Ajax - de Toekomst

De Toekomst

Rene van Zuuk Architekten B.V. als Architecten

‘De Toekomst’ is the accomodation of the youth training-school of footballclub Ajax. Ajax is one of the biggest footballclubs in Europe with a large training-school. The design task contained a sport- and administrative complex, two stands and a box-office. The area is situated on a short distance from the Amsterdam Arena and very close to the A1 highway. The dressing-rooms are the solid base of the youth-accomodation ‘De Toekomst’. The administrative rooms, six meeting-rooms and a loggia are situated on top of the dressing-rooms. Next to these rooms a canteen and a sports hall are situated within the sport- and administrative complex. The sports hall was very important for the perception of the main building. The sports hall is the starting point of the different shed roofs which lie upon each other. Northern light is shining through the windows which are situated between the roofs. The large windows on the endings of the canteen supply the visitors with an unimpeded view on the field.

The main stand is build out of a bended awning which is erected with two masts. This structure ensures an unimpeded view on the field for the spectators. The two masts which are bulged to the side are the supporting points of the tension- and bearing cables which carry the bended awning of the stand. The bended form refers to the Amsterdam Arena on the background, however, the structure of the stand at the sport accomodation ‘De Toekomst’ is made in a less heavier style then the Amsterdam Arena.

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