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プロジェクト • にAtelier Coevoパビリオン

A Pavilion for Peace

A Pavilion for Peace In recent times, with wars escalating worldwide,this pavilion aims to draw attention to Peace.Does this sound naive, simplistic, or even foolish?We fear that some may perceive it that way.   In this sense, this Pavilion aims to provoke through a theme that should not inherently be provocative. Indeed, we should never shy away from advocating for Peace. The Pavilion stands as a sanctuary for encounter and dialogue, fostering connections and understanding.   This idea is inspired by the project brief: Earthwork. Earth symbolizes life, yet it is often contested in conflicts since the dawn of humanity.   In contrast with this, the earth itself is designed to become the catalyst for new connections... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にRaum3 Architektenバー

Almhotel Oberhauser

The Almhotel Oberhauser with 10 high-quality rooms was developed from the existing Oberhauserhütte on the beautiful Rodenecker/Lüsner Alm. The existing building served as the basis for the new building; the continuation of the typical local building typologies, yet with a contemporary design, and the deliberate division of the building mass into smaller volumes, create a pleasant composition of volumes. Gustav Willeit Gustav Willeit Gustav Willeit These are integrated into the landscape, taking into account the existing topology of the terrain - the house grows with the landscape or grows out of it. The gabled roof, a typical element of rural construction, is used as a landmark in the landscape and makes the ensemb... もっと見る

製品情報 • にTejas BorjaSOLAR FLAT-5XL - perfectly integrated photovoltaic roof tile

SOLAR FLAT-5XL - perfectly integrated photovoltaic roof tile

SOLAR FLAT-5XL is a perfectly integrated photovoltaic roof tile. SOLAR FLAT-5XL ceramic roof tiles are the only large ceramic tiles with an integrated solar energy system. They are ideal for providing a reliable supply of solar energy. Thanks to the integration of the solar panel into the tile, the tiles provide all the benefits of a roof made from ceramic tiles in terms of watertightness, without any risk of deterioration or oxidation. The perfect integration is completed with the installation of the roof or facade using FLAT-5XL tiles and other ceramic accessories. Caption Caption   Caption   もっと見る

プロジェクト • にDietrich Untertrifaller大学

TUM School of Medicine and Health

Located in the park of the Bavarian capital, created for the 1972 Olympic games, the campus houses the Department of Sport and Health Sciences of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The slogan of the Olympic games, ›Light, freshness and generosity‹ represents also our design. The airy, pavilion-like spacious building made of wood and glass provides a clear layout for the various research, training and sports facilities. Its slender outline – 180 meters long and 150 meters wide – fits sensitively into the master plan of Behnisch & Partner. The 19 meter cantilever canopy is a unique wooden construction made of prefabricated box girder elements that can be assembled without the need for costly auxiliary scaf... もっと見る

ニュースニュース • 11 Feb 2022

Sou Fujimoto nestles House of Music inside Budapest City Park

The 9,000 m2 House of Music is nestled amongst the trees inside Budapest’s City Park. Sou Fujimoto wanted to design the museum as a continuation of the park. Liget Budapest - Palkó György A large undulating canopy, made out of 1,000 honeycomb-shaped elements, aims to blur the boundaries between museum and park. The canopy is covered with 30,000 decorative tree leaves and punctured with 100 crater-like holes. Some are punctured by trees and others allow for natural light to flood the interiors. Liget Budapest - Palkó György “We were enchanted by the multitude of trees in the City Park and inspired by the space created by them. Whilst the thick and rich canopy covers and protects its surroundi... もっと見る

製品情報 • にTejas BorjaTeja mixta TB-4 | Nature Vilaterra®

Teja mixta TB-4 | Nature Vilaterra®

TB-4® roof tile  is an exclusive one piece high profile S-interlocking roof tile design that combines the curved profile as a cover-pan result (curved roof tile effect) patented as waterproof assembly in vertical rows and horizontal courses. The effect of S-interlocking TB-4® roof tile on deck is 50 units per sq.m. curved roof tiles, with the installation of just over 12 tiles. Fits small deviations both false angle section as rounded decks without cuts, thanks to its lateral interlocking area. Vilaterra® finish - Its differential quality consists in keeping tradition and aesthetic in the landscape with new current construction, Vilaterra® finishing is the result of the perfect union between the three elements o... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にRigidized Metals Corporation大学

Sam Houston State University - Austin Hall

Rigidized® Metals’ InvariMatte® micro textured metal clads the roof of the Austin Hall at Sam Houston State University. InvariMatte® is an ideal choice for roofing applications due to its consistency, self-cleanability, and solar reflectivity. It is a very energy efficient texture, providing a clean, environmentally friendly surface. Benedetto Garacci, Garacci Photography Benedetto Garacci, Garacci Photography   もっと見る

プロジェクト • にRigidized Metals Corporationカジノ

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

Rigidized® Metals’ Contrarian Micro Textures make up the roof of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. A custom micro texture was used per special request in order to reduce glare and provide an aesthetic appeal to the uniquely-shaped building. This project was designed by Rockwell Group and fabricated and installed by Show Canada. Caption Caption   もっと見る

