25 best architecture firms in Germany
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25 best architecture firms in Germany

30 May 2023  •  News  •  By Surabhi Patil

The German architectural landscape boasts a captivating history that spans centuries, characterized by architectural masterpieces steeped in history, innovation, and artistry. From awe-inspiring feats of Romanesque-Gothic architecture to transformative influences brought by Bauhaus pioneers, Germany brims with a sheer genius when it comes to experimentation with novel structural terrains. The country embraces an elaborate legacy showcasing diverse architectural bouts such as Renaissance inspiration or Baroque wonders – beautifully etched into the German culture-rich landscape.

The onset of industrialization brought sweeping technological advances opening doors for functionalism while simultaneously assimilating technology through modernist designs - culminating in creating today’s incredible German architectural demonstrations seamlessly intermeshing contemporary cutting-edge technologies with traditional inspiration-driven design concepts while adhering strongly towards environmental sustainability principles. The following list comprises 25 architecture firms that portray an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, technology and design.


photo_credit Marcus Bredt
Marcus Bredt

1. gmp · von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects

von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp) is a globally recognized practice established in Hamburg. With a comprehensive approach and over five decades of expertise, gmp undertakes diverse projects across various cultural contexts and scales, engaging in extensive collaboration with clients and other planning disciplines. Their portfolio spans a wide range of architectural endeavours, encompassing everything from residential properties to towering structures, sports arenas to music venues, corporate edifices to bridges, and small details like door hardware to large-scale urban planning initiatives. Driven by a holistic commitment to sustainability, gmp strives to create architecture that transcends transient trends and embraces longevity, while addressing the pressing challenges of urbanization, digitalization, and mobility. By adhering to certified standards, they prioritize climate-conscious construction methods and emphasize integration with existing surroundings in their designs.



photo_credit David Franck
David Franck

2. J. MAYER H. und Partner

J. MAYER H. und Partner, Architekten mbB is a renowned architectural firm that has gained international recognition for its innovative and award-winning projects. Operating at the convergence of architecture, communication, and cutting-edge technology, their work spans various domains, including urban planning, building design, installations, and the creation of objects using novel materials. Central to their approach is the exploration of the dynamic interplay between the human body, technology, and nature, which informs their unique approach to spatial design. Founded in 1996 by Jürgen Mayer H. in Berlin, the firm expanded in January 2014 when Andre Santer and Hans Schneider joined as partners.



photo_credit  Noam Rosenthal/ Trockland
Noam Rosenthal/ Trockland


GRAFT is a multidisciplinary studio that encompasses architecture, urban planning, design, music, and the pursuit of happiness. Founded in 1998 in Los Angeles, the firm has undertaken a diverse range of projects spanning various disciplines and global locations. With additional offices established in Berlin in 2001 and Beijing in 2004, GRAFT recognizes the transformative power of architecture to authentically represent diverse and complex identities. While architecture and the built environment remain at the core of their activities, GRAFT actively seeks to transcend disciplinary boundaries, grafting together the creative potential and methodologies from different realms. This ethos is evident in their ventures into exhibition and product design, art installations, academic projects, and their extensive international project portfolio.



photo_credit © Brigida González für wulf architekten
© Brigida González für wulf architekten

4. wulf architekten GmbH

The wulf architekten office was established in 1987 by Tobias Wulf, and it currently operates with planning teams across offices in Stuttgart, Berlin, and Basel. Employing approximately 130 individuals from 20 different nations, the firm showcases a diverse range of expertise in handling sophisticated building assignments. Their architectural approach is distinguished by its clarity and comprehensiveness, with a constant pursuit of simple yet effective solutions for complex projects, while also recognizing the limitations of available resources. The firm's commitment to quality is evident through its continuous involvement in all phases of a project. They prioritize functionality and cost-effectiveness as the foundation for developing high-quality architecture, always considering additional objectives beyond mere practicality. Over the years, their projects have garnered numerous accolades and awards, affirming their dedication to excellence.



photo_credit Stefan Müller
Stefan Müller

5. Schulz und Schulz

Schulz and Schulz is a German architectural studio specializing in the symbiotic relationship between design and construction. Their practice emphasizes the integration of these two elements, where the design concept serves as a framework for the architectural space, gradually taking shape from abstraction to concreteness during the creation process. Similarly, the constructed space evolves and materializes through gradual development until it is fully realized during the construction phase. With a focus on meticulous attention to detail, Schulz and Schulz craft architectural experiences that harmoniously unite design and construction.




