25 best architecture firms in Italy
Alex Filz

25 best architecture firms in Italy

10 Jun 2023  •  News  •  By Surabhi Patil

Italy is home to a myriad of architectural styles, both contemporary and historical. From the glorious ancient Roman ruins to the sublime Renaissance masterpieces, Italian heritage has been a beacon of architectural ingenuity through the ages. The Renaissance, in particular, marked a golden period of unparalleled artistic and intellectual awakening, with visionaries like Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, and Palladio pushing the boundaries of architectural expression and laying the foundation for future generations.

The country underwent a seismic shift during the dark years of fascism, distorting the harmony between architectural design, planning and human scale. However, in the wake of the oppressive environment, Italy emerged as a laboratory for architectural innovation, experimentation, and resilience, giving birth to a new wave of Italian creativity. Combining a thorough understanding of the country's rich past with a forward-thinking vision, Italian architecture firms are spearheading ground-breaking designs, embodying the spirit of innovation and sensitivity to context. The following list is a selection of 25 architectural firms that have continued to retain the essence of Italian architecture.   



photo_credit Alex Felt
Alex Felt

1. NOA

NOA is a collective of architects and interior designers founded in 2011 by Stefan Rier and Lukas Rungger. Since its establishment in Bolzano, NOA has consistently pursued a strong connection to the dynamic and global atmosphere of the urban metropolis, which is the birthplace of its expertise. They have deliberately fashioned their studio as an open laboratory, where experimentation and curiosity serve as the driving forces behind their work. Embracing the concept of "limits," NOA constantly strives to push boundaries, shatter barriers, and eliminate constraints. With a decade of work experience in different cities, including New York, London, Berlin, Milan, Ferrara, and Graz, the firm brings a diverse range of cultural and social influences to their designs. At NOA, the project is seen as a journey of discovery and a storytelling tool, enriching the spaces they create. Today, NOA has grown to include over 30 creatives in its network, with three additional partners and offices in Bolzano, Berlin, Turin, and Milan.



photo_credit Moreno Maggi
Moreno Maggi

2. Studio Fuksas

Studio Fuksas, helmed by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, stands as a highly accomplished global architecture firm. With a remarkable track record spanning four decades, the studio has embraced innovation through a diverse range of projects. Their portfolio includes urban interventions, airports, museums, cultural spaces, music venues, congress centres, offices, interior designs, private homes, and design collections. Operating from Rome, Paris, and Shenzhen, this internationally acclaimed studio has successfully executed over 600 projects across Europe, Africa, America, Asia, and Australia, earning numerous prestigious international accolades.



photo_credit Giovanni De Sandre
Giovanni De Sandre

3. mono volume architecture + design

Located in the vibrant heart of Bolzano, monovolume architecture + design is a highly regarded firm known for its exceptional work in architecture and design. Founded in 2003 by Patrik Pedó and Jury Pobitzer, who first crossed paths during their studies at the University of Innsbruck, the firm has garnered recognition for its remarkable renovations and new construction projects. Their comprehensive portfolio includes conceptual studies, project design and development, construction oversight, three-dimensional visualization, urban planning, and master plan development. With a strong focus on architecture, exhibition design, and product design, their talented team of 15 creatives, comprising architects, industrial designers, 3D artists, and graphic designers, bring diverse perspectives to their interdisciplinary and international practice.



photo_credit Gustav Willeit
Gustav Willeit

4. Bergmeisterwolf Architects

bergmeisterwolf is the result of the collaboration between Gerd Bergmeister and Michaela Wolf. Operating from their studios in Brixen and Rosenheim, atelier bergmeisterwolf seeks to address spatial and formal requirements while considering contextual factors through a comprehensive dialogue with clients and academic research. Their architectural projects have been recognized with several prestigious awards, including the national architecture prize "architetto italiano 2019," acknowledging their innovative approach that responds to the context, emphasizes materiality, and presents bold solutions. They have also received accolades such as "Best Architects" and the dedalo minosse award, along with honors from the city of Oderzo and a nomination for the EU Mies Award 22.



