Butech profiles and skirtings
Butech profiles and skirtings
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Butech has four types of this product: LED profiles, decorative profiles, technical profiles and skirting boards, all designed to be ued both ceramic floor and wall tiles. These types of profiles improve the finishing of tile coverings and give smart solutions to technical needs that ceramic tiles cannot do by themselves.


LED profiles are designed to incorporate lighting systems into floor and wall tiles. Made of aluminum and with diffusers of different resistance levels, depending on the intended use, they can be used in ceramic floor and wall tiles, corners, angles and skirting boards.


The most important part of the Butech profiles catalog corresponds to the decorative profiles. Designed to complement ceramic tiles, they are characterized by their pigmentation, texture and shine, which makes them an essential element in bathroom design. Corners, decorative lines, niches or framing of ceramic models are just some of the applications in which this collection can be used.


Butech's technical profiles solve ceramic installation needs that cannot be solved with tiles, such as transitions between materials at the same or different levels, shower tray and bathtub finishes, movement joints and steps.


Finally, the Butech skirting boards, made of metal, are used to finish off the tile flooring and protect the walls. Available in three standard finishes, white, black and silver, they can be customized depending on the chosen PORCELANOSA flooring model.

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