6. Auer Weber

Auer Weber is an architectural firm that derives its distinctive architectural forms through a rigorous dialogue surrounding the construction task and the specific conditions and opportunities presented by the site. Their design process involves integrating all stakeholders and participants to develop meaningful design content and ensure seamless realization. The architectural concepts produced by Auer Weber range from sculpturally shaped volumes to landscape structures defined by their structural elements. Central to their work is a sense of openness and sensory and intellectual plausibility. Their designs provide a framework for orientation, allowing users and observers to engage with and interpret the spaces in diverse and meaningful ways.



photo_credit Brigida González
Brigida González

7. Steimle Architekten

Steimle Architekten is a firm that thrives on the diversity of design challenges, enabling them to exhibit exceptional flexibility, efficiency, and communication in approaching new projects. They do not adhere to a rigid architectural philosophy but instead embrace a freedom of thought that allows for philosophical exploration while treating architecture and its tasks with the utmost respect and seriousness. Their approach seamlessly integrates existing elements with new interventions, resulting in cohesive and remarkable outcomes. Key elements that shape their architecture include structural clarity, a focus on essential elements, skillful modulation of light, thoughtful material selection, and a keen sensitivity to tactile perception.



photo_credit Klemens Renner
Klemens Renner

8. TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten

TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten was established in 1931 as a result of a successful collaboration between architects Herbert Sprotte and Peter Neve in Hamburg. Since then, the firm has continuously evolved, embracing contemporary architecture. The addition of architects Alf M. Prasch, Wolfgang Nietz, and Peter Sigl in the 1970s brought a new generation of talent to the forefront. In the 1980s, TCHOBAN VOSS ventured into international projects in the Middle East while also undertaking numerous regional endeavours. The firm expanded its presence with branches in Berlin and Dresden in 1993 and welcomed architects Sergei Tchoban and Ekkehard Voss as partners in 1995, who became the firm's leading partners in 2015. The company has strengthened its structure since 2009 by adding associate partners and project partners. Under the trade name TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten since 2017, the firm now serves national and international clients in the public and private sectors. With a team of over 180 highly qualified interdisciplinary professionals and extensive experience, the firm, with offices in Hamburg, Berlin, and Dresden, delivers architecturally and functionally sustainable solutions for a wide range of building projects.



photo_credit hiepler, brunier
hiepler, brunier

9. HPP Architects

HPP Architects is an international partnership that consists of approximately 530 professionals, including architects, interior designers, town planners, lead consultants, and project managers. With a history spanning 90 years, the firm has established design studios worldwide. In addition to Architecture and Interior Design, HPP Architects provides Urban Design, Lead Consulting Planning, and Project Management services. With offices across the world and headquarters in Düsseldorf, the firm seeks benefits from local expertise, availability and connections. HPP Architects strives to develop projects that maximise the benefits of built structures for their users, owners, and surrounding communities in terms of economic, ecological, technical, social, and aesthetic value.



photo_credit HG Esch
HG Esch

10. kadawittfeldarchitektur

Kadawittfeldarchitektur specializes in creating vibrant spaces to live, work and play. The firm engages in diverse fields including architecture, interior design, town planning, and urban projects. Their team of architects, project managers, consultants, and partners collaborate on all aspects of design, communication, and organization. With kwbau, their focus lies on new construction and renovations, encompassing tasks such as tendering, contracting, site inspection, and project supervision, while ensuring quality, adherence to timelines, and cost management. Additionally, through kadawittfeldconsult, the firm offers expertise in sustainable design, and certifications, and provides guidance on quality assurance and project management.



