25 best brick cladding manufacturers
Luc Boegly

25 best brick cladding manufacturers

4 Mar 2024  •  Specification  •  By Collin Anderson

Bricks can produce beautifully textured surfaces with unique qualities of color and grain based on brick dimensions, the nature of the clay mix, and the stacking patterns by which walls are layered. The many brick cladding products on the market offer a wide range of colors and textures that often attempt to achieve a handmade feel. Bricks are produced in a range of rectangular forms, with long bricks delivering a linear aesthetic and shorter bricks producing a more block-like and stacked effect.

Manufacturers worldwide are making brick cladding products that are ever more sustainable, materially efficient, lightweight yet durable. These are 25 of Archello’s most popular and innovative brick cladding manufacturers specified by architects and designers.


1. Wienerberger, Austria

photo_credit Ilya Ivanov
Ilya Ivanov

Wienerberger's facade bricks are celebrated for their durability, aesthetic appeal, and sustainability. By harnessing the natural properties of clay, the company produces bricks that withstand the test of time, while also offering excellent thermal insulation and moisture regulation properties. Today, Wienerberger stands as a global leader in clay facade brick manufacturing, with a presence in numerous countries across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Its extensive product portfolio includes Wienerberger tailor-made clay facing bricks, which offer customizable solutions for architectural projects, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern design versatility.


2. Sto AG, Germany

photo_credit Sto AG
Sto AG

Sto has been producing and developing products for construction since 1955, and its first external wall insulation system appeared in the 1960s.  Today, Sto offers a full range of paints, plasters, renders / stuccos and insulation systems for both interior and exterior use. Its product StoBrick offers a large selection of clinker brick slips with natural colors and a wide variety of surfaces and formats. The StoBrick range includes more than 100 extruded, waterstruck and hand-formed brick slips in formats up to 490 millimeters long.


3. Petersen Tegl, Denmark

photo_credit Martin Schubert
Martin Schubert

Petersen Tegl was founded in 1791 in Denmark, and boasts a rich heritage of craftsmanship and expertise, passed down through generations of skilled artisans. Over the centuries, Petersen Tegl has remained committed to producing high-quality clay bricks that embody Danish design principles of simplicity, functionality, and sustainability. Its offerings include Petersen Cover handmade clay bricks for facade and roof cladding , which is made by artisans using wooden molds. 


4. Brickworks Building Products, Australia

photo_credit Anjie Blair
Anjie Blair

Brickworks Building Products is one of the world’s largest and most diverse building material manufacturers. Since its beginnings in 1930, the company has built an enduring reputation over 80 years. The company is supported by 2,500 employees worldwide, 45 manufacturing plants and 54 design studios, displays and masonry supply centers. Its Bowral dry-pressed facade bricks have been used in many of Australia's most admired and historic buildings. The brick features a unique granular patina, sharp edges and distinctive Bowral clay colors.



photo_credit Luc Boegly
Luc Boegly

Vande Moortel was founded in 1864 in Oudenaarde, Belgium. Initially established as a brick-making operation, Vande Moortel has evolved over generations to become a leading manufacturer of clay facade bricks renowned for their quality, craftsmanship, and aesthetic appeal. Throughout its history, Vande Moortel has remained dedicated to the tradition of clay brick production while embracing modern technologies and design trends. Its LINEA dimensionally precise clay brick facade cladding feature clean lines, crisp edges, and a range of subtle textures that add depth and character to any architectural design.


6. Vandersanden, Belgium

photo_credit Vandersanden

Vandersanden is a family company established in 1925 which produces hand-formed facing bricks, pavers and brick solutions distributed to more than 30 countries. Vandersanden Group offers facing bricks in different colors, shapes and textures to obtain a unique esthetic result for every project. Vandersanden smothered bricks for gray tinted facades are treated in a special smothering kiln with an intense, low-oxygen atmosphere to extract oxygen from the bricks, whereby the iron oxide color changes to give the bricks a gray color.


7. Arriscraft, USA

photo_credit Kelly Burke for ODA Architecture
Kelly Burke for ODA Architecture

For over 70 years, Arriscraft has manufactured stone for commercial and residential projects using a unique process that eliminates the need for cementitious or artificial binders. Arriscraft pioneered its environmentally benign Natural Process technology in the 1950s and which it has continued to enhance and refine ever since. Unique blending and production technology produces stone with natural colors, textures and shapes. Low absorption, high density and common masonry requirements leads to design flexibility, durability and affordability.  Its Architectural Linear Series brick cladding is an extra-long, elegant brick product series that features a distressed finish and, being a silicate brick versus a clay brick, offers the performance benefits of natural quarried stone.


