is oriented towards the South. Both elements are subtly isolated by a common patio. Arturo Arrieta Arturo Arrieta Under this criterion we contain the public spaces and green areas and organically the composition functions as a division between the other houses. The architecture in the social area presents a modular system of r... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にKAON line民家

White Echo

The name ‘White Echo’ embodies the essence of the residence, symbolizing the pristine white hue of the house and the incorporation of glass elements that evoke a captivating interplay of light and shadows. KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line Just as an echo reverberates and amplifies sound, ‘White Echo’ resonates as a harmonious fusion of modern architectural design and the serenity of nature’s beauty. KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line This title paints a picture of a sanctuary where... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にKAON lineアパート

“Wave Studio” Airbnb

“Wave Studio” Airbnb Drawing inspiration from the gentle waves of the lake and the serenity of nature, “Wave Studio” stands as a distinctive gem in the urban landscape, crafted to evoke a profound sense of tranquility and aesthetic allure. Step inside to be welcomed by soft, inviting lighting and a captivating blend of Patagonia marble and walnut accents that guide you towards an exceptional experience. KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line KAON line Through the expansive windows, behold the mesmerizing beauty of nature unfolding before you, seamlessly bridging the gap between city life and the natural world. The meticulously curated interior environment radiates a sense of warmth and har... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にDeMachinasアパート

Three Object Apartment

The renovation of the first floor flat of this modernist building upgrades the interior space to an up-to-date apartment, whilst also being a study on unfinished architecture. On this project, together with the clients, we explored and experimented with an aesthetic fully tailored to the existing qualities of the site, as acquired.  Vassilis Makris Located in a highly residential area, the building has been designed following modernist architectural principles. It was originally split in three different properties, one per floor, with the common area of Pilotis on the ground floor. The building had been barely appealing to developers or private owners and was left abandoned for the past thirty years. The family who bought the fir... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にSHERPA展示室


With the slogan of filling beauty with emptiness, Pyeongangyul Cosmetics is an herbal skin care brand that minimizes artificial ingredients and seeks the natural healthy beauty of the skin with ingredients from nature.  The Pyeonggangryul flagship store located in Bukchon, Seoul, wanted to convey the healthy beauty of Pyeonggangryul by containing elements of Korean tradition and interpreting them in a modern way.  IN AND OUT STUIDO First, by making the road to the wall longer, the brand's immersion through architectural walks is encouraged. The stepping stones in the driveway cut the existing yard into small pieces, making use of the value of reuse.  IN AND OUT STUIDO The external façade expresses the value... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にBernd Gruber民家

Family home Kitzbühel

Clear view of the esentials The detached house in Kitzbühel is an extraordinary and very personal home that impresses with its location and holistic concept. It offers a breathtaking view of the famous Streif and was designed with the highest design standards. The house is located on a hillside and extends over several floors. It offers spacious living rooms, an extensive indoor wellness area and an outdoor pool, lovingly designed children's rooms and private studios that make undisturbed and creative work possible. A true family home offering impressive panoramic views of the surrounding area. Alexander van Berge Alexander van Berge Alexander van Berge Alexander van Berge DURATIONFebruary 2021 – May 2023LEI... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にBernd Gruber民家

Villa Luxembourg

What began with a “Stübli” (a cosy parlour) for the new villa in Luxembourg became a holistic design concept. A truly distinctive space was created according to the vision of the design team who worked with the motif of the “Four Seasons”. Warm and cosy in autumn and winter, and minimalist in spring and summer, this building benefits all year round from the individually selected materials and design details specially developed for the project. There is a truly unique “Art de Vivre” that can be felt as soon as you step into the impressive entrance. Alexander van Berge Alexander van Berge Alexander van Berge DURATION             February 2019 - August 2021S... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にTodot Architects and Partners住宅

Round Roofs Residence

Round Sky and Angular Ground The phrase, “The sky is round and the ground is angular.” is an old-saying found in the Chinese astronomic book, Zhou bi suan jing. Ancient Fareast Asians acknowledged the boundary between the sky and buildings as curves. For that reason, traditional Korean buildings have distinctively curved roof lines. We took a philosophical approach in terms of designing building rather than the curved form itself. KSPNC KSPNC Jinbo Choi Jinbo Choi Filling the Triangular Site The shape of the site is unusually triangular which dissects a road that meets its one sharp corner. Sitting right in front of the Mungyeong City Hall and the Mojeon Park, the site open to outdoor spaces in the neighbo... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にuti民家