photo_credit Kéré Architecture
Kéré Architecture

11. Kéré Architecture

Kéré Architecture, established in 2005 by Francis Kéré, embodies a unique blend of design excellence and social commitment. The firm is renowned for its elegant structures, innovative use of materials, and a pioneering approach to building in unexplored regions. This approach has garnered the firm numerous awards and accolades. Grounded in tradition, Kéré Architecture pushes the boundaries of construction by incorporating innovative methods that utilize local resources and engaging in participatory design processes. This enables the firm to challenge established norms and set its own precedents. With a diverse range of projects across various locations, the portfolio of Kéré Architecture encompasses civic infrastructure, temporary installations, and a comprehensive approach from initial concepts to final execution.



photo_credit  Stefan Müller
Stefan Müller

12. Max Dudler

Max Dudler is an international architecture firm with headquarters in Berlin and Zurich, as well as offices in Frankfurt am Main and Munich. About 150 employees from 19 countries work together to create livable architecture that meets the significant changes of today's world through its timeless design and high-quality materials. The firm's extensive knowledge and diverse experiences accumulated over more than 30 years serve as the foundation for its successful architectural practice. Their work culture fosters openness and equality, evident in a corporate structure with flat hierarchies. They encourage knowledge exchange among project teams and provide regular training through an internal academy. Personal and professional growth is supported, encouraged, and expected within the company.



photo_credit Janina Heppner
Janina Heppner

13. Peter Ruge Architekten GmbH

Based in Berlin, Peter Ruge Architekten is a dynamic planning office with both local and international presence. Our goal is clear: to create and construct sustainable architecture for the future. Led by three partners, Peter Ruge, Kayoko Uchiyama, and Matthias Matschewski, our team engages in a wide range of projects, including new buildings, the enhancement of existing properties, and urban planning designs. Our approach is holistic, taking into account the climate, culture, and user needs to develop tailored solutions. Recognized for excellence, our projects have received numerous awards and certifications. Prof. Ruge also actively contributes to the field of education, sharing our knowledge and expertise with global design communities at DIA, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Dessau, Shenyang Jianzhu University in China, and Kyoto Seika University in Japan.



photo_credit  Jan Bitter
Jan Bitter

14. Sauerbruch Hutton

Sauerbruch Hutton is an architectural firm characterized by its experienced team of 120 employees. Operating within an interconnected, democratic, and interdisciplinary environment, we emphasize collaboration and intensive dialogue. Our equal and open working culture is reflected in a contemporary company structure led by 15 partners and supported by 7 associates. This inclusive foundation cultivates a flexible and dynamic atmosphere, promoting the preservation and growth of our shared values.



photo_credit David Franck
David Franck

15. Barkow Leibinger

Founded in 1993 by Frank Barkow and Regine Leibinger, Barkow Leibinger is an American-German architectural office based in Berlin. With a team of approximately 90 professionals, the firm has established a strong reputation over the years, delivering numerous projects in Germany and abroad. Their work has been widely recognized through publications and the receipt of prestigious awards. Barkow Leibinger's portfolio encompasses a wide range of projects, including public buildings, office spaces, residential designs, and industrial interiors within existing structures. Their expertise lies in serving medium and large-scale companies, offering long-term master plans for site development and delivering functional and representative buildings for production, logistics, and administration. Committed to pushing boundaries, Barkow Leibinger explores the integration of digital manufacturing technologies and mass-produced elements to create constructive and spatial structures. Their materials-based research has been showcased in exhibitions worldwide.



photo_credit Adrian Schulz
Adrian Schulz


KSP Engel GmbH is an architectural institution representing excellence globally. With professionals drawn from over 40 different nations, the firm shows its commitment to continued growth while emphasizing the unique character each member brings to create sustainable buildings. With offices located across not only Germany but also China (Beijing & Shenzhen), KSP Engels' decentralized structure affords it a deep-rooted connection locally due to long-standing expertise built over the years. Their reach within the industry has grown impressively due to a strategic blend of being both think tank providers and credible service renderers having mastered project design creation, general planning, construction management and product design among other multifaceted sectors supporting local architecture in its entirety. Their multidisciplinary teams approach architecture iteratively, and holistically by creatively integrating ecological, economic and sociocultural aspects that positively affect society while building sustainable infrastructure. Each client project is handled uniquely according to their needs. In capturing the heart of sustainable architecture, KSP Engel's quality cannot be aligned with any other group globally. It's simply incomparable.



