10 modern living rooms with lustrous fireplaces
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10 modern living rooms with lustrous fireplaces

21 Sep 2022  •  Specification  •  By Surabhi Patil

For ages, the functional need of a fireplace has been to fulfil the heating requirements of a space. However, modern applications of fireplaces go beyond their practical purpose and include visual aesthetics and innovation. 


In the case of living rooms, fireplaces are not just an additional design feature but form the heart of the space, around which people congregate and relax. A cosy setup that bestows us with light and warmth, fireplaces can set the mood for the entire room. 


Classified into floating, freestanding and in-wall types, fireplaces are available in a wide range of materials, styles and systems. From a built-in marble mantle to a stylish fluid floating mass, the following list comprises ten such fireplaces that elevate the ambience of living areas.


1. Counterbalance Loft Remodel
photo_credit Alex Hayden
Alex Hayden

SiteThe top two floors and rooftop of a midrise building near the Space Needle. The building featured an industrial aesthetic of large steel moment frames, heavy timber beams & decking, and...

Montigo Prodigy
Perfect for high end luxury homes or light commercial applications, the Prodigy adds tranquility and warmth to any space.The linear burner produces a relaxing ribbon-like flame. Your desired media can completel...


2. House in the Landscape
photo_credit Sergey Ananiev
Sergey Ananiev

Built in the Chekhov district a few kilometres from Moscow, House in the landscape draws inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic architecture and gives life to a futuristic-style building that blends perfe...

This seminal design, created by Dominique Imbert in 1968, was the first suspended, 360° pivoting fireplace. It was revolutionary as much for its technical design as its groundbreaking style. Its ease of installat...


3. Residence DD
photo_credit Cafeine (Thomas De Bruyne)
Cafeine (Thomas De Bruyne)

On Belgium’s Western Front close to the French border, lies the village of Adinkerke.  Flanking the historic village and not far from the Belgian coast is a country estate; one of the last farms in the regi...

Ultime Dynamic combustion Wood Closed Fireplaces with sliding door
Metalfire Architectural Fireplaces
MODERN TECHNIQUES IN A PURE FORM This generation of room air-independent wood-burning fireplaces with sliding door is equipped  with a dynamic combustion technology, which ensures an optimum combustion and a h...


4. Silverhorn Residence
photo_credit Phil Crozier
Phil Crozier

This custom estate home was designed for one of our industry partners, Maillot Homes. The home is 8761 square feet with 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. One of the most common questions we've been asked about this home is...

Attika Feuer AG
Finely worked gleaming steel surfaces lead the eye upwards. The fire burns behind the hidden large lift door. The smooth stainless steel handle is a striking complement to t...


5. Armcrescent
photo_credit Julian Parkinson & Peter Braithwaite
Julian Parkinson & Peter Braithwaite

Located in Halifax’s long-established West-End, a bold dark gable emerges within a quiet residential neighbourhood. The Armcrescent Residence represents an architectural investigation towards increasing urban de...

Stûv 16-in
Fancy an XXL fire? This is exactly what you’ll get with the Stûv 16-in, with its panoramic view of the flames. Atmosphere and satisfaction guaranteed. Thanks to the innova-tive combustion system and except...


6. Miter House
photo_credit Joe Fletcher
Joe Fletcher

Miter House is a structure that is simultaneously solid and transparent. As you approach, the façade reveals its layered form.  Bush-hammered stone cladding gives way to a smooth plaster layer that, in tu...

Tunnel 75X65
With exposure and visibility from both sides, tunnel fireplaces are encased in walls or columns, dividing living spaces with contemporary style and modern efficiency. Displaying a see-through design, which creates and...
7. Renovating Early Modernism: An Interview with Arch
photo_credit Photo by Lauren Piandes
Photo by Lauren Piandes

Walter Gropius gets all the acclaim in Massachusetts. Perhaps it’s because he taught at Harvard and his Gropius House in Lincoln, MA, looms large as a pillar of early modernist Am...

Bidore 95 Corner Style Gas Fireplace
European Home
A stunning, frameless, linear right or left corner fireplace, the Bidore 95 features a clean contemporary design. All glass corners allow an unobstructed view of this modern gas fireplace.
8. Badger Mountain House
photo_credit Steve Keating
Steve Keating

Set on the foot of Badger Mountain in Richland Washington, this house draws its design influence from both the natural landscape and the clean lines of traditional Japanese architecture. While the project's primary go...

EcoSmart Fire
Addressing the demand for incorporating stretched flames into custom-designed settings, the linear features of the XL burners perfectly combine their sleek parallel lines with the clean lines of today’s contempo...
9. The House near the forest
photo_credit Tom Kurek
Tom Kurek

The space designed for a young family, full of optimism and openness to the world, tries to respond to the needs of silence, intimacy, but also energy and motivation to new challenges.

Il canto del fuoco
Antonio Lupi Design S.p.A.
This fireplaces perfectly integrates in the wall, with its colors, finishes and textures. Il Canto del Fuoco explores the third dimension with a clean sharp cut and a constant movement of the surfaces that confers dyn...
10. Michigan Loft
photo_credit Mike Schwartz
Mike Schwartz

Inside a century old structure initially built for automotive assembly and display, we renovated a residence that was poorly functioning as a domestic space. In resolving the spatial problems inside this impressive vo...

Eco Bio Fuel
A suspended eco-friendly ventless fireplace with denaturated alcohol burner allowing 360 rotation. HEARTH 040