Extension colonel fabien

The project involves renovating and restructuring the ground floor of a family home in Montreuil. Set in a dense suburban environment, the facades of the extension are deliberately understated. It features a galvanised steel gate and light-coloured coating to blend in with its surroundings. uti architectes uti architectes uti architectes uti architectes Built on a strip-shaped plot, the extension is divided into three different levels to break up the length of the house. The entrance is the plinth that leads to the existing living room and study on the middle level, and then to the bedroom at the top, from which you can see the garden at the other end of the house uti architectes uti architectes uti archite... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にstudiomovementレストラン

teppanyaki '伝心'

“tepanyaki wholeheartedly,” which means conveying one’s whole heart, was used to aesthetically solve the space based on the slogan. It was a stimulating scene for us as well due to the use of strong, somewhat challenging colors. The design was designed taking into account the finishing materials that were being used for the first time and perspectives on the space from various angles. studiomovement studiomovement studiomovement The space, which may seem somewhat monotonous, was designed with fun fabric and colored glass, serving as an element to bring out the unique feel of izakaya. I ordered it. In addition, the entrance located at the front was boldly moved to the side, and the strong impact of the front... もっと見る

製品情報 • にLaminam S.p.A.Gemini Acero

Gemini Acero

Acero is the brightest, most sophisticated, yet at the same time most delicate shade of the Gemini collection. Acero is the brightest, most sophisticated, yet at the same time most delicate shade of the Gemini collection, which captures a palette of intense and captivating colors on its surface. Each leaf becomes a little soft red work of art, marking the passage of time through the seasons, nature’s eternal dance. This tone, rich and vibrant, transfers the inspiration of the natural elements from which it originates to room finishes and furniture projects, inviting designers to play with unusual color combinations, ranging from the red of Acero to the blue-gray of Cielo.  The surface effect, achieved in a thickness of just 2 m... もっと見る


The S Wall House

An aging structure, part cement and part timber, over fifty years old, stands on a modest plot of land, spanning approximately 200 square meters, nestled within Bangkok’s Lat Phrao 1 Alley Lane 15. Long neglected, this house bore witness to a tragic event—the untimely demise of the owner’s father, which prompted the family to vacate. Filled with remorse at the sight of the abandoned dwelling, the owner embarked on a mission to revive its spirit and breathe new life into its weathered frame. Witsawarut Kekina Witsawarut Kekina Tasked with the challenge of transforming the house within budgetary constraints, the architect was urged to renovate rather than rebuild. The vision was to infuse contemporary flair into t... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にSidney Quintela Architecture + Urban Planningレストラン

SULT Cascais

The Sult Cascais restaurant, caressed by the sea breeze in the charming village of Cascais, near Praia da Ribeira, is a gastronomic refuge that transcends expectations. Here, the true essence of Italian cuisine intertwines with a carefully crafted atmosphere, evoking the classics of Italy. This project is a fusion of tradition and innovation, where every detail has been planned to weave an engaging and sophisticated environment, inviting customers to indulge in a truly memorable gastronomic experience. Joás Souza Joás Souza Joás Souza Upon entering the doors of Sult Cascais, customers immerse themselves in an environment that exudes elegance. A palette of colors that blends vibrant tones with natural mat... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にJMAD住宅

Winery Estate

Our Tuscany Lodge style home is composed with natural materials that give a sense of permanence and age – blending right in with a good aged bottle of wine. It's fitting, since the home is situated on a Winery Estate.  Spacecrafting Photography Spacecrafting Photography Spacecrafting Photography Spacecrafting Photography Spacecrafting Photography Spacecrafting Photography Spacecrafting Photography Spacecrafting Photography Spacecrafting Photography Spacecrafting Photography One-of-a-kind timber work defines the entrance and interior. These lodge-like qualities include a great Grand Hall with natural light streaming in from both sides, extending past the fireplace through to libra... もっと見る