photo_credit  ingenhoven architects / HGEsch
ingenhoven architects / HGEsch

17. ingenhoven associates

Founded in 1985 by Christoph Ingenhoven, ingenhoven associates is a pioneering practice in the field of sustainable architecture. With a diverse team of approximately 100 members, the firm is dedicated to creating location-specific architecture that addresses pressing present and future challenges. Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in their comprehensive concept, known as supergreen®, and their adherence to the highest green building standards. With a track record of winning numerous awards and competitions, ingenhoven associates undertake projects of various sizes and typologies worldwide. Led by Christoph Ingenhoven, who has a background in architecture and art history, the firm is actively involved in promoting sustainable building practices and is affiliated with esteemed organizations such as the German Sustainable Building Council and the Federal Foundation for Building Culture. Headquartered in the Düsseldorf Media Harbor, Ingenhoven Associates also maintains international offices in St. Moritz, Sydney, and Singapore.




18. Architekten Wannenmacher + Möller GmbH

Architectural Practice Wannenmacher + Partners, founded by Gregor Wannenmacher in Dusseldorf in 1955, has a rich history spanning almost six decades. The firm is now led by second-generation architects Andreas Wannenmacher and Hans-Heinrich Möller. With headquarters in Bielefeld, Germany, the firm has continued to expand and is now among the biggest architectural practices in Eastern Westphalia. Even though a majority of its projects have been concentrated in this area, the firm has recently broadened its scope by seizing opportunities to design and manage the construction of buildings in numerous foreign nations throughout Europe, Asia, and the USA.



photo_credit Dittel Architekten GmbH | Fotograf: Martin Baitinger
Dittel Architekten GmbH | Fotograf: Martin Baitinger


DITTEL ARCHITEKTEN is an architectural office where a team of architects, interior architects, and communication designers collaborates to bring unique creations to life. They follow a rigorous creation process for each project, adhering to their high-quality standards. By combining inspiration, well-grounded knowledge, and trust-based teamwork, they successfully implement projects. DITTEL ARCHITEKTEN strives to develop distinctive aesthetics and believes in the harmony between design and functionality as the key to their success. With a visionary mindset, they embrace new and unconventional ideas. They are particularly enthusiastic about technological innovations that enhance collaboration with clients and partners, offering multidimensional experiences and optimizing processes. The team fosters creative thinking and follows systematic planning, always maintaining a cost- and goal-oriented approach.




20. Philipp Architekten

Philipp Architekten is a firm deeply rooted in craftsmanship, with a family lineage spanning over 300 years of continuous involvement in carpentry. This rich tradition has greatly influenced their architectural practice, as they firmly believe in the inseparable connection between design and construction. They view architecture, derived from its Greek root meaning "first art" or "first craft," as a true embodiment of its essence. It combines aesthetic and creative aspirations with meticulous handcrafted work. Beauty holds a central place in their passion, as they take delight in designing places, buildings, and interiors that are inherently bestowed with the title of "beautiful." Recognizing the profound impact of beauty, Philipp Architekten understands its ability to touch individuals at their core, creating inspiring atmospheres that foster personal growth and positive transformation. Embracing their holistic responsibility, they strive to achieve a harmonious integration of people, nature, and architecture, envisioning enduringly beautiful spaces through a broader perspective.



