Archello Awards 2023 Longlist – Wall Finish of the Year

Archello Awards 2023 Longlist – Wall Finish of the Year

12 Oct 2023  •  Archello Awards  •  Archello

Archello Awards 2023 has revealed its longlist for Wall Finish of the Year. The longlists celebrate the very best architecture projects and building products selected from over 1,000 entries for the very first edition of our awards program. The 18 products longlisted below range from vinyl wallpapers with outstanding graphics to solid wood wall panel systems, acoustic finishes, porcelain tiles and perforated metal. 


Atmospheres Wall Panels
For this collection, the designer of these new wall panels, Bertrand Lejoly, has chosen to reinterpret familiar architectural motifs in order to create timeless decorative elements suited to a variety of interior styl...


Chromatic Collection
The Chromatic Collection is one of the most complete collections in full-body porcelain tiles worldwide, comprising 40 colours, 10 formats and 5 finishes. A broad and estructured palette of 40 co...


Classics Tide
Add visual depth for vibrant spaces Mosa Classics Tide combines vibrant warmth and textural appeal, typically associated with artisanal tiles. The unique surface with varying shades causes vis...


Architecture has always had two constituent elements: the structural component supporting, necessary, fixed, delimiting and defining spaces, and the finishing layers, to which the emotiveness of a space has always bee...


Wolf-Gordon Inc
When wandering the aisles of a large trade show such as HD Expo in Las Vegas, one does not expect to encounter a provocative exhibition on artificial intelligence. However, that is precisely what Wolf-Gordon presented...


Jurgen is considered a very particular polished marble, emerged from the work with a subtle decoration with different me...


Autex Acoustics
Add a feature to any space with Lanes™, a battened style acoustic system made from Cube™. The air gap behind each lane provides enhanced low frequency absorption. Available in three styles: Peak, Plane, an...


Maxi Deco
Scalloped timber meets plywood allows Maxi Deco profiles to bring a soft, whimsical, touch to your interiors. Celebrating the...


Metals in Motion
Móz Designs
A collection of ten new movement-inspired patterns drawn from the natural and built environment. Showcasing patterns derived from natural elements like sand dunes, wind, and the jungle, as well as inspiration from our...


Miniature Fornace
Marca Corona
Miniature is the container for the collections in the new 6x24 cm small size of Marca Corona, a collection that tells of the skilful magic of tradition and innovation, aesthetics and research. The small size is a trea...


'Morgan' wallpaper by Tecnografica. With 'Morgan' wallpaper, the adventure doesn't end on a single wall. This jungle subject, in fact, was specifically designed also to cover the ceiling of the room, thus crea...


WET System, the wallpaper for shower and wet roomsThis is Wall&decò's patented wall covering dedicated to humid environments such as bathrooms, showers and spas. Totally impermeable to water, it has e...


Unika Vaev
The Pinnacle Modular Acoustic System combines texture, color, graphics, and optional LED lighting to enhance how we experience the interior environment. The inspiration for the wall cladding system is rooted in an ang...


Smart Whiteboard Paint
Smarter Surfaces
Smart Whiteboard Paint transforms any smooth surface into an interactive whiteboard surface, offering limitless creativity, collaboration, and...


Solid Wood Tambour
Surfacing Solution
Solid Wood Tambour is a flexible grooved decorative surfacing material. The grooving is visually attractive and allows for the panels to have flexibility for ease in designing curves and angles, inwards and outwards.


Statuario Matte
The Statuario Matte glass mosaic is composed of 25x25mm square tiles, with the look of white marble with veining, in a non-slip finish. A benchmark in elegant decoration for walls and floor in any space.


VicStrip is a new, innovative approach to slat panels by introducing laminated VicPET Wool free of wood, making it more sustainable, flexible and lightweight. Following the advance in VicPET Wool technology as...


Whiteboard Magnetic and Projector Wallpaper
Smarter Surfaces
Smarter Surfaces Magnetic Whiteboard Wallpaper – Low Sheen turns any wall into a triple functional surface in just one easy application.  This is a high performance wallpaper demanded by offices and...