8. Ströher, Germany

photo_credit Camillo Botticini Architect
Camillo Botticini Architect

The Ströher Group is a German ceramics company that operates worldwide and specializes at its Dillenburg production facilities in the production and sale of facade clinker bricks and ceramic tiles. The parent company Ströher has been one of Germany's leading manufacturers of extruded clinker brick slips for facades and frost-resistant outdoor ceramics for terraces and balconies since 1884. Its Keravette light and robust clay clinker brick facade cladding is produced in 24 beautiful color tones, numerous formats and glazed or unglazed surfaces to give architects and designers a nearly unlimited choice of options. 


9. General Shale, USA

photo_credit General Shale
General Shale

Founded in 1928, General Shale is North America's largest brick, stone and concrete block manufacturer, supplying a wide range of masonry materials for residential, commercial and architectural projects. General Shale is headquartered in Johnson City, Tennessee and has several manufacturing locations in the United States and a wide network of distributors. Its Old Brick Originals™ kiln-fired thin brick cladding is an authentic, kiln-fired brick cut thin and is a practical solution for exterior or interior applications. 


10. Hagemeister GmbH & Co. KG – Klinkerwerk, Germany

photo_credit Hagemeister

The Hagemeister clinker factory defines itself through its passion for clinker products and their uses in architecture. The use of clinker bricks as a construction material has in the past, and continues to shape the look and character of entire regions. Hagemeister kiln-made clinker bricks for facade cladding offer the full color spectrum, from the sandy white-yellow of Danish clinker bricks and the almost black-red of British clinker, to the light red of Baltic gothic clinker architecture and the dark red-blue iridescent clinkers traditionally seen on Friesian houses.



photo_credit La Paloma Cerámicas
La Paloma Cerámicas

Present in 21 countries with 7 manufacturing facilities in southern Europe, La Paloma Cerámicas has been growing steadily for more than 30 years, making the company a specialist in the manufacturing of clay products. Its La Paloma Cerámicas four-sided clinker brick cladding offers four finished faces, allowing to save materials in work and at the same time have the high-end of ceramic products.


12. Glen-Gery, USA

photo_credit Corey Gaffer
Corey Gaffer

Founded in 1890 in Pennsylvania, Glen-Gery is one of the USA's largest brick manufacturers. Glen-Gery products are sold across North America through a large distributor network as well as company-owned supply centers. Glen-Gery extruded facebrick cladding bricks are available in a variety of textures that include smooth, velour, bar, rug, matt, paper cut, scored, rockface, slurry and sand finishes.


13. Coronado Stone Products, USA

photo_credit Coronado Stone Products
Coronado Stone Products

Coronado Stone Products offers a variety of manufactured stone veneer, thin brick, tile and precast products. Its products are hand crafted from natural stone in a process that makes the two hard to discern. The company has been creating simulated stone siding that captures the natural elegance and beauty of genuine stone for over 60 years. Its Special Used brick cladding ledgestone profiles replicate some of the most beautiful quarried ledgestones from around the country. 



photo_credit Koen Van Damme
Koen Van Damme

Nelissen Steenfabrieken provides a wide range of facing bricks, both for classic and modern buildings, residential and commercial. Customers have a choice of more than 100 colors and 8 sizes. All facing bricks are suitable for traditional brickwork and for the application of modern techniques such as bonding and masonry with thin-bed mortar. Its Maranello non-perforated and sand covered cladding bricks have five sand covered sides and one side with a possible oblong groove. The structure looks rugged with fine and irregular grooves in the sandy surface. The baking process takes place in a gas-heated tunnel oven under a slightly reduced atmosphere.


15. Ketley brick, UK

photo_credit Jack Hobhouse
Jack Hobhouse

Ketley was founded over 100 years ago and forms part of the Hinton Perry & Davenhill family business which began making Dreadnought Clay Roof Tiles in 1805. Ketley Brick’s Extruded natural clay brick slip cladding is a product range that eliminates the need and cost to cut down bricks for use with pre-fabricated panels and other cladding solutions. They have only 30% of the embodied carbon of a traditional cut brick slip and are a highly durable, sustainable and cost effective choice for construction.


16. Ziegelei Hebrok, Germany

photo_credit Stefan Müller
Stefan Müller

The roots of the Hebrok private brickworks, based in Natrup-Hagen in the Osnabrück district in northwestern Germany, go back to 1932. At that time, the two founding families built the region's first steam brick factory. Today, as in the past, the special know-how is the basis for convincing results that can be seen in the clinker products - and this in the fourth generation. Ziegelei Hebrok slate clay waterstruck clinker bricks are produced economically and in an environmentally-friendly way using local clay products. The bricks do not require the process of steaming, which requires a second firing to take place - often at a different location. Ziegelei Hebrok saves the environment the double use of energy plus transport and packaging costs. 


