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A spa experience where technological innovation meets the elegance of Italian design: MILANO EVO, the spa bed that redefines luxury. Not just a work tool, but a true work of art whose curved wood and painted steel structure reflects Italian craftsmanship, while the mattress with enhanced Memory Foam powered by the Anti Stress HBS System offers unparalleled comfort. By combining the chromotherapy of the two LED strips that illuminate the environment, a unique atmosphere is created for every wellness experience. Milano Evo stands for commitment to sustainability and customization, thanks to FSC certified materials and a range of exclusive finishes. A definitive wellness experience, designed for those who seek only the best.


Ideal for: massages, face and body treatments, hair removal, treatments with aesthetic equipment.


Milano Evo features an elegant new base with two columns finished in wood, whose clean lines with rounded edges make the bed suitable for multiple spa environment solutions. The solid structure ensures maximum support and total safety during movement, allowing the operator to adjust the bed in height as needed, from 60 cm up to 92 cm, while ensuring total relaxation for the client. Both columns rest on elegant painted steel feet that follow the design of the vertical counterpart, creating an extremely refined effect capable of transforming the work tool into a sophisticated piece of furniture.



The bed features a standard mattress with MEMORY FOAM and the "HBS (Head Back Shoulder) Stress Relief System", which offers perfect ergonomics for the head, back, and shoulders, giving the client a moment of total relaxation and, to the therapist, the ideal state of peace and convenience to perform the treatment. The two armrests are individually adjustable using a gas spring, and the headrest, equipped with a face hole with a removable cushion, is also manually adjustable in tilt.


The bed is equipped with a fully electric adjustment. Through the standard HANDSET CONTROL, it has a clean, essential, and ergonomic design. In addition to the classic HEIGHT, BACK, and LEG movements, it features the AUT (flat and minimum height) and END ("end of treatment") functions. It also has 2 MEMORY functions to easily and quickly adjust the chair by simply pressing a button.


  • 3 electric motors for height, backrest and legrest adjustment
  • Standard handset control with 2 options for MEMORY function
  • AUT function: automatic return from any position to zero position (flat and minimum height)
  • END function: “End of treatment” position
  • Double column in curved wood and base in painted steel
  • Standard memory foam mattress with HBS Stress Relief System which provides perfect ergonomics for client’s head, back and shoulders
  • Fire resistant “Azo” free, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal covering
  • Multifunctional solution, maximum customer / operator comfort
  • Weight: 145 kg | Dimensions: 206 × 80 × 60/92 cm

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