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Orega Tootal Building

In the heart of Manchester's bustling city center, Orega, a trailblazer in flexible workspace solutions, identified a growing demand for premium private offices. The Tootal Buildings, nestled in the vibrant Knowledge Corridor, presented a unique opportunity for Orega to craft a cutting-edge office environment tailored to the burgeoning market for spaces under 5,000 square feet. Banker Wire Revamping the existing structure was no small feat. It required a significant design overhaul to meet the modern expectations of flexible workspace users. The challenge was twofold: effectively utilizing space to cater to the demand for smaller workspaces while seamlessly integrating collaborative and private zones. Central to Orega's vision was en... もっと見る

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Owned by the Swedish State, the Rosenbad is a historic building located in central Stockholm, specifically in the Norrmalm precinct. The building was designed in 1902 by Art Nouveau architect Ferdinand Boberg. This building features ornate sculptural stonework characteristic of the Art Nouveau style. Its name, which translates "rosen bath" in Swedish, reflects the elegance and artistic flair that define this architectural period. Banker Wire Banker Wire The building underwent renovation in the autumn of 2018 and was completed in 2023 to merge the historic architecture with modern decor. In collaboration with the talented team at Ahrbom & Partner, Pahlfer played a crucial role in bringing this ambitious project to fruition. Ta... もっと見る

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Philadelphia Cricket Club

Founded in 1854, The Philadelphia Cricket Club is one of America’s foremost private, family-oriented, full-service country clubs. As the nation’s oldest country club, it boasts a rich heritage in athletics and is dedicated to providing its members, families, and friends with exceptional recreational and social experiences. Recently, the club collaborated with EwingCole and fabricator Boyertown Planing Mill on a master planning process aimed at enhancing its St. Martins campus. Banker Wire A key objective of the master plan was to elevate the dining experience at the St. Martins Club House, encourage social interaction among members, and expand the dining and bar seating capacity. To achieve a more relaxed and open floor pl... もっと見る

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Mercer Island Cabinetry

This exquisite full-house remodel merges a feature-heavy addition with a reimagined floor plan to create an expansive main home and a stunning accessory dwelling unit (ADU). Focused on functionality, designers at Model Remodel added hundreds of square feet of new living space, a full-remodeled ADU, a new kitchen, an attached garage, two new bedrooms, and so much more. Just minutes from Seattle, this sustainable Mercer Island remodel is a dream home made real. The fully remodeled kitchen stands out as the centerpiece of the main living area, while the dining room exudes sophistication with its built-in cabinets and wrap-around countertop that seamlessly connect the spaces. The beautiful new walnut cabinets are adorned with the Banker Wire S... もっと見る

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WD-570 - Welded Wire Mesh

The Banker Wire  WD-570  is a 2" square Architectural welded wire mesh specification. This simple square grid can be manufactured in a variety of alloys including: Stainless Steel, Plain Steel, Weathering Steel as well as a variety of secondary finishes. Banker Wire Banker Wire Banker Wire Banker Wire Banker Wire Banker Wire Banker Wire Banker Wire もっと見る

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Saudi Arabia Residential Basement

When it comes to home design, basements often present unique challenges. They can be dark, cramped, and sometimes overlooked. However, basements can transform into functional and inviting spaces with creativity and the right materials. The family in this residence expressed a safety concern for their children and needed a solution for their staircase. The goal for this Saudi Arabian home was to create a solution that addressed safety concerns and added a touch of modernity to the basement. The inspiration for using the Banker Wire S-40 woven wire mesh lies in its versatility and visual appeal. Here’s how it aligns with the theme of the area: Modern Design: Wire mesh is inherently contemporary. Its clean lines and geometric patterns... もっと見る

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Buffalo Wing Factory

Within Buffalo Wing Factory’s latest location in Leesburg, Virginia, the design team selected Banker Wire’s Delta 24RG balanced spiral weave pattern in stainless steel as a space divider behind the main hosting station. The scalable, flexible wire mesh is comprised of a spiral that is formed at a specific pitch and a crimped rod coinciding with the pitch to give the construction stability. The mesh is tensioned utilizing Banker Wire’s Round Thread flexible mesh mounting system, which leverages the strength of the mesh pattern. This tensioning process uses a rod inserted inside the spirals, while equally spaced eye bolts are placed at both the mesh’s top and bottom horizontal edges. The threads of the eye bolts are th... もっと見る

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Chilmark Cabinetry

Custom-made cabinets greatly impact a room’s total appearance and speak to the overall design and aesthetic. Renovating is an opportunity to ‘go bold’ and let the combination of metal and natural woods become a star design component. As you are defining your preferences for custom cabinetry, adding metal mesh will provide light reflectivity and a unique atmosphere.   While we have some clients who enjoy selecting unique colors and stains, there are a great many who prefer a more traditional look and feel for their cabinets. The Banker Wire M13Z-293 in a stainless steel finish complements the dark finish of the intricate woodwork. In addition, the woven wire mesh provides the ability to see the contents inside the ca... もっと見る