17. Stonecycling, Netherlands

photo_credit Sebastian van Damme
Sebastian van Damme

Stonecycling has redefined the industry with its innovative approach to recycled brick production. Established in the early 2000s by a team of environmental entrepreneurs and construction experts, Stonecycling emerged from a collective passion to address the environmental impact of traditional brick manufacturing methods. Driven by a commitment to sustainability, Stonecycling harnesses state-of-the-art recycling technologies to transform various waste materials, including concrete rubble, glass, and ceramics, into high-quality recycled bricks. Its Nougat WasteBasedBrick® repurposed brick cladding is made from at least 60% waste, and upcycle 91 kilograms of waste per square meter. These bricks are suitable for both interior and exterior use and are available in custom shapes and sizes.


18. Feldhaus Klinker Vertriebs-GmbH, Germany

photo_credit Hufton + Crow
Hufton + Crow

Feldhaus is an international German brick factory and has about 150 employees at its Bad Laer site in Germany. Founded in 1857, the family-run company that produces bricks, pavers and thin bricks. Feldhaus delivers products worldwide to over 30 countries. Its Feldhaus facing brick is an extremely durable natural gray colored facing brick with a waterstruck surface.


19. Cerâmica Vale da Gândara, Portugal

photo_credit Fernando Guerra  Main Facade
Fernando Guerra Main Facade

Cerâmica do Vale da Gândara was created in 1957 and is located in central Portugal, between the mountains of Buçaco and Caramulo. Its Tijolo Face à Vista fire resistant klinker brick cladding is manufactured with special clays that, when fired at high temperatures, reduces its porosity and increases its density to such an extent that it creates a material with less water absorption, greater density and a high mechanical compressive strength than typical bricks. This unique brick is characterized by its exposed face, which showcases the natural texture and color variations inherent in the clay material. 


20. LOPO Terracotta, China

photo_credit Shengliang Su
Shengliang Su

LOPO China is a family-owned corporation established in 2002. Over the past decade, LOPO China has become the major manufacturer of architectural terracotta product in mainland China. Three factories in Fujian province for LOPO Thin Brick, LOPO Terracotta Facade Panel and LOPO Artificial Stone are equipped by advanced production lines imported from Italy, an excellent technical team and more than 600 skilled workers. LOPO's Low-water absorption clay face bricks are available in a wide range of colors, ranging from red, white, grey, yellow and brown to metallic color or even carbon black.


21. Michelmersh, UK

photo_credit Michelmersh

Producing over 125 million clay bricks and pavers annually, Michelmersh is a leader in the UK market. Michelmersh offers the highest quality stock bricks in a unique range of colors and finishes to provide a brick of real character. Its Hampshire Stock Red Multi ATR facing brick is a high quality, traditional stock brick with real character used for projects in conservation areas, new homes or commercial buildings. The range features a mix of red colors with highlights of brown and orange hues with a smooth sand-faced finish.


22. Röben, Germany

photo_credit Röben

Röben, a leading German brick manufacturer, pioneers in sustainable construction solutions since 1861. With a legacy of craftsmanship and innovation, Röben delivers high-quality clay bricks for architectural excellence worldwide. Their commitment to eco-friendly practices and cutting-edge technology ensures durable, aesthetic, and energy-efficient building materials for diverse architectural projects. Röben's Brick slips for new buildings and energy-saving facade renovations is a new clinker brick slips family with a slightly rough surface in initially five matching colors ranging from grey to beige and red to black, some of which have a noble coal finish.


23. Egernsund Tegl, Denmark

photo_credit Egernsund Tegl
Egernsund Tegl

Egernsund Tegl, a Danish company established in 1911, specializes in manufacturing clay bricks and tiles. With a focus on quality and sustainability, it produces a range of construction materials for residential and commercial projects. The company prioritizes eco-friendly production methods and efficient use of natural resources. Its Roman brick cladding product has a very slender and elegant expression and features dimensions that closely align with historical Roman brick sizes. They are crafted from high-quality clay, are subjected to controlled firing processes, and exhibit consistent strength and durability. 


24. Heylen Ceramics, Belgium

photo_credit Nicolas Vantomme
Nicolas Vantomme

Heylen Ceramics is a family-owned company that relies on four generations of knowledge of facing bricks and roof tiles to create the building solutions of tomorrow today. Its extensive line of facing bricks includes QUARTZ HV HF hand shaped brick cladding which yields a  distinctive grey color due to a special second treatment in the kiln, and because this brick was heated a second time before the smothering process, it meets the strictest quality standards. 


25. S.Anselmo, Italy

photo_credit S.Anselmo

S. Anselmo, located in Italy, specializes in the production of bricks using traditional methods. Leveraging locally sourced clay, it relies on kiln-fired techniques to achieve desired material properties. With a focus on precision molding and quality control, S. Anselmo ensures uniformity in size, shape, and strength of its bricks. These bricks conform to industry standards and are suitable for various construction applications, from residential to commercial projects. Its Smoked brick facade cladding is a range that is expressed in many color tones and degrees of shades.