photo_credit Gustav Willeit, Daniel Zangerl & Jörgen Camrath
Gustav Willeit, Daniel Zangerl & Jörgen Camrath

5. Peter Pichler Architecture

Peter Pichler Architecture, a renowned architectural laboratory based in Milan, is celebrated for its award-winning designs. The studio is driven by a young, dynamic, and experimental team devoted to pioneering an innovative and contemporary approach to architecture. Their philosophy embraces the significance of tradition in catalysing radical evolution, leading them to infuse each project with a profound understanding of local culture and a deep respect for the natural environment. PPA's exceptional designs have garnered international recognition, earning numerous awards and acknowledgments from esteemed institutions worldwide. The studio actively engages in global architecture events, with Peter himself serving as a distinguished speaker at renowned gatherings such as the International Alvar Aalto Symposium in Finland and the Venice Biennale of Architecture. Additionally, they have conducted workshops and delivered lectures across Asia, further enriching their contributions to the field.



photo_credit Fernando Guerra
Fernando Guerra

6. GEZA Architecture

GEZA Architettura, established in 1999 by Stefano Gri and Piero Zucchi, is a multidisciplinary architecture studio dedicated to achieving a harmonious balance between Ideas, Beauty, and Functionality. The studio embraces contrasting elements, such as efficiency and environmental considerations, productive processes, and site-specific characteristics, to create new meanings and identities. Their mission is to shape the spaces we inhabit, recognizing the complexities arising from multiple stakeholders, regulations, interests, economics, and politics. GEZA Architettura specializes in architecture projects, urban planning, interior, and product design, with a unique perspective that emphasizes contextual integration, materiality, and human-centred solutions. Their focus lies on industrial architecture in relation to the landscape,



photo_credit Florian Jaenicke
Florian Jaenicke


Plasma Studio is a globally oriented architecture and design firm that embraces projects of various scales and types, spanning from furniture design to cultural projects, houses, hotels, and landscape and urban planning. Their approach involves integrating buildings into the larger context, creating dynamic relationships and atmospheres through the interplay of elements and spaces. By pushing boundaries, Plasma Studio seeks to cultivate specificity, identity, and transformation, fostering an engaging and participatory environment.



photo_credit Andrea Martiradona
Andrea Martiradona

8. Park Associates

Established in 2000 by Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi, Park Associati is a versatile architectural firm specializing in architectural design, urban planning, interior design, and product design. Their projects reflect a combination of precision, aesthetics, and thoughtful composition. The firm has gained recognition for its expertise in designing headquarters that embody a company's identity, exemplified by notable projects like Salewa in Bolzano, Luxottica, Nestlé, and Accenture in Milan. Park Associati is also known for its innovative and hybrid residential solutions, such as student residences in Milan and the redevelopment of former agricultural consortiums. Their portfolio encompasses a range of projects including iconic traveling restaurants, retail spaces for luxury brands like Hermès and Brioni, urban regeneration initiatives,



photo_credit Andrea Ferrari
Andrea Ferrari

9. Piuarch

Established in Milan in 1996 by Francesco Fresa, Germán Fuenmayor, Gino Garbellini, and Monica Tricario, Piuarch is an architecture and urban planning firm renowned for its diverse range of projects. From office buildings and retail structures to housing complexes and urban renewal initiatives, Piuarch's portfolio encompasses various architectural typologies. Their approach is deeply rooted in the context, embracing sustainable practices and creating quality urban spaces that promote renewal. With over 40 collaborators, Piuarch thrives on the synergy of a multi-dimensional team, fostering creativity through the exchange of diverse perspectives and talents.



