25 best architecture firms in Iran
Parham Taghioff

25 best architecture firms in Iran

12 Jun 2024  •  News  •  By Surabhi Patil

Iran is an arid and rugged country in Southwest Asia, home to a rich and diverse culture spanning millennia. Its multilayered cultural past and sporadic turbulent political contexts have resulted in a unique architecture. With its roots embedded in several ancient civilizations and the Persian Empire, followed by the subsequent influence of Islamic culture, the architectural landscape of Iran embraces a vast cultural legacy.

Modern Iranian architecture continues juxtaposing contemporary design with traditional elements while addressing its evolving urban needs. In response to the rapidly shifting urban and natural environments, water scarcity, and climate pressures, Iranian architects place a great emphasis on social and sustainable architecture that draws on its rich heritage. The following list is a selection of 25 architecture firms shaping urban Iranian architectural identity.



photo_credit Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh
Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh

1. Hooba Design Group

Hooman Balazadeh founded Hooba Design Group in 2007 to create architecture that is rooted in the cultural and geographical fabric, serving as catalysts for further research and exploration.  With a focus on the elements of light, color, urban dynamics, and indigenous building materials, Hooba Design Group seeks to deliver sustainable and cost-effective solutions. From interior spaces to urban interventions, the studio strives to establish a flexible framework that transcends conventional boundaries and adapts to evolving typologies.



photo_credit Parham Taghioff
Parham Taghioff

2. nextoffice

Established in 2009 by Alireza Taghaboni, Next Office represents a fusion of architecture, art and context. He is actively engaged in the discourse surrounding Iranian architecture and urbanism, contributing regularly to various magazines and periodicals. Next Office strives to redefine traditional Iranian architecture by embracing contemporary design principles that are sensitive to the diverse contextual factors shaping each project. From residential dwellings to commercial complexes and urban master plans, the firm's portfolio reflects contextual responsiveness.



photo_credit M.H.Ettefagh

3. Olgooco (Olgoo Architecture)

Mehran Khoshroo founded Olgoo Office in 2009 with a distinctive approach to architectural design, characterized by an emphasis on inquiry and exploration. The firm's methodology pertains to framing each project around a central "question," initiating a rigorous research and discovery phase to gain insights into the program, context, and materials involved. Notably, in 2018, Olgoo Office received recognition for one of its projects that advanced to the final round of the World Architecture Festival.



photo_credit Ali Gorjian
Ali Gorjian

4. Ayeneh Office

Founded in 2001 by Ali Soltani and Atefeh Karbasi, Ayeneh Office officially commenced its practice in 2003 in Tehran. Since then, the firm has engaged in diverse projects across various cities, including residential complexes, commercial and cultural hubs, offices, and parks of varying scales. With a perspective that architecture reflects its context, Ayeneh Office endeavors to integrate the essence of the surrounding environment into its designs. Over the past decade, the firm has achieved accolades on national and international platforms, including awards such as the Memar awards and recognitions for outstanding achievements in interior design and façade design.



photo_credit Parham Taghioff
Parham Taghioff

5. AshariArchitects

Since 2005, Ashari Architects and Associates have been operating its practice with an experiential outlook, delving into various domains within architecture. Its portfolio spans architecture, interior design, and landscaping, covering various typologies such as residential, commercial, administrative, educational, cultural, industrial, and tourist projects. It also undertakes a few assignments related to product design and art installations. One of the firm's objectives is increasing the artistic contribution in project designs, striving to create new user experiences by leveraging each project's potential and introducing innovative design capabilities. The group was awarded the Medal of Excellence by the Iranian Contemporary Architects Office in 2019.



photo_credit Parham Taghioff
Parham Taghioff

6. Admun Studio

Admun Studio, based in Tehran, Iran, was founded by Amir Reza Fazel and Shobeir Mousavi in 2010 as a design and construction practice. It is involved in various projects including residential villas and apartments, office spaces, interiors, restaurants, and pavilions. It is known for its innovative approach and hands-on involvement in the construction process.



photo_credit Parham Taghioff
Parham Taghioff

7. New Wave Architecture (Lida Almassian/Shahin Heidari)

Founded in 2006, New Wave Architecture has extensive experience in campus and educational facilities, specialized hospitals, and healthcare facilities. It also undertakes retail design, residential projects, and recreational facilities. To date, the firm has designed and completed over 120 projects. The firm explores new approaches to emerging ideas, creating demanding and distinctive spaces that prioritize aesthetics, humanity, and global communication.



photo_credit  Aidin Shahi
Aidin Shahi

8. Modaam Architects

Founded in 2009 by Sanaz Ghaemmaghami and Mojtaba M. Zaheri, Modaam has an expansive portfolio of over 100 projects. The firm’s work includes office buildings, shopping malls, sports complexes, residential buildings, leisure and holiday centers, small villas, renovation projects, pharmaceutical plants, and landscape design. Modaam's design approach is deeply rooted in contextual considerations, encompassing environmental, social, economic, and anthropological aspects to create harmonious and functional spaces.



