Butech shower solutions
Butech shower solutions

Butech Shower solutions includes all the necessary technical solutions for installing floor level showers with ceramic tiles: systems for waterproofing and drainage built-in showers and prefabricated trays ready for fixing tiles.


Kit imperband shower tray systems by Butech make easy the construction of built-in shower trays from only 75 mm in height, by including a compact drainage system together with a waterproofing sheet that allows the direct fixing of the mosaic or tile chosen for the shower cabin. This system is complemented by a wide variety of square and linear stainless steel gratings.


Butech Shower deck is a prefab shower base completely flat that drain across the open joints of the floor tiles, and hidden the drainage system. It provides complete continuity without slopes or steps between the shower tray and the wet room floor, improving the accessibility and design of the bathroom. Made to measure, it adapts to any shower design.


Butech also has waterproofing products that are compatible with the adhesives commonly used in fixing tiles, that allow direct installation and reduce the thickness of the system. imperband is a double thermoplastic polyolefin sheet covered on both sides by non woven polyester fibers, only 3 mm thick for waterproffing floor and walls shower cabins. Sylastic Premium is a single-component cementitious waterproofing mortar with an excellent adhesion and deformability, both under positive and negative pressure.

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