photo_credit Lorenzo Masotto
Lorenzo Masotto

10. Stefano Boeri Architetti

Since its establishment in 1993, Stefano Boeri Architetti has been at the forefront of architecture and urban planning, with offices in Milan, Shanghai, and Tirana. The firm's multidisciplinary approach encompasses architecture, urban regeneration, interior design, and cultural projects. With a keen awareness of the geopolitical and environmental aspects of urban development, the studio undertakes complex projects across different continents, fostering collaborations between various stakeholders. Known for his commitment to sustainable architecture, social housing, and strategic urban development, Stefano Boeri Architetti integrates nature and architecture, emphasizing the interconnectedness of human and natural spheres. The iconic Bosco Verticale, a vertical forest in Milan, exemplifies its innovative approach and has received international acclaim, including awards for its design and contributions to biodiversity. Today, the firm continues to pursue projects that prioritize green solutions and adapt to local climatic conditions and functional needs.



photo_credit Andrea Martiradona
Andrea Martiradona

11. Studio Marco Piva

Nestled in the energetic heart of Milan, Studio Marco Piva stands as a celebrated architectural and design firm, guided by the visionary Marco Piva. Their core objective revolves around crafting spaces that enrich the human experience, placing great value on aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. Through a meticulous eye for detail, close collaboration with clients and experts, and an interdisciplinary approach, Studio Marco Piva has established a diverse portfolio spanning residential, hospitality, retail, and cultural ventures. Their designs have garnered global recognition for their innovative and timeless allure. With their thoughtful and eco-conscious methodology, they persist in shaping captivating environments that positively influence the lives of those who encounter them.



photo_credit Alberto Senigallia
Alberto Senigallia

12. Mide Architetti

MIDE Architetti is an architecture studio based in Venice specializing in urban planning, architecture, and interiors. The firm is known for its dedication to creating designs that embody simplicity, purity, and meticulous attention to detail. With a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, the team at MIDE Architetti collaborates closely with qualified experts in the field. Their active participation in national and international competitions has earned them prestigious awards and recognition. MIDE Architetti places a high priority on understanding and fulfilling their clients' needs attentively, employing a collaborative and approach throughout the design and realization process.



photo_credit Duccio Malagamba
Duccio Malagamba

13.Mario Cucinella Architects Srl

Mario Cucinella Architects is a prestigious architectural firm guided by the esteemed architect Mario Cucinella. Our firm is recognized for its unwavering dedication to sustainable design, crafting spaces that seamlessly blend with their environment and prioritize the well-being of individuals and the planet. Their designs are responsive to the local context, considering factors such as climate and culture. Sustainability is a core principle, and the firm integrates energy-efficient systems and renewable materials to minimize environmental impact. They also prioritize occupant well-being by incorporating natural elements and fostering a connection to nature. Collaboration is key, as they work closely with clients and experts to create spaces that reflect their vision and values. With a diverse portfolio and numerous awards,



photo_credit Alberto Sinigaglia
Alberto Sinigaglia

14. Didone Comacchio Architects

Didonè Comacchio Architects is a renowned architectural firm led by architects Paolo Didonè and Devvy Comacchio. They are known for their unique design approach and dedication to creating innovative and sustainable spaces. The firm merges art, technology, and functionality to craft exceptional architectural solutions that inspire and cater to their clients' needs. With a deep appreciation for context, they seamlessly integrate their designs with the surroundings, respecting the history and cultural identity of each location. Their extensive portfolio features a diverse range of projects, spanning residential, commercial, cultural, and hospitality spaces. Their designs are highly regarded for their meticulous attention to detail and thoughtful layouts that significantly enhance the overall user experience.



photo_credit Andrea Martiradona
Andrea Martiradona

15. Damilano Studio

Damilano Studio is a renowned architectural firm led by architect Duilio Damilano, known for its exceptional design practices and dedication to creating captivating and functional spaces. Their approach revolves around blending creativity with practicality, crafting environments that showcase artistic vision while meeting the specific needs of their clients. Meticulous site analysis is a key aspect of their practice, allowing them to seamlessly integrate their designs with the surrounding environment. Sustainability is another core principle, as they employ energy-efficient technologies and promote sustainable materials to minimize environmental impact. Collaboration is fundamental to their process, working closely with clients and consultants to achieve personalized and tailored outcomes. Their portfolio encompasses a diverse range of projects, characterized by sleek aesthetics, clean lines, and meticulous craftsmanship. Damilano Studio continues to make a lasting impact by creating designs that beautifully combine beauty and functionality.



