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プロジェクト • にArchitectuurstudio Haver民家

Biobased Barn House

The Biobased Barn House is located in the nature reserve 'Esvelderbeek' and therefore had to comply with strict regulations. The zoning plan prescribed a traditional form and responsible choice of materials. The clients went one step further; it was their express wish to build a simple, light and spacious house with natural biobased materials. The house takes its shape from the 'Hallenhuis', an authentic Veluwe farmhouse that used to be common in the area. The project consists of 1 volume with various functions such as living, storage and garage. The construction has the original Hallenhuis principle with the anchor-beam trusses as its basis. These trusses, made of European glued spruce, are visible in the interior wherever possible. &co... もっと見る