photo_credit Zooey Braun
Zooey Braun

21. Alexander Brenner Architects

Atelier Alexander Brenner Architects, based in Stuttgart, is renowned for its striking portfolio of bright white cubic houses and villas, characterized by plastic-geometric facades that evoke constructivist imagery. A distinguishing feature across all of Alexander Brenner's projects is the meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive planning, extending to the bespoke design and production of interior elements such as cupboards, kitchens, and built-in furniture, tailored to each individual project. Additionally, Brenner's expertise extends to the creation of harmonious garden designs. The interplay of soft, curved forms serves as a sensual contrast to the distinctive, luminous white architectural sculptures. The exceptional caliber of Alexander Brenner's work has garnered international acclaim, evident through numerous publications in esteemed magazines and journals. Their houses have received accolades from various esteemed panels and publications, with recognition from the Goethe Institute Germany, which ranks Alexander Brenner among the country's top 10 architects.


photo_credit Marcus Ebener
Marcus Ebener

22. Bez + Kock Architekten

Founded in 2001 by Martin Bez and Thorsten Kock, Bez + Kock Architekten is a Stuttgart-based architectural firm. With a team of approximately 50 architects, the firm's commissions primarily arise from successful entries in architectural competitions. Their designs exemplify a comprehensive standard of architectural quality. The firm's collective objective is to actualize distinctive, functional, and cost-effective buildings. They prioritize an integrated approach to the design process, encompassing urban planning, meticulous detailing, and structural implementation. Each project is regarded as unique, necessitating a customized architectural solution tailored to the specific parameters of location, function, and budget, while emphasizing sustainability and resource-consciousness. The firm embraces the diversity of design challenges, spanning concert halls, libraries, town halls, universities, residential complexes, and civic buildings, with the aim of making an autonomous and sustainable architectural contribution in each endeavour.


photo_credit Roland Halbe
Roland Halbe

23. Birk Heilmeyer und Frenzel Architekten

Established in 2005 by Liza Heilmeyer and Stephan Birk, Birk Heilmeyer und Frenzel Architekten is a thriving architectural firm that originated at a kitchen table shortly after their graduation. In 2012, they formed a partnership with Martin Frenzel, and in 2019, Felix Fritz joined as an additional managing director. With a dedicated team of approximately 35 architects from diverse backgrounds, the firm undertakes competitions and projects in their Mörikehof practice, located in a former envelope production site in southern Stuttgart. From initial concept development and project brief preparation to detailed design, tendering, and on-site supervision, they offer comprehensive architectural services. Fostered by open communication, the firm cultivates a supportive working culture.



photo_credit Aldo Amoretti
Aldo Amoretti

24. Dietrich | Untertrifaller

Dietrich | Untertrifaller is an internationally renowned architectural firm rooted in Vorarlberg, Austria. The firm places a strong emphasis on the responsible utilization of resources, the creation of socially balanced spaces, and a deep appreciation for the cultural and architectural context. Since its inception, Dietrich | Untertrifaller has been at the forefront of modern timber construction, pioneering innovative techniques in the field. The practice is currently led by Helmut Dietrich, Much Untertrifaller, Dominik Philipp, and Patrick Stremler, and boasts a diverse and talented team of over 130 professionals across multiple locations, including Bregenz and Vienna (Austria), St. Gallen (Switzerland), Paris (France), and Munich (Germany). With a broad portfolio spanning from large-scale buildings and urban structures to renovations and single-family homes, Dietrich | Untertrifaller continuously challenges conventional specialization, encouraging creativity and a curious mindset. In their international projects, the firm often collaborates with local offices and regional partners to deliver exceptional architectural solutions.



photo_credit Filip DUJARDIN

25. amunt

AMUNT was launched in 2009 as a collaboration between Björn Martenson, Sonja Nagel, and Jan Theissen, with offices in Aachen and Stuttgart. Their extensive and diverse body of work comprises unique houses, extensions, notable interior designs, special adaptations, and spatial interventions. These architectural projects are born out of a deep exploration of the specific needs of their clients and a comprehensive understanding of the surrounding context. AMUNT approaches each assignment with boundless enthusiasm to rethink and plan, driven by curiosity and joy. Their commitment to delivering innovative and thoughtful architectural solutions is evident in their approach to every project they undertake.


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