photo_credit Matteo Losurdo
Matteo Losurdo

16. Atelierzero

Atelierzero, a name that resonates with a group of ambitious young architects, is dedicated to shaping a world where better buildings stand as symbols of progress. Founded in 2013, this architectural studio embraces a diverse range of themes and typologies, spanning residential, retail, interior, and product design. With an unwavering commitment to crafting emotionally resonant designs and ensuring conceptual clarity, Atelierzero's creative journey is guided by a harmonious blend of time-honoured craftsmanship and the limitless potential afforded by contemporary materials and fabrication techniques.



photo_credit Marcello Mariana
Marcello Mariana

17. act_romegialli

act_romegialli is a distinguished architectural firm renowned for its unique design practices and contextual integration. Led by architects Gianmatteo Romegialli and Erika Gaggia Van Hardeveld, the firm is recognized for its thoughtful approach to architecture, creating spaces that harmonize with their surroundings. With a focus on functionality, act_romegialli designs visually inspiring spaces that address clients' needs and aspirations. Sustainability is a strong commitment, seen through their use of energy-efficient solutions, passive design strategies, and sustainable materials. Collaboration is key to their approach, working closely with clients and experts to foster innovative solutions. Their portfolio showcases attention to detail, craftsmanship, and the integration of natural materials, resulting in memorable spaces that resonate with people.



photo_credit Santi Caleca
Santi Caleca

18. Vudafieri Saverino Partners

Vudafieri-Saverino Partners is a creative atelier led by partners Claudio Saverino and Tiziano Vudafieri. With a workforce of forty, the firm specializes in architecture, interior design, and various design sectors such as retail, hotellerie, and restaurant design. With offices in Milan and Shanghai, VSP has built a reputation for its attentive approach to contemporary cultural, urban, landscape, and societal issues. Their projects span across countries and continents, showcasing a meticulous blend of form, function, and detail that reflects the values of both the client and the context. Their project method emphasizes the integration of place identity and storytelling strategy. Having opened its Shanghai branch in 2012, VSP focuses on design development, working drawings, and project management for projects in China and the Far East.



photo_credit Mattia Aquila photography
Mattia Aquila photography

19. Carola Vannini Architecture

Carola Vannini Architecture is a design company founded by Carola Vannini in 2002, specializing in architecture and interior design. The firm's focus is primarily on residential architecture but extends to projects of various scales, from small renovations to large commercial and new-construction endeavors. With a blend of experiences from living and working in different cultures, including her time in New York, Carola Vannini Architecture embraces a design approach that combines classical Italian traditions with innovative solutions. This fusion creates a unique perspective on living spaces, where old and new elements intersect. Through extensive research on residential and commercial spaces, the firm translates clients' diverse needs and mentalities into tangible concepts and realized spaces. Carola Vannini Architecture collaborates closely with clients, turning their visions into architectural and design reality.



photo_credit Alberto Strada
Alberto Strada

20. Parisotto + Formenton Architetti

Aldo Parisotto and Massimo Formenton, both graduates of Architecture from IUAV in Venice in the late 1980s, joined forces in 1990 to establish Parisotto + Formenton Architetti Studio in Padua. In 2004, they further expanded their reach by establishing an office in Milan, extending their influence to national and international realms. In the realm of architecture, they undertake projects in museums, commercial spaces, offices, and residential buildings. Their specialization in interior architecture lies predominantly in the retail sector, offering comprehensive services from concept to realization. They have established strong collaborations with renowned Italian and international companies in the fashion, luxury, and food industries. Additionally, they engage in design projects for prominent lighting, furniture, and nautical brands, while also providing art direction for Baleri Italia, True Design, and Cimento.