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Casa Brasileira

PSA ARQUITETURA SIGNS RESIDENTIAL PROJECT SUPPORTED BY 'Y' SHAPED PILLARS  With a design that pays homage to Brazilian modern architecture, the Casa Brasileira Itaim building seems to float 19 meters above the ground. Located in the heart of Itaim Bibi, in the city of São Paulo, the Casa Brasileira Itaim project was designed by the collective of architects from PSA Arquitetura as a tribute to the masters of Brazilian modern architecture. Supported by Y-shaped pillars - one of the project's technical differentials - it floats 19 meters above the ground.   Nelson Kon The high standard project, built with a slender concrete blade and a slightly rotated mezzanine, presents two main volumes: the building and the leisure... もっと見る

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Chapman Tripp

The Chapman Tripp office space is much more than just a commercial building. Inside and out, the structure is a pinnacle of inspiring design work. Situated in the heart of Wellington, this stunning workplace features a modern blend of private spaces and a flexible open floor plan supported by the latest technological advances. This rich environment contributes to the critical work completed by one of New Zealand’s largest and most successful law firms. With a refined aesthetic throughout, Archant, Banker Wires representative in New Zealand, provided wire mesh as an integral addition to the layout. Jason Mann Two distinct styles of Banker Wire mesh were used in the office interior design: the S-32 & the TXZ-3. These products... もっと見る

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Beirut Café

Within the historic and newly renovated Östermalms Saluhall marketplace in Stockholm, the new restaurant Beirut Café includes specially manufactured metal mesh for its vibrant interior. Banker Wire M22-83 in braided solid brass enhances the look by being used in dividing screens, shelving and counters and in ceiling tiles and panels. The Banker Wire TXZ-3 is an antique copper-plated metal mesh designed like towers to enhance the atmosphere around the room. The metal mesh paired by the architects brings a clean yet warm feel to the interior design. The antique-plated metal meshes are both polished by hand to make the bright alloy sweep out into the dark oxide layer, which creates additional depth and a soft feeling in the metal p... もっと見る

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Brasserie Deck

Brasserie Deck, Stockholm’s newest neighborhood restaurant, we have had the privilege of manufacturing metal mesh in braided solid brass for the architect’s stylish interior. The Banker Wire S-32 brass mesh is featured as a front cladding for their bar counter that runs along the entire restaurant and ends with a rounded bar counter with rolled metal mesh. This bold interior design choice matches the modern style of the restaurants menu and atmosphere. Pahlfer Caption Brasserie Deck is a modern brasserie that is Liljeholmskajen’s newest neighborhood pub. Their ambition is to become a natural and lively meeting place for all residents in the immediate area. Brasserie Deck is located on the ground floor of one of... もっと見る

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Zur Weinlese

HAVER Architectural Mesh offers a secure solution for balconies and staircases On the former site of the Volg Wineries in Winterthur, Switzerland, the architectural company Beat Rothen Architektur GmbH created a new area of residential and commercial space. The new area "Zur Weinlese" consists of 125 rental apartments and around 950 m² of commercial space.  © Sennrich AG   The project is named after the wall painting "Weinlese" by the Swiss artist Heinrich Danioth, painted in 1943. The listed sgraffito is located on the old winery warehouse. The Tower is the only surviving building of the former complex and offers space for studio and residential uses as well as commercial units. The houses in the southern part... もっと見る

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El Paso Zoo Cat Adoption Center

At the El Paso Zoo’s Cat Adoption Center, MNK Architects was scoped with creating a fun, colorful, and family-friendly environment where the potential adoptees and cats could have one-on-one encounters. In the renovation of the Cat Adoption Center (previously known as The Asia Exhibit), MNK relied heavily on Banker Wire’s SJD-2 wire mesh pattern to create a key architectural installation that was both functional and decorative, helping realize the overall design scheme and purpose of the Center.Asian motifs underscore the architecture and design of the Cat Adoption Center—a structure that was originally built in the early 1990s. Inspired by the building’s original design, MNK Architects’ renovation built on thi... もっと見る

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Decorative Plating Secondary Finishes

A decorative antique plated finish can truly bring out the texture of a woven wire mesh in ways that other coatings cannot. Antique finishes bring out the depth and texture of the weave while solid colors bring out the transparency characteristics with a splace of color.The thin layer of metal does not mask the detail of the wire mesh but rather highlights it. The antique plated finish process introduces a dark oxide layer over top of the bright plated alloy. Then, visual depth is created by physically relieving the high points of the wire mesh allowing the bright plated alloy to show through. A thin layer of lacquer is applied after plating to help preserve the finish from further tarnishing. もっと見る