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プロジェクト • にStudio Arthur Casas住宅

AC House

“The atlantic forest represents Brazil – more than the sea, the beaches and bikinis, more than soccer, more than a carnaval picture. To me it is the best representation of the brazilian landscape. For its proportions, its shapes, its diversity. This house is inserted in the forest and the wood covering tries to mimic it in the landscape – as if it was possible. The transparency, more than any aesthetic value, aims to justify the human presence in this place. The shape is simple, symmetrical, easy, opposing to the entropic, messy profile that the nature around it proportionates.”                                       &n... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にStudio Arthur Casas民家


The two projects made by the Studio converged on the goal to match the magnitude of the space in which they are located and the elements that surround it. Fernando Guerra The first was the Pavilion with the leisure area, its program features a swimming pool, barbecue area, gourmet kitchen, wine cellar, games area, spa, massage room, and gym; all these spaces are distributed in a functional way on an open and connected plan, ideal for meetings, according to the client's brief - who is always receiving friends and family for celebrations. Fernando Guerra In addition to this demand, there was also the need to design a showroom to exhibit his horses to clients, so a large garden area was planned with details in its materiality that... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にStudio Arthur Casas民家

BD House

The starting point of the project of this residence, in São Paulo, was the cobogó inserted in its facade and designed by Arthur Casas. Fernando Guerra The three-dimensional format of the covering preserves the view of the house's interior and provides privacy for the residents, a young couple with two small children. The rebar wall with a hanging garden on the side of the lot was designed to support the growth of vegetation, creating a pleasant green divider between the street and the house. Fernando Guerra The façade, made of molded-in-place architectural concrete, has the window frames and the light fixtures embedded at the moment of concreting. Its pigmentation required several tests and proof bodies to r... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にStudio Arthur Casas住宅

LAB House

Conceived on a plot of land with sea view in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, this residence was planned so that it would seem to glide over the vegetation, positioning itself as a wide observatory of the ocean. Fernando Guerra Fernando Guerra To execute this idea, metal fins covered in wood were used, 4 meters high and supported by an "L" shaped metal structure, fixed to the concrete beams on the façade. In parallel, it was necessary to organize the program in a way that the bedrooms would be located on the lower floor, with large windows and balconies overlooking the forest. Arranged in two sub-levels, the first level accommodates the guest suite and office, while the second level was reserved for the other suites. Und... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にStudio Arthur Casasアパート

VN Ferreira Lobo

Located near the office towers of Faria Lima in Sao Paulo, this 16-storey building by Studio Arthur Casas has a wide variety of typologies, with 88 units between 25 and 100 square meters. The client wanted a building that would break with the paradigms of the city's real estate market, used to simplistic solutions of mere application of restrictive laws, when more in small units. The innovative plan, unprecedented exercise for Studio, was designed from a module of 1.25m x 1.25m, with the rationalization of vertical circulations and shafts. Three typologies were created, then mirrored and distributed according to the plan's possibilities in its narrow terrain. The result is similar to a combinatorial analysis game of six modules in five dist... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にStudio Arthur Casas住宅地の景観

NVD House

Placed in a land with a native forest surrounding it, the NVD house was designed in order to attend the wishes of a couple with three children: having a weekend residence for relaxing and leisure moments to the family. Located in the interior of São Paulo, the project consists on a dynamic mix of volumes, creating great spans and cantilevers. It is in these different volumes that the whole house’s program is distributed, taking advantage of the maximum integration between the ambiences and of the amplitude of the spaces.   The lower volume, lined with rustic granite and wall texture, accommodates the service, the sauna and the spa areas. Above it, the main and intermediate volume appears; this one corresponds to the grou... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にStudio Arthur Casasアパート

RS apartment

The RS Apartment is a project by Studio Arthur Casas that matches customer demand: surrounded by a 360º view of the Ipanema beach, it’s a place where the owner family could go to spend some seasons and receive their friends in Rio de Janeiro.   520m² floor plan was fully adapted so that most of the rooms - five suites, the integrated living, dining and home area and the service area - could all be located around the perimeter of the apartment. As the entrance is placed in the central portion of the plant, the rooms are distributed in a way to fill the outline, thus being placed on the facade - which offers a privileged sight.   A minimalist aesthetic prevails at the spaces - as well as a cozy, friendly and full... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にStudio Arthur Casasホテル

four seasons private residences

Joining the unique experience of a five-star hotel to all the comforts of a home, the hotel chain Four Seasons inaugurates its first Private Residences enterprise in South America with its interior design signed by Studio Arthur Casas. The 84 residential units are located on the last twelve floors of the Four Seasons Hotel & Private Residences São Paulo at Nações Unidas, a building designed by the US-based HKS Architects in partnership with the Brazilian Aflalo / Gasperini Architects.The Interior Design project reflects the classic elegance of the hotel brand without losing the identity of the Studio. Since the entrance through the Hall, following to the Lobby, then through the elevators area, reaching the common spaces and finally mult... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にStudio Arthur Casas民家

JY House

This vacation home in the interior of São Paulo was built for a family with two adult children. The project is divided into two main volumes, displaced from one another. The ground floor contains the entire social area, while the upper volume accommodates the more sheltered suites.The social area is fully integrated with the exterior, opening to the view of the golf course just ahead. In opposition, the side of the house facing the street is more closed, which guarantees privacy. The upper floor has three suites. The master suite has an antechamber of its own, which residents can use as an office and intimate living room. The upper floor also has a gym and a games room, both with completely independent access. On the ground floor, in additi... もっと見る

プロジェクト • にStudio Arthur Casas事務所

Bauman Corporate

Located in Jardins, a high-class neighborhood of São Paulo, the intervention in Jaú Building can be classified as a “retrofit”, or a requalification of its pre-existing structure. The original design dates back to 1965. Its was abandoned with just the structure and envelopment finished. Bauman, a construction company, bought the building and in 2012 proposed to Studio Arthur Casas a renovation of its facade and the interior completion, now adapted for a commercial use. The building has the ground floor, 16 typical floors and a rooftop terrace. The original layout remained almost the same, with only a few changes. The most drastic intervention was the addition of a new underground pavement (3, in total). Moreover, the toilets were brought ne... もっと見る