photo_credit Gustav Willeit
Gustav Willeit

21. Pedevilla Architects

Pedevilla Architects, established in 2005 by brothers Alexander and Armin Pedevilla, is a renowned architectural firm recognized for its innovative and sustainable design solutions. Based in Bruneck, Italy, the firm has garnered international acclaim for its projects that seamlessly blend with their surroundings. At the core of Pedevilla Architects' philosophy are the principles of context, materiality, and craftsmanship.  Pedevilla Architects holds a strong belief in designing architecture that deeply connects with its surroundings. They derive inspiration from the landscape, culture, and history of the area to create buildings that seamlessly blend into their environments, safeguarding the natural beauty and cultural legacy of the locale.



photo_credit Max Zambell
Max Zambell

22. Matteo Thun & Partners

Matteo Thun Milano is a renowned architectural and design studio that combines pleasure and emotion in its work. With a responsible approach, they prioritize the harmonious relationships between people, places, and products to create meaningful projects that enrich everyday life. Located in Milan, they embrace the concept of Made in Italy, honouring cultural heritage and infusing each project with soul. Their authentic and individualistic approach brings a sense of well-being, acknowledging the importance of integrating and respecting the natural world. The studio's team of architects and designers in Milan and Munich specialize in creating personalized solutions for residential spaces, luxury hospitality, healthcare environments, and inspiring workplaces. They also offer product design and branding graphic design services, shaping iconic architectural designs, products, and brand visions for clients worldwide.



photo_credit Carola Merello
Carola Merello

23. Barreca & La Varra

Barreca & La Varra is a distinguished architectural firm founded by Gianandrea Barreca and Giovanni La Varra in 2008. Operating from Milan, Italy, Barreca & La Varra has gained global acclaim for its cutting-edge and imaginative design approach. Central to their philosophy is the notion of "narrative architecture," where every project weaves a distinctive tale and captivates both its occupants and the environment it inhabits. They specialize in urban planning, successfully revitalizing urban areas and creating vibrant public spaces that promote social interaction and economic growth. Barreca & La Varra's designs are characterized by a clean aesthetic, sustainable principles, and a meticulous research process. Their diverse portfolio includes cultural institutions, public buildings, residential complexes, and commercial developments. With numerous awards and exhibitions to its name, the firm continues to push the boundaries of architecture and contribute to the evolving traits of contemporary society. Gianandrea Barreca and Giovanni La Varra are respected educators and researchers, further enriching their architectural practice.



photo_credit Oskar Da Riz
Oskar Da Riz

24. Roland Baldi Architects

Roland Baldi Architects, established in Bolzano in 1994, is dedicated to undertaking a diverse range of construction projects that vary in scale, context, and purpose. The firm's architecture is characterized by a contemporary design language that prioritizes simplicity and differentiation. By distilling architecture to its essential elements, even in complex tasks, they strive to create timeless and high-quality designs. With a keen sensitivity to the environment and a focus on functionality and economy, the firm utilizes a few consciously chosen materials and colours, clear lines, and local references to shape their creations. Throughout the entire process, the user's needs and requirements remain at the forefront. In addition to their project-based research and planning, Roland Baldi Architects actively engages in critical and reflective discussions on contemporary architecture, art, and design.



photo_credit Carlo Baroni
Carlo Baroni


Elisa Burnazzi and Davide Feltrin established their architecture studio, Burnazzi Feltrin Architects in 2003 with the aim of turning clients' dreams into unique and personalized buildings. Their design process starts by understanding the individual's inspirations, desires, and preferences, ensuring that the final result reflects their identity. Using a unique tool called the Dream Book, Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti collects ideas to better grasp clients' tastes, needs, and budget. Their projects, characterized by minimalism and a sense of warmth, are created with the objective of providing well-being and a sense of belonging. The firm collaborates with skilled artisans and companies to bring clients' dreams to life. Quality is of utmost importance to them, as they see it as a public value that preserves beauty and enhances living conditions. Elisa Burnazzi and Davide Feltrin have been recognized for their work through prestigious awards, publications, and exhibitions worldwide.


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