This robot can lay a 3-bedroom house in 2 days

This robot can lay a 3-bedroom house in 2 days

4 sep. 2019 Gebouw innovaties

Austrialian robotics company Fastbrick Robotics developed the world’s first autonomous bricklaying robot that can lay brick ten times faster than the usual pace of a bricklayer. The Hadrian X robot cuts the usual time to lay a house of three to four weeks, down to two to three days. The robot is mounted on top of a construction truck for easy movability.

The system can start construction form a 3D CAD model and calculates the exact materials needed. Bricks twelve times larger than usual are loaded into the back of the truck and automatically unpacked from the pallets. It has an internal saw to cut the bricks to size. The bricks are then transported through a telescopic boom for accuracy and applied with a special, 45 minutes dry-time, adhesive. The adhesive dries much quicker than traditional mortar. 

Another big advantage of a brick laying robot is that Hadrian X can construct day and night. The next construction step could start in the morning, after the robot finished work during the night. Fastbricks Robotics partnered with Wienerberger for the European market and will soon start shipping their robot to construction sites.

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