photo_credit Parham Taghioff - Persia Photography Center
Parham Taghioff - Persia Photography Center

9. CAAT Studio

Established in 2015 by Mahdi Kamboozia, CAAT Studio (C/KambooziA ArchitecTure Studio) focuses on bridging the gap between design concepts and construction engineering. The Studio emphasizes the needs and potentials of future generations, developing solutions tailored to each project's specific requirements. Whether using unique materials as seen in its project - Mahallat Residential or adopting unique construction techniques in Kahrizak Residential, the studio maintains a consistent process regardless of project scale.



photo_credit Parham Taghiof, Farshid Nasrabadi, Mohammadreza Hoorjandi
Parham Taghiof, Farshid Nasrabadi, Mohammadreza Hoorjandi

10. FMZD | Farshad Mehdizadeh Design

FMZD | Farshad Mehdizadeh Design is led by CEO and founder Farshad Mehdizadeh. His notable projects include the award-winning Abadan residential building, which earned first prize at Iran's national Memar awards and received recognition in the Middle East awards. In addition to his practice, Farshad Mehdizadeh has been active in academia since 2007, serving as an assistant professor, guest lecturer, and conducting international workshops. Farshad's research centers on geographically context-based architecture and the broader impact of geography on architectural design.



photo_credit Farshid Nasrabadi
Farshid Nasrabadi

11. Alidoost and Partners

Founded and led by Shahab Alidoost and Sona Eftekharazam, Alidoost and Partners is a multidisciplinary firm specializing in architecture and design, from large-scale planning to furniture design. The firm emphasizes a socially driven approach, combining ambition and professionalism. It collaborates with corporate, government, and private clients across various countries to execute civic, hotel, residential, office, commercial, and educational projects.



photo_credit Parham Taghioff
Parham Taghioff

12. Zav Architects

Founded in 2006, ZAV Architects has a research-driven and pragmatic approach. In collaboration with external architects and experts, ZAV explores realistic and practical subjects in architecture. Its work does not begin with the design product; instead, it investigates capacities that enable social and economic agency. Its research comprises spatial scenarios and programs, spatial organization, architectural typologies, craftsmanship, and construction techniques to activate its potential and create meaningful outcomes.




13. Habibeh Madjdabadi

Habibeh Madjdabadi is a prominent Iranian architect, author, designer, and speaker. She established her design studio in Tehran in 2003. This followed her winning the first prize in a competition to restore a historical building from the Zand dynasty. Madjdabadi has since received several accolades, including being shortlisted for the Aga Khan Award in 2016 and the Tamayouz Women in Architecture and Construction Award in 2019, as well as winning the Chicago Award, Worldwide Brick Award, and Memar Award in 2014. Cultural and geographical contexts deeply influence Madjdabadi's designs and reflect a strong emphasis on material selection and fabrication methods. 



photo_credit Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh
Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh

14. Boozhgan Studio

Founded in 2007 by Hamed Badri Ahmadi, Boozhgan Architectural Studio has worked on various projects including residential buildings, office spaces, commercial complexes, and renovation of private homes and public historical buildings. Many of these projects have received recognition in national and international architectural competitions. In its design process, Boozhgan Architectural Studio optimizes the positive attributes of each site and project, transforming them into simple and clear architectural solutions.



photo_credit Parham Taghioff
Parham Taghioff

15. Davood Boroojeni Office

With over 15 years of practice, Davood Boroojeni Office engages in various stages of architectural projects, from initial design concepts and schematic development to producing submittal packages, visual presentations, construction documents, and detailed layouts. Its public relations expertise, communication practices, problem-solving abilities, and proficiency with relevant software, combined with its capacity to research, schedule, and coordinate design throughout different project stages, have established Davood Boroojeni Office as one of the reliable firms in the country.



photo_credit  Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh
Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh

16. BonnArq Architects

BONNARQ ARCHITECTS was founded in Tehran in 2014 by Behzad Atabaki and Parshia Qaregozloo. Its portfolio includes awards from several domestic and international competitions such as the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, World Architecture Festival (WAF), A+Awards (Architizer), Middle East Architect Awards, and 2A Continental Architectural Awards. BONNARQ ARCHITECTS is known for its contributions to architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, art, and design, with its works exhibited globally and featured in various publications. The team comprises diverse professionals, enhancing its capability to tackle complex projects that often involve urban regeneration programs in Tehran and other cities across Iran.



photo_credit Farshid Nasrabadi
Farshid Nasrabadi

17. Sarsayeh Architectural Office

Behnam Sefidi founded the Sarsayeh Architectural Office in 2011 in Iran. It provides architectural and design services with a focus on meeting the various needs of individuals with varying behaviours and lifestyles.



