Top 10 Trending Tiles
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Top 10 Trending Tiles

4 Jul 2022  •  Specification  •  By Collin Anderson

From bathroom walls to flooring for living spaces, tiling provides a durable, easy-to-maintain finish solution with a seemingly infinite range of colors, finishes, shapes and sizes. Architects and designers specify tiling for both wet and dry environments, indoors and outdoors. Though a hard finish, tiling can also be produced in warm colors and with a variety of textures to achieve a variety of design intents. These are ten of our most popular tile products specified in the past year.

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Jersey City Urby by Concrete - © Ewout Huibers for concrete

1. Core Collection Terra by Mosa
Mosa Core Collection Terra tiles, manufactured in the Netherlands by Mosa, have a distinctly natural, earthy character thanks to their powdery, matt look and flamed design. Mosa produces the tiles in natural shades from cool to warm in pure ceramic. This series is available in a range of shapes and sizes to create a variety of pattern designs and looks. The tile can be used on floors and walls, indoors and outdoors. A supplementary tile series, the Terra Tones, offers additional hues that allow for softer gradations and more subtle adjustments to the standard pattern design. Mosa offers both smooth tiles and anti-slip textured relief tiles suitable for high-traffic areas.



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Alma AB Stockholm by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter - © Åke E:son Lindman

2. Global Collection by Mosa 
Mosa’s Global Collection consists of wall tiles in a palette of 40 colors available in gloss and silk matt, and floor tiles in 18 solid, fine or coarse speckled colors. The collection is suitable for indoor and outdoor use on walls, floors, facades and terraces. The series is fully modular and comes with anti-slip tile options, accessories and functional extras such as stair tiles and tactile floor and wall tiles.



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El Mama & La Papa by El Equipo Creativo - © Adrià Goulà

3. Unicolor by Hisbalit
Manufactured in Spain by Hisbalit, the Unicolor wall mosaic wall tile series contains a wide range of colors in four formats: 2.5 x 2.5cm, 4 x 4cm, circular and hexagonal. Finishes are available in glossy, matt, satin and non-slip. Suitable for interior and exterior use, the tiles are 4mm in thickness and specified with 2mm joints, produced on mesh backings which can be cut to fit any dimension or shape. The tiles can be applied separately, or combined to give a more extensive array of design options.



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3Eleven Residential Tower by JGMA - © Steinkamp

4. Bottega by Porcelanosa
Porcelanosa’s Bottega is a large-format rectified porcelain tile suitable for floors and walls, which has been thought up for those surfaces that seek an optical continuity and greater spaciousness.‎ Sized 120 x 120cm, four finishes are available: cement-stone, stone-cement, natural wood and polished. 



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Refurbishment for Tobías & Reme by Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos - © David Frutos

5. Allmarble by Marazzi
Allmarble by Marazzi is a porcelain marble tile collection inspired by precious marbles: Lasa, Statuario, Raffaello, Altissimo, Travertino, Saint Laurent and Frapuccino. The tiles are produced in a range of sizes and include the 40 x 120cm slab with a thickness of 2 cm for outdoor use. Allmarble is suitable both for floor and wall coverings indoor and outdoor. Founded in Sassuolo, Italy, in 1935, Marazzi has been a global leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of high-end, Italian ceramic tile for over 80 years.



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Refurbishment for Eduardo, Laura & Enzo by Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos
- © Santiago Vicente+Milena Villalba MOD

6. PAR-KER® Manhattan by Porcelanosa
Porcelanosa’s Manhattan series offers a realistic wood effect for rectified porcelain floor tiles suitable for use on internal and external walls and floors, and shower walls. The tiles can be used in areas subject to medium traffic, such as leisure facilities, catering businesses, or certain areas of shopping centres where natural wood would not perform adequately.‎



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Shoe Gallery by Ceramiche Refin S.p.A. - © Leonas Garbačauskas

7. Design Industry by Ceramiche Refin S.p.A.
Design Industry is Ceramiche Refin’s new multi-material collection inspired by urban design and contemporary architectural trends. It includes two different surfaces offered in a range of sizes and colors. The Oxide surface is reminiscent of the patina of rustedmetals, with alternating chiaroscuro hues, while the Raw surface interprets the colors and textures of concrete and worn plaster. Ceramiche Refin is headquartered in Casalgrande, Italy, and manufactures a range of tile types.



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Private Apartment Lyon by Marazzi - © Sabine Serrad

8. Grande Marble Look by Marazzi
In the age of the digital reproducibility of nature, the veining and subtle shade variations of marbles are given new life with greater clarity and sustainability than the original with Marazzi’s Grande Marble Look collection. From Verde Aver of Val d’Aosta to Calacatta Vena Vecchia of Tuscany, from Grigio Carnico to the exotic Sahara Noir, new inspirations now join Marazzi’s classic marbles. Porcelain, large-format in square or rectangular shapes, the tiles are weather-resistant, anti-slip and



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Blessing – Castellammare Di Stabia by Carmine Abate - © Carlo Oriente

9. Vogue System by Ceramica Vogue 
Vogue System is a comprehensive set of solid-colored, frost-proof glazed porcelain tiles by Ceramica Vogue. According to the manufacturer, the new color palette responds to the latest trends and new uses in interior decorating and outdoor applications for both public and private use. The traditional sizes have been maintained with the addition of contemporary new triangle versions mounted on mesh backing, for more potential combinations and uses.



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Timeless of Cerim by Florim Ceramiche - Courtesy of Florim Ceramiche

10. Timeless of Cerim by Florim Ceramiche
Based in northern Italy, Florim Ceramiche is a touchstone of Italian ceramic tiles. Its Timeless of Cerim collection presents six texture interpretations, from calacatta to amani grey to travertino, matched with various thickness options and sizes that include large 80 x 80cm and 80 x 240cm sizes with 6 mm reduced thickness for a greater variety of applications.