Top 10 Trending Minimal Frames

Top 10 Trending Minimal Frames

28 okt. 2021 Specificatie

From private residences that look out to the ocean to upper-level commercial projects overlooking cityscapes, dramatic views can define and enhance spectacular spaces. Every day architects share their material and interior selections on Archello and through their knowledge sharing our database of specifications is growing rapidly. In this week’s theme article we take a look at minimal frames. Those designs that are most often specified by architects and designers in the past year. These are ten of our most popular options. 


Wooden Villa at Soulac-sur-Mer by Nicolas Dahan Architects - © Vincent Lerouxet

1. Sliding by VITROCSA

This aluminium window is designed to keep the focus on a seamless connection between inside and out. Working for any environment, this custom slider system is especially adapted to stay in good condition on seaside projects. It is available in thermo lacquered or anodized versions for an infinite choice of color. 



Patina Maldives Hotel by studio mk27 - © Georg Roske

2. AH!38 by panoramah!®

A minimal system with a range of options, including the super-minimal ‘invisible’ where the frame is concealed within the finished floors, walls, and ceiling. Other alternatives are pocket, curved, skylight, and pivot. The system works well in all climates, and it can be double or triple glazed.



BARN antwerpen by Sculp (it) - © Lucid

3. Janisol by Jansen

Due to a heat-resistant insulator, this stainless-steel system can be powder-coated in any color to coordinate or contrast with any concept. Resistant to sea salt and road salt, the doors and windows work in industrial or coastal areas. The system is designed to perform well in high-traffic projects.  



H77 Apartment in Voula by 314 Architecture Studio - © Pavlos Chatziangelidis

4. Supreme S650 Phos by Alumil S.A

For projects with a wide span, this system brings in natural light while keeping a low profile. Configurations include double horizontal, four horizontal, and corner typologies. It is designed for high security, good sound insulation, and high energy savings. The system also provides easy access to work well for children or persons with disabilities. 



Cloud 9 Villa by 123DV - © Hennie Raaymakers

5. Keller Minimal windows® by Keller minimal windows

These aluminium sliding systems allow for dramatic views in private residences, but they also work in schools, hospitals, office buildings, and other projects. The frame profile is minimized with a glass proportion of up to 98%. Options include an inwardly or outwardly pivoting door designed to create an inspiring entrance.



Miner Road by Faulkner Architects - ©  Joe Fletcher 

6. CS 68 by Reynaers Aluminium

Built with insulation and safety in mind, this system works for a variety of projects where adaptation and functionality are necessary. The windows and doors are available in a range of options to match different architectural styles and preferences. Inner and outer colors can be different to perfectly match the project’s vision.  



Piano House by l i n e a r c h i t e c t s - © Oleg Bajura

7. HI-FINITY by Reynaers Aluminium

The sliding system allows for maximum daylight and great views by keeping frames to a minimum. This system is also designed for easy access, with options for an automated opening system and a unique handle that blends into the wall. 



Aluminum House by Fran Silvestre Architects - © Diego Opazo

8. Otiima Classic by Much more than a window - OTIIMA

A standard sliding system designed for smooth and effortless manual opening. It is built to withstand a variety of conditions and climates, including wet and windy environments. Options include pivot, tilt & turn, sloped, and curved. 



HouseG by EV+A Lab Atelier d'Architettura e Interior Design - © Marcello Mariana

9. Sky-Frame Classic by Sky-Frame AG

Designed for modern projects that need to maintain exceptional views, this system blends into its surroundings. Glass panels, with perimeter aluminium or glass-fibre-reinforced plastic sections, are mounted in aluminum frames. Options include curved, pivot — and inline, for upward-sloping doors. 



Le-Maillon, Théâtre de Strasbourg by LAN (Local Architecture Network) -
© Constantin Meyer for Solarlux GmbH

10. Sliding Window Cero by Solarlux

This aluminium-framed system has a sleek and contemporary look. Heights up to 6 meters are possible, allowing for dramatic vistas and seamless connections to the sky. The system can function with alarm systems and the opening technology is effortless — or automated.


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