Archello houses of the month - December 2023
Jaime Navarro

Archello houses of the month - December 2023

27 Dec 2023  •  News  •  By Collin Anderson

Archello has selected its houses of the month for December 2023. This list showcases the 20 most outstanding projects for private houses added to Archello's project library during the past month, chosen from hundreds received. To be selected, the project must have been completed in the last two years and must include both photos and drawings to provide a full picture of its design. The houses listed here are located in 15 countries including China, France, Italy, Spain and the UK. 


Open Park Villa (Netherlands), by i29

photo_credit Tim Van de Velde
Tim Van de Velde


Creation of two cabins perched on stilts (France), by Cyril Chênebeau architecte

photo_credit Aldo Amoretti
Aldo Amoretti


Habitat Calisese (Italy), by Laprimastanza



House 75.9 (Canada), by Omer Arbel

photo_credit Fahim Kassam
Fahim Kassam


CTZ2 House (Spain), by Pepe Giner Arquitectos

photo_credit Diego Opazo
Diego Opazo


Casa Marcela (Spain), by Erbalunga estudio

photo_credit Iván Casal Nieto
Iván Casal Nieto


Casa Eñe (Spain), by Estudio Albar

photo_credit @imagen subliminal
@imagen subliminal


The Arc (UK), by DROO - Da Costa Mahindroo Architects

photo_credit Henry Woide
Henry Woide


Courtyard by the West Sea (China), by META-Project

 Chun Fang
Chun Fang


Domehome (Spain), by EME157 estudio

photo_credit Luis Asín
Luis Asín


Terracotta Pavilion House 2 (Georgia), by Laboratory of Architecture #3

photo_credit Giorgi Mamasakhlisi
Giorgi Mamasakhlisi


Transformation House ME in Brissago (Switzerland), by Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architects

photo_credit Giacomo Albo
Giacomo Albo


Casa Vôlt (Argentina), by Estudio PK

photo_credit Alejandro Peral
Alejandro Peral


Casa Credai (Italy), by Andrea Dal Negro Architect

photo_credit Giulia Maretti
Giulia Maretti


Ponte House (Portugal), by stu.dere - Architecture & Design Studio

photo_credit Ivo Tavares Studio
Ivo Tavares Studio


Laguna House (Argentina), by ESTUDIO MORTON arquitectura

photo_credit Matias Godec
Matias Godec


Casa CH73 (Mexico), by LBR&A

photo_credit Jaime Navarro
Jaime Navarro


A House Like Two Barns (Poland), by Exterio

photo_credit Yassen Hristov
Yassen Hristov


A (Japan), by ninkipen!



Interlocking House (UK), by Whittaker Parsons

photo_credit Jim Stephenson
Jim Stephenson