photo_credit Ehsan Hajirasouliha
Ehsan Hajirasouliha

18. USE Studio

USE Studio, founded in 2013 by Mina Moeineddini and Mohammad Arab in Isfahan, is an architectural and urban design firm focusing on understanding contextual conditions and project content. Central to its practice is the exploration of how architecture influences contemporary behaviors and daily life, and how it evolves over time within its contextual framework. Over the years, USE Studio has been involved in various projects including single-family homes, residential complexes, schools, workplaces, multipurpose spaces, and restoration projects.



photo_credit Parham Taghioff, Ali Daghigh, Deed Studio
Parham Taghioff, Ali Daghigh, Deed Studio

19. Fluid Motion Architects

Fluid Motion Architects was founded in 2004 in Tehran by architects Catherine Spiridonoff and Reza Daneshmir. A few of the firm's notable projects include the Mellat Park Cineplex, featuring five movie halls, an art gallery, a restaurant, a coffee shop, and a book and CD store, spanning 15,000 square meters; the IMAX Complex on Yadegar Highway, comprising cultural, cinematic, and commercial spaces, an indoor funfair, and ceremony halls across 120,000 square meters; the Multi-tenant Residential Building at Isfahan Scientific and Research Town, designed for young scientists and researchers and progressing through bidding and initial construction phases. Fluid Motion Consulting Architects also manages several office buildings in Tehran's Pole Roomi and Zafar neighborhoods.



photo_credit Farshid Nasrabadi
Farshid Nasrabadi

20. Bracket Design Studio

Bracket Design Studio, established in 2006 by Shervin Hosseini, operates as a comprehensive design firm offering various services including urban design, interior space planning, furniture design, and architecture across various scales. Its team consists of diverse professionals with extensive backgrounds in theoretical and practical aspects of design, scripting, planning, and construction for both public and private projects. Emphasizing innovation in insights, materials, and technology, it analyses site potentials and client requirements to deliver optimal solutions through continual refinement and redefining the projects.



photo_credit Deed Studio
Deed Studio

21. KA Architecture Studio (Mohammad khavarian)

KA Architecture Studio operates as an Iranian architecture studio specializing in architecture, urbanism, interior design, and research, supported by a team of over seventy Iranian architects and designers working globally. The studio envisions architecture as a framework for constructing future realities—conceptual, spatial, and experiential—through a rigorous exploration of new potentials that resonate with the lives of individuals and urban environments. It strives to enhance connections between people, cultures, technologies, and materials, viewing architecture as a foundational social construct.



photo_credit Mohammad Hosein Hamzehlouei
Mohammad Hosein Hamzehlouei

22. Cedrus Studio

Established in 2017 by Mohammad Mehdi Saeidi, Cedrus is a Tehran-based studio striving to bridge the gap between design and construction. It has completed several projects including architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture. It prioritizes understanding the specific demands, preferences, and nuances of clients, to promote diversity in projects with similar contexts. The studio also emphasizes a collaborative approach towards material selection and construction.


photo_credit Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh
Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh

23. FEA studio-Fundamental Experience of Architecture

FEASTUDIO, officially known as "Fundamental Architectural Experience" Studio, was established in 2006 by Arash Nasiri and Ensieh Khamse, to cultivate a cohesive architectural language that reflects their progressive experiences and the interplay between ideas and execution. Its approach aims to transcend mere functional necessity, encouraging creativity and embracing dynamic, multidimensional strategies in architectural design. Notably, FEASTUDIO received recognition by winning the 1st prize at the Grand Memar Award 2011 in the public buildings category for its design of the Noor e Mobin sports hall in Bastam. The studio also became internationally known with the IOC/IAKS 2013 bronze medal awarded by the International Olympic Committee and International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities for the same project in Cologne, Germany.



photo_credit Amirali Ghaffari
Amirali Ghaffari

24. ShaarOffice

ShaarOffice, founded by Ahmad Ghodsimanesh in 2007 in Shiraz, Iran, operates as a design & construction firm specializing in architecture and interior design. The firm emphasizes a structured approach to teamwork, delegating project tasks to specialists and ensuring thorough supervision throughout the project lifecycle. The office is dedicated to developing a creative design methodology aimed at improving the quality of life across various domains, whether it is residential living, retail spaces, cafés, sports facilities, or other public amenities.



photo_credit Mohammad Ghavamedini
Mohammad Ghavamedini

25. AWE Office / Amir Shahrad

AWE Office, founded by Amir Shahrad, is a design studio based in Tehran. The studio works on projects of diverse scales throughout Iran. Notable projects include Tehran Office, a stone-clad office building with faceted wooden louvers, and Yazd Urban Villa, a geometric house with a staggered facade.



The '25 best firms' series is curated by the Archello editorial team. The selection is based on a number of factors including the number of shortlisted and winning entries in the Archello Awards, the number of projects a firm has uploaded to its Archello profile, the number of projects that have been featured by Archello, as well as the size and quality of the projects included in each firm's Archello portfolio.