プロジェクト • にDietrich Untertrifaller民家

Lake House

The house on the lake refers to the local boat and fishing houses and follows the tradition of rural construction by the water. Lightness, a low, wide roof structure and a strong emphasis on the horizontal determine the design. The timber construction, predominantly from local woods, is elevated to protect it from flood. The wooden porch surrounding the house widens to a terrace at the lakeside, completely covered by the steep saddleback roof. The vertical timber formwork of the facades is untreated, with wide glazing allowing generous views into the surroundings. Bruno Klomfar Bruno Klomfar Bruno Klomfar Bruno Klomfar Bruno Klomfar Bruno Klomfar Bruno Klomfar Dietrich Untertrifaller Dietrich Unter... もっと見る

製品情報 • にElevateV-Gard Vapor Control Membrane

V-Gard Vapor Control Membrane

Get more control on the flow of energy Buildings need to be more energy-efficient, which is also driven by regulations. The roof is a large part of the total building envelope and has an important impact on the flow of energy. Vapor control membranes play a very important role in this. Elevate’s V-Gard Vapor Control Membrane is designed to be used as a vapor control layer in Elevate roofing systems. It consists of reinforced aluminum foil with self-adhesive bituminous backing, protected by a release film. The fiberglass reinforcement provides high strength to the membrane, which guarantees excellent mechanical performance.    Why choose Elevate’s V-Gard Vapor Control Membrane? V-Gard provides an excellent vapor ba... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にUA Lab (Urban Architectural Collaborative)民家

Gable House

General Information Project name: Gable House  Architecture Firm: UA Lab (Urban Architectural Collaborative) Founder / Principal Designer: Vipuja Parmar, Krishnakant Parmar Website: Contact e-mail: [email protected] Instagram: Facebook:   Additional credits Lead Architects: Vipuja Parmar, Krishnakant Parmar Design Team: Kruti Shah, Bageshri Thakar Write-up: Vipuja Parmar Furniture and Furnishing: Chandni Doshi Landscape: Sushma Sawant Structural Consultant: Casad Consultant  Site Engineer: Keyur Patel  Completion Year: 2020 Land size: 475 Sq Mt Gross Built Area: 387 Sq Mt Project location: Ahmedabad, India   Media Provider Pho... もっと見る

ニュースニュース • 11 Mar 2021

A large floating roof tops The House of Wisdom by Foster + Partners

The cantilevering roof sits on top of a glass box fitted with aluminium screens in differing densities. Both the cantilever and the screens work as shading in the warm Emirat climate. Movable bamboo screens provide shading and privacy at the lower levels. The House of Wisdom by Foster + Partners is a library and cultural center, located ten kilometers outside Sharjah city center. © Chris Goldstraw  “The straight, minimalist lines of the building complement the dunes of the desert, set within a lush landscape. The House of Wisdom is set to be an oasis for the local community, led by research and innovation, at the heart of a new cultural district.” Gerard Evenden, Head of Studio at Foster + Partners &c... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にElevateアパート

La Petite Halle

How do you imagine the residential neighborhood of the future? Design criteria aside, part of your answer is probably: it should be environmentally friendly. For La Petite Halle, a neighborhood of passive buildings near Luzarches, in France, the architect achieved energetic independence of buildings and efficient management of renewable resources by making the most of flat rooftop surfaces. Equer There are many ways of activating the fifth façade: from green and blue roofs to solar panels, a roof lends itself to a wide variety of sustainable solutions. Jean-Marc Porche, the architect behind La Petite Halle, implemented all of them for maximum ecological efficiency. Thanks to its characteristics, Elevate’s RubberGard EPDM... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にElevate倉庫

Royal De Ree Holland

Centuries ago, tulip bulbs were so precious that they were more expensive than houses. And while today the ‘tulip mania’ is nothing more but a historical anecdote, the delicate nature of flower bulbs still requires special growing and storing conditions. Royal de Ree Holland is a leading Dutch producer of flower bulbs whose giant industrial site in Lisserbroek needed a thorough roof makeover to ensure optimal interior conditions. The project also included fully embracing sustainability by going carbon-neutral and becoming energy-independent through the installation of a solar roof. © Holcim Solutions and Products Photovoltaic installations are an extremely efficient solution when it comes to introducing sources of ren... もっと見る

製品情報 • にElevateULTRAPLY™ TPO


WHY CHOOSE ULTRAPLY TPO?   Our commitment to deliver you a complete line of high-performing roofing solutions has resulted in the development of the Elevate UltraPly TPO membrane. But what does TPO stands for? Simple, Thermoplastic Polyolefin roofing membranes. They are among the fastest-growing commercial roofing products on the roofing market. And that’s no coincidence.   It is made from the incorporation of an ethylene-propylene rubber into a polypropylene matrix and produced with a polyester weft inserted reinforcement. This scrim-reinforced membrane combines the flexibility of rubber with the heat-weldability of a thermoplastic in a flexible sheet with excellent lay flat characteristics. Its success can therefore be... もっと見る