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Taryan Towers

The concept of endowing a modern residential complex with philosophy and values ​​is already becoming traditional. And to convey this, light is one of the key points. At Taryan Towers , the main idea is futuristic; these are actual future towers.It is very cool and exciting to be in the team of such a bold client as Taryan Group and the incredible architectural team ZIKZAK Architects . Expolight In addition to the media illumination of the facade (which is a complex project in which we developed not only the light but also the structure since there were no ready-made solutions for it), our team developed an innovative design project for lighting the hall and corridors. Expolight The main feature of the hall is a media art instal... もっと見る

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Chandelier B14 Unit.City

Our glassblowing brand Optical Metaphor won its first and IMMEDIATELY top award: LIGHTING PRODUCT DESIGN OF THE YEAR for the chandelier in the B14 campus lobby at UNIT.City. It was an exciting and valuable experience working with the talented Viktoriya Yakusha and her Yakusha Studio team, who designed this chandelier and the interior of the hall. We thought out the architectural and lighting design, and the chandelier was designed according to their sketches. I congratulate my colleagues on our joint victory! Unit.City is a city of innovation, which can safely be called the Ukrainian analog of Silicon Valley, which is characterized by a significant density of high-tech companies. It is symbolic that we received the good news about the vic... もっと見る

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Lobby of Event Hall in Emily Resort

This project is a record for us regarding the complexity and number of lighting elements - super narrow spots, narrow and sliding beams, static illumination of the back wall with changing colors, and projection media content. A complex multi-component system transforms the event hall for various events: art exhibitions, lectures, conferences and presentations, festive events, and concerts. Caption In lobby of event-hall, we have embodied a cozy light with our already business card - different modes for different times of the day, which are automatically programmed, regulated, and adjusted by our cloud server Expolight Cloud Control System. Caption Just look at this wall with elements that resemble eggshells! It was important to... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にQPROアパート


The apartment is located in a building built in 1928 which was a revenue house in past in the historical part of Moscow near the Boulevard Ring.The main task in this project for the architect Maria Kataryan was to create an interior where you can feel the spirit of an old Moscow flat in accordance with the lifestyle of a young couple who loves to host guests, arrange dinner parties and movie nights. Photo: Sergey Ananiev The functional tasks of the space were solved thanks to the enfilade layout, and the atmosphere of antiquity was formed by characteristic details and materials, such as cornices, plinths, marble windowsills, doorway trims, tiles in the bathroom and kitchen. There are modern technical solutions helping to make the livi... もっと見る

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City Oasis Apartment

Located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh city, an old building has been transformed into CITY OASIS: an ensemble of 27 rooms of a serviced apartment that are different in size (24 - 45 m2).  Since Ho Chi Minh city is the largest metropolis in Vietnam, pollution, in general, is inevitable. It is not hard to notice the light dome hanging above the city. The high density of population, transportation, and modern buildings trap the city lights, which then results in light pollution. Also, urbanization makes green and calm spaces rare to find in the city.  Such a crowded, lack-of-shade, and light-polluted city can cause bad effects on the well-being of hard-working Saigonese who barely have enough time to take a vacation to somewhere furt... もっと見る

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Pure 20 | black

Minimalist pendant with a nordic style available in 3 finishes. Also available in floor and wall versions. もっと見る

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Centrsvet is a part of a new project by METHOD architectural group – Barrett boutique at Modnyy Sezon Mall in Okhotny Ryad. Barrett has been one of the most famous luxury footwear brands for a century.  Caption Caption CANYON system is used in this project. Specially designed recessed track allows to hide the case of the fixture entirely, and it also hides technical elements like A/C grills, speakers, cameras and fire alarms. It is especially important in a boutique space where aesthetics is in the forefront. Architects used INFINITY system to illuminate the outside shop window. Track fixtures provide targeted directional lighting, which allowed to place lighting accents accurately. Caption Caption もっと見る
Uw - Museu da Língua Portuguesa
Uw - Museu da Língua Portuguesa
Sys45 - Museu da Língua Portuguesa
Museu da Língua Portuguesa

プロジェクト • にO/M Light博物館

Museu da Língua Portuguesa

Museu da Lingua Portuguesa is an interactive museum about the Portuguese language located in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. In 2015, the museum was partially destroyed by fire. After several years of intervention the museum opened again to the public in 2021. O/M is proudly part of this project with the supply of numerous products chosen to the different areas according to its functions.    Lighting Design: Fernanda Carvalho, Paula Carnelos Caption Caption もっと見る

プロジェクト • にCeilume教会

Blue Ridge Community Church Renovation

The stage design team of Blue Ridge Community Church in Forest, VA is always looking for new ideas, particularly materials that work well with light. A group of volunteers with a flair for construction, they create innovative stage backdrops every 6-12 months under the leadership of Andrew Hunt, Elder and Technical Arts Pastor. One of the most successful was a luminous wall made of a translucent thermoformed ceiling panels. When one of the team members discovered Ceilume’s Transluminous panels online, an idea began to form: What if we hung translucent ceiling panels vertically, to form a wall lit from behind?   They found black T-bar ceiling suspension grid at a local supplier, and hung lengths of it vertically. The lightweight... もっと見る

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Residential complex "Life on Plyushchikha" is an elite residential complex in Khamovniki district. This is the first residential building in Russia who received a gold certificate from the LEED international environmental assessment system. The building is equipped with energy-efficient lighting and automatic heat regulation, as well as fine filtration systems for water and air, thanks to which residents receive spring water from the tap and breathe fresh air, free from dust and allergens. Another important element of the eco-project is the presence of a large green courtyard with fountains. Photo: Ivan Sorokin The neoclassical building with decor, white columns and balconies is located two kilometers from the Kremlin and reminds of t... もっと見る

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Quay West Hotel Lobby

Articolo's Double Ball Pendant and Double Ball Wall Sconce feature in the Quay West Hotel & Residential Tower refurbishment in Southbank. Nestled in the heart of Melbourne's arts precinct, the Quay West building refurbishment designed by CoLAB Studio draws cues from the iconic interiors of the neighbouring  Arts Centre and Hamer Hall. The interior juxtaposes purity of form and honesty of artisan craftsmanship to create a poignant design contribution to this special pocket of Melbourne's art and design soul. The Fizi collection is mesmerising with the explosion of bubbles suspended in champagne’sque effervescence. Breathtaking shadow play when Fizi is lit. Wall and ceiling jewellery for the home.  ​Photography... もっと見る

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Flinders Residence

Lavishly endowed with glowing Australian timber and limestone, this home has a robust but luxe materials palette "from the earth", says Abe McCarthy of Abe McCarthy Architects. Abe collaborated with interior designer Alice Villella of AV-ID, custom builders Gstruct Group and landscaper Barber Design to establish this warm, inviting family home embedded in open pastures on the Mornington Peninsula.WHAT WAS THE CLIENT’S BRIEF?Abe McCarthy: We had worked with our client, a couple with a growing family, on two prior residential renovations. The essence of the idea of a dream home for them, a new build on the Flinders site, was conceived some years ago. Work began on an initial concept in 2013 to a brief centred on the creation of a family... もっと見る

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NON  is a modern restaurant of Uzbek cuisine in Kharkiv, Ukraine.  Cotton is one of the historical symbols of Uzbekistan. That’s why we used it as a part of the design for individual pendant and table lamps, which have become a strong focus of the interior.  Lamps are hand-made with individual designs.  Cotton and glass are very tactile natural materials with diametrically different properties. We placed the cotton twigs in glass bulbs and integrated light into these bulbs. The softness and lightness of cotton create a harmonic contrast with transparent, hard, and smooth glass.  Each glass bulb has a unique shape and relief. The luminaire structure is made of craft glass and brass.  The shape of glass fla... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にArticolo Lighting民家

Annandale House

'Baldwin & Bagnall explore light and scale in the contemporary refresh of a renovated terrace in Sydney’s inner-western suburb of Annandale. Heath Baldwin & Hayden Bagnall are the names behind Baldwin & Bagnall, a Sydney-based multi-disciplinary design practice specialising in bespoke interiors. They were the ideal candidates for taking on the Annandale House; last renovated in the 1980s, lacking in access to natural light and an adequate floorplan. Approached by the client with a clear vision for a modern and comfortable interior, Baldwin & Bagnall needed to demolish the majority of the home and start from scratch. A tedious reshuffle to the home’s layout gave Baldwin & Bagnall the opportunity... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にmckimm民家

The Sussex House

A bold contemporary form and celebration of materiality, showcasing bricks, bluestone and porcelain - embodying the mass of a boulder, delicately floating within the shallows of a deep blue body of pool water, the weighted walls are softened by warm timbers and curves, all perceived through a biophilic line-of-sight. Timothy Kaye - For a family of 6, and large extended family, zones and spaces were designed around interactive family life, large gatherings and entertaining.   - Bold contemporary form and materiality, bricks and bluestone softened by curves. - Seamless flow and Biophilic line of sight connecting Indoor to outdoor garden spaces. - Water movement with surrounding shallows and pool, integrating fluid connection of... もっと見る