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プロジェクト • にHONGDesignworks事務所

ECCO China Headquarters

From Xi'an to Shanghai, HONG Designworks has always followed the philosophy of ECCO,“lasting,nature and rhythm”. From design to material selection, designers fully expressed the possibility of harmonious coexistence with nature and created a modern office in Shanghai for ECCO that adheres to sustainability, comfort, nature and relaxation. Tan Xiao The arch element of the Shanghai classic building is applied in the elevator lobby, the arches are used to guide the movement lines, and the interlocking lines create a three-dimensional effect. Tan Xiao The ECCO Forest is a rainforest-like space behind the reception desk made up of iridescent glass and greenery, and the special leather reception desk uses the leather innov... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にACE DESIGN民家

Shenzhen Lakeside Villa

This 6-storey townhouse is located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, surrounded by lakes and dense forests. It enables owners to take a journey to Shenzhen Bay and the South China Sea right from their front door. Ao Xiang Drawing on various artworks of both Chinese and foreign masters of art, the designers mix Eastern elegance or Western aesthetics, Chinese charm or French classics, colourful ink or black and white minimalism, to infuse the space with different artistic spirits, making the space not only skillfully crafted but also rhythmical. Ao Xiang The butterfly art installation is motivated by artist Zhou Li's "Metamorphosis," which uses traditional weaving techniques to produce flexible wire in a form that is light and dynami... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にEngel Architecten民家

Hidden among the greenery

In harmony with the surroundingsOn a beautiful plot, surrounded by tall trees, this contemporary bungalow fulfilled the dreams of the new residents. The serene environment in which the house is situated exudes a certain calmness. The main principal of the design was to let the house embrace this serenity and to not overwhelm the environment in both design and materialization. The house consists of four volumes of different heights that are strategically placed on the plot and form a harmonious composition. The volumes, each with its own function, are positioned around a patio that forms the heart of the house. The house is positioned somewhat higher than the surrounding landscape and the plinth has been set back slightly. As a result, the... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にGreater Dog Architectsお店

LEDING Bespoke

THE TRACE LEDING MENSWEAR BESPOKE DESIGN Design by Greater Dog Architects “Traces are invisible. They perceive the flow of time through objects.” - Greater Dog The designer, Jin Xin and Red Hu who founded Greater Dog Architects, was invited to visit the suit production studio and see the process of hand-making suit before they started LEDING Bespoke space design project. It was fascinated to see different fabrics, plate-making, tailoring, even old sewing machines and ironing tools. Therefore, designers brought primitive tools and machines back to space as the beginning of narrative. It is also hoped that people can not only see all goods, but reading the traces left in the production process. Rachel Wu & Red Hu... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にGreater Dog Architectsお店

BRLOOTE Menswear Flagship

A BLACK SQUARE ON WHITE “Squares remove their materiality and merge into infinity. All that remains is the indistinct trace of its appearance” - Kazimir Malevich Kazimir Malevich, painted the famous 《A Black Square on White》 in 1913. And he believes that supremacist painting is the spiritual and pure form of art, the purest example is sketch a square by pencil. Rachel WU It is rare to see colours except black, white and grey in the Brloote menswear. The brand occasionally uses blue and purple, but in a tiny proportion. The comfort, quality and detail are the main features of their fabric and materials. It seems that in the original intention of research and development of clothes, client prefer to make this brand in a si... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にGreater Dog Architects展示室

EDI.Z SH Fashion Week Show Space

“Death is not the loss of life, but out of time.” - Hua YU 「 Space and Time 」 In the process of exploring the meaning of life and death, the description of literature undoubtedly provides people with a perspective and path. Words are supposed to heal the memory of the past. Life in a moment of time still has not disappeared, it carry to another space, into the eternal. Shanghai Fashion week 「 ???????????????????????????????? 」 The new season of London men's wear brand EDI. Z LINGFENG is inspired by an Oscar winning work in Japan. The film is about an interesting but weird story, a world where people and ghosts coexist. Designer Mr Lingfeng Zhu apply funny taste of colors and structures to express mutual trust an... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にGreater Dog Architectsお店


Inside of é é é is a place where gathering consumers, R&D teams, designers, technicians, and machine operators. Different roles are appearing inside because of various spatial function needs of BSH bedding brand. While the relationship between them changes here, the relationship between the factory and the headquarters building is also changing quietly. Qingwei Meng,Yilun Xie The main building called BSH headquarters project designed by Greater Dog Architects is a comprehensive functional building integrating retail space, office, restaurant, R&D and production, and tourism factory. It exists in the way of an open public building, as compared to a closed factory or office building. Tourism factory and ret... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にRobert Majkut Design事務所

Media Business Centre Building in Warsaw.

Following our investor invitation we have challenged our team to analyze and deliver the redesign concept of the main lobby in an office building designed in the 1990s by Wejchert Architects.⁠ Caption The essence of the change to existing  rather empty and underused internal atrium was to create it as a lively and active element of the ecosystem, offering space for several scenarios – from quick coffees and meetings to a moment of respite and quiet work beyond the office desks. Caption So we opened the building inwards, created spaces for collaboration with external visitors, created small islands for meeting and relaxation, gave it an infill and multi-level cascade. The revitalisation of the building was intended to... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にBezmirno事務所

Lipsky Office Space

Several years ago, our team was lucky enough to participate in the development and design of an office center in the city of Kyiv, in the heart of the capital, on Kruhlouuniversytetska Street, in a historic building. The customers requested the renovation of the architectural monument. Caption A modern office center is a hub, where different areas of activity coexist under one roof. And the interior of the office center should adjust to everyone’s needs and easily set a tone. Caption The main concept of the project design was to create a space that would look as a single whole despite the diversity of tenants. Caption Working on the project turned out to be quite painstaking, many design agencies were involved as the... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にstudio na展示室

Ink Gallery Tattoo Studio

Our client sought to create a space that would mix a working tattoo studio with an art gallery where a large number of tattoo artists could come together and create unique artworks in a professional setting. Dev Lyon Dev Lyon Dev Lyon Dev Lyon Dev Lyon We wanted to take advantage of the double height space, and created two levels where the lower level would work somewhat as a co-working area and the upper loft would house a lounge and work stations that could overlook the lower levels. This allowed for a very dynamic feel to the space while still feeling like an open art gallery. Dev Lyon Dev Lyon Dev Lyon もっと見る

プロジェクト • にAnna Maria Sokolowska Interior Design民家


The project consisted of the conversion of an existing farm building dating from 1940. The farm building with a living room was located on a plot surrounded by greenery and old fruit trees in Rumia, in the Szmelta district, which is a remnant of a former village.The current form of the building and the finishing of the façade with black tan board is a reference to the old wooden barns, of which there are still several preserved in the area. Respect for the history of the site initiated analysis, collecting photographs and archive maps of the area in order to create a building that would be a link between the tradition and the present day. https://www.fotomohito.eu/ Once you have a clear outline into which you fit new functions... もっと見る

製品情報 • にArticolo LightingOvolo Pendant

Ovolo Pendant

Ovolo is a sculptural form that typifies the artistry of Articolo’s design philosophy. Its organic shape conceals a custom light source; a handcrafted disc encased in brass that floats with weightlessness behind a striking glass form, mouth-blown in Murano, Italy. Articolo’s signature brass suspension is superbly crafted with a bespoke lock and key detail. もっと見る

プロジェクト • にTURTLE Architects民家

Dolmenic House

TECTONIC ARCHITECTURE: Architecture, Starting from the site Just as salmon must return to the place where they were born, humans have a disposition to return to the place where they were born. It is a slow inertia that spans about 90 years of life. The client was born on this very site in Goseong, Gyeongsangnam-do, and spent his childhood here. The client worked in Seoul, and lived here for the rest of his life, and after his parents passed away, he commissioned us to design a house preparing for life after retirement. Considering that the site has been handed down over eight generations, we focused on site analysis before the design. © Lee Gangseok In the site, there were Korean traditional wooden house where client’s anc... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にSBSA | Sandri Barbara Smaniotto Andrea Architetti民家

mountain lodge S. Stefano

CONCEPT The refurbishment project transforms the existing building in a holiday home for a family that love mountains. The recovery of this building called tabià (once used as stable and barn) becomes an opportunity for reinventing, in a contemporary way, a building strongly linked to local agricultural tradition. Inserted in a sloping plot, in second lane with respect to the roadside and the buildings facing it, the tabià develops into 3 levels: one partially underground with a mixed structure in stone and concrete; an intermediate one with a structure in wooden pillars and beams, where there is also the main entrance; and an attic projecting cantilevered on all four sides. In order to respect the character of the property,... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にNSSN住宅

MAS House

The idea of the project appeared rather suddenly and clearly, looking for an unconventional and yet budget approach in solving the space of the ground floor of the private house. The tasks were three: things should be simple and readable, in addition the result should be unconventional and outstanding while the budget should be kept relatively  modest. The somewhat intuitive decision resulted in the creation of a neutral environment -" scenography" in which the various actors - namely the functional areas - have their own specific vision and imprint. nssn Thus the solution of a gray box was a natural outcome- polishing the concrete floor, preserving the concrete slab of the ceiling and painting the brick walls in light gray. The... もっと見る