Rainscreen system

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プロジェクト • にBlack Rabbit民家

Plan Set | Yucca S

This modern vernacular style home is ideal for either a typical urban infill, suburban, or rural lot. The floor plan was intended to be flexible and can be used as either a main house for young couples or small families, or as a secondary dwelling unit for guests, in-law quarters, rental apartment, condo or townhome. Yucca S can be combined with Yucca L to create a primary and accessory dwelling unit compound on your existing site.   Thoughtfully designed building plan sets allow you to enjoy high-end custom design without the high-end custom fees and design times. Our pre-designed plans are ready to be adapted by your local team for pricing, permitting, and construction. もっと見る

製品情報 • にBendheimDecorative Glass Rainscreen Systems

Decorative Glass Rainscreen Systems

Bendheim Wall Systems’ rainscreens can dramatically change the appearance of an otherwise structurally sound building and preserve it for years to come. Installing decorative rainscreens over the existing façade is a far less costly process than traditional demolition, repair, and re-glazing of exterior skins. They can be installed without accessing the building interior, disrupting occupants, or interrupting normal building operations. There are multiple functional and aesthetic benefits to choosing Bendheim Wall Systems’ decorative glass rainscreens: from the ability to completely transform the appearance of a building through elegant decorative glass to ease of installation and maintenance. With a couple of simple actions, Bendheim... もっと見る