Top 10 Trending Metal Mesh Cladding

Top 10 Trending Metal Mesh Cladding

13 feb. 2022 Specificatie

From exterior facades to interior curtains, metal mesh meets a variety of architectural needs. Every day architects share their material and interior selections on Archello and through their knowledge sharing our database of specifications is growing rapidly. In this week’s theme article, we take a look at metal mesh. These are the designs that were most often specified by architects and designers in the past year. These are ten of our most popular options. 


Library and Learning Centre by Zaha Hadid Architects - © Iwan Baan

1 Haver Architectural Mesh by HAVER and BOECKER

Haver Architectural Mesh is a stainless-steel wire mesh adaptable for interior and exterior uses. An integrated acoustic material means the mesh can clad walls and ceilings to absorb sounds within large and small spaces. To meet the needs of each project, Haver Architectural Mesh is specially manufactured each time. Haver & Boecker has been in business for over a century. 



Value Act Capital San Francisco by Gould Evans - Courtesy of GKD Metal Fabrics

2. Omega 1520 by GKD Metal Fabrics

Omega 1520 by GKD Metal Fabrics is a popular stainless-steel mesh. It has been used on countless projects, from an auditorium for IBM to the Samsung American Headquarters. The product is suitable for facades, column covers, surfaces, ceilings, and partitions. For their sun shading mesh, GKD offers sunshade consultations to assess the needs of individual projects in order to ensure optimal energy savings and interior environments. 



Immanuel Church by Sauerbruch Hutton - Courtesy of Carl Stahl Architecture

3. X-TEND® - stainless steel cable mesh by Carl Stahl Architecture

Carl Stahl Architecture’s X-TEND is a versatile mesh. It is suitable for railings, enclosures, and facades. It is manufactured from high-grade stainless-steel cables secured with clamps that can either be tinned copper or stainless steel. Because it effectively retains its shape indefinitely, three-dimensional geometries can be created from the product. X-TEND offers additional possibilities for facades when combined with X-LED LED modules.



Grand Theatre des Cordeliers by Dominique Perrault Architecture - Courtesy of GKD Metal Fabrics

4. Escale 7 x 1 by GKD Metal Fabrics

GKD’s Escale 7 x 1 is a mesh best suited for partitions and facades, including when sunshading is needed. The metal mesh is flexible enough to wrap curves while allowing light and air to flow. The stainless-steel mesh is durable and energy efficient, but still attractive in a variety of applications. Escale 7 x 1 is woven with alternating clockwise and counterclockwise spirals. 



Restaurant Shiki by BEHF Architects - © Bruno Klomfar

5. Architectural Mesh and Coloring by HAVER and BOECKER

Haver & Boecker offers metal mesh for exterior and interior uses with numerous options for coloring. RAL colors, metallic, and multi-colored options are all available. Logos, graphics, and detailed images can be displayed with this product. The wire mesh can be stainless steel or other metals. The elements remain UV resistant. Meshes are manufactured to meet the specific needs of each project.  



Whitney Architects HQ by Whitney Architects - Courtesy of Banker Wire

6. Decorative Plating Secondary Finishes by Banker Wire

Banker Wire Decorative Plating creates a mesh suitable for interior applications. The steel mesh features a decorative plated finish for a distinctive appearance. Finishes can be antique brass, antique copper, and antique nickel. There are also options in bright brass, copper, and chrome. A satin brass plate is golden, while black copper and dark oxide lend an industrial look. The maximum dimension of this mesh is 42” x 96” (106 x 244 cm). 



Ona Bookshop - © Meritxell Arjalaguer


Mies R by Codina works for both exterior and interior uses. Flexible enough to create a variety of effects, it is available in stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. Finishes can be matte, lacquered, textured, or metallized. It is produced in over a dozen colors, but not just metallics like copper and silver. The mesh is also available in blue, purple, yellow, red, white, green, orange, and more. 



Coffeebar by Walker Warner Architects - © Laure Joliet

8. Fabricoil® by Cascade Architectural

Cascade Architectural’s Fabricoil works for facade cladding, wall coverings, decorative elements, and curtains. Fabricoil is a wire fabric manufactured using stainless steel, steel, and aluminum. It is both flexible and malleable. The product is available in several thicknesses, and it can be powder-coated. Widths are unlimited, and lengths of up to 40 feet/12 meters are possible. Fabricoil is also affordable and available in unlimited colors. 



Puskas Ferenc Stadium - © György Palkó

9. EIFFEL 20100 by CODINA

Codina’s Eiffel 20100 is especially suited to cover facades, including very large ones, with fewer panels. Available in stainless steel, aluminum, and copper, it can be finished any color. Finishes can also be lacquered or sandblasted. Codina has manufactured architectural meshes for over a century, and the company exports to more than fifty countries. 



PG&E Larkin Substation by TEF Design - © Mikiko Kikuyama

10. PELLICAN by Cambridge Architectural

For exterior uses, Cambridge Architectural’s Pellican is a mesh with a tight and elongated V-shape pattern. Pellican is suitable for cladding and shading. Cambridge Architectural mesh is manufactured in the United States. The company also partners with architects to create custom patterns with